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Alexander the Great, Cardinal Mazarin,Cromwell, Ivan the Terrible, Michelangelo, Ivan Turgenev, Alexander Pushkin, Christopher Columbus, Sir Isaac Newton, Darwin ... What do you think, what unites these people? Besides the fact that they will long remember the descendants, of course. All of them are not hearsay know what gout!

Geneticists have even called these outstanding personalitiesgeniuses gouty type. But there are a number of laws, which does not apply to the fame and genius. For example, very often suffer from gout cheerful overweight people, lovers of lavish feasts.

"Trap for the feet" - that literally means"Gout" the Greek term. Galen at the time claimed that the disease comes from the "immorality and intemperance." Under these qualities Roman philosopher and physician meant a devastating addiction to alcohol, overeating and overweight.

The disease of affluence and well-being

disease of the joints, legs and accumulation of salts, gout, joints

Violation of the structure of the purine bases whichinvolved in protein metabolism, stimulates increased production of uric acid and purine. Part of uric acid excreted in the urine and the remainder precipitates and is transformed into crystals. These crystalline formations are gradually deposited on the inner membrane of the joints, in the renal tubules and skin. As a result of inflamed joints, kidney stones appear, and in the skin - tophi (rather large nodules).

Primary gout - Hereditary factor, it appears as a separate disease. In 10-80% of cases revealed family history as the main cause of gout.

Secondary gout - Complication of existing pathologicalprocesses in the body. A convenient "start" for the development of leukemia are diseases, chronic lead poisoning, the effect of certain drugs (Riboxinum, diuretics).

Aside from the obvious factors of "trap for the feet", experts will certainly emit another, although its direct relationship with gout has not yet been proved. effect alimentary (associated with malnutrition) factor on the development of the disease is due to an increase inmaterial prosperity, abundant, but not a regular diet, a sedentary lifestyle, too frequent use of alcohol. It is highly probable that fatty food and alcohol block allocation of uric acid by the kidneys.

For example, at the end of the Second World Warfrequent cases of gout in a progressive, prosperous countries. Today the disease is exposed to more than 5% of the male population in Western Europe (gout prefers men). At the same time, the population of India and Africa feeds primarily carbohydrates alone, so that such gout, there is virtually unaware.

Diagnosis endure, focusing on the factpostponement of uric acid crystals in the tissues and organs of the body, as well as on the development of foci of acute inflammation in the site of the lesion. The outcome of the disease are severe complications of the kidneys, atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

Hello, I'm your gout ...

disease of the joints, legs and accumulation of salts, gout, joints

Gouty person has to experience a lot of discomfort. Acute illness case alternating bouts of local pain in inflamed joints with pain-free periods of calm.

Gouty outbreak is often precededprodromal period: within a few hours (and sometimes days), a person's mood can slide into the abyss of depression or, on the contrary, to acquire an unhealthy excitement. Dyspeptic symptoms - nausea, heartburn. flatulence, Belching, constipation and disorder - part of the "companions" of gout. Sometimes, patients concerned about pain in the heart, heavy breathing, hypertension, Renal colic torment. In some cases, before the attack aggravated manifestations of urolithiasis. General urine analysis It indicates a protein content of cylinders and erythrocytes in urine.

An acute attack arthritis most often occurs at night. Pain increases gradually, a few hours of his reaching the critical point. Focus pain in the big toe, the affected area becomes red and swells. Finger completely immobilized. Sharply increased body temperature and general condition of the patient deteriorates. On the fifth day the pain is on the decline, symptoms of arthritis become less pronounced. Repeated episodes typically capture an increasing number of joints.

Gout returned after an average of 3-6 months, and sometimes re "visit" patients after 10-20 years!

Chronic gout often settles in the joints and feethands, ankle, elbow and knee joints. When indolent gout tophi are formed - salts of uric acid crystals accumulate in the tissues and joints in the so-called granulomas. The intensity of the pain is less pronounced than in the case of recurrent gout attack but chronic disease takes the body out of balance for a longer period.

The motto of the treatment: "Being in shape!"

disease of the joints, legs and accumulation of salts, gout, joints

Gout Therapy provides a reduction of uric acid deposits in the joints, easing the acute attack, the treatment of chronic arthritis and related diseases.

In the Middle Ages the patient bled tocure gout. Today, getting rid of the patient from the pains of gouty attack and prevent further achieve with the help of specific medication. The most demanded of them - the alkaloid colchicine, which is extracted from the bulbs crocus perennial. Colchicine - a poisonous substance, it must be taken with great caution, after agreeing a course of treatment with your doctor. Less "extreme" version of the treatment of gouty arthritis - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, phenylbutazone, Voltaren). In addition, the patient is required to prescribe drugs that are responsible for a decrease in the formation of uric acid (urikodepressanty). One of the most popular members of this group believe allopurinol. Take 300 mg in the afternoon 1 time per day. However, the dose and treatment in any case, shall appoint an expert.

Most experts agree thatit is a medical food diet plays the role of "first violin" in the treatment of gouty arthritis. Medicine there are cases where a visible improvement of the patient or his full recovery achieved by assigning to it a strict medical diet.

MirSovetov warns: victims of gout is forever say goodbye to the food, which contains purine compounds. This pork, veal, beef, poultry meat, perch, cod, herring, pike, sardines and sprats, peas, lentils, mushrooms and porcini mushrooms, spinach. Coffee, strong black and green tea, cocoa, drink, too, need to be avoided. But alkaline mineral water, fruit, berry and vegetable juice drink costs as much as possible (at least half to two liters per day).

Gout is often violated not onlypurine, but also carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Therefore, in order to avoid new attacks should try not to get better: for gout patients to keep yourself in shape - a vital necessity.

For help with a patient may apply to the therapist, the urologist, nefropatologu, rheumatologist and traumatologist.

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