The use of Diflucan

Approximately 75% of women from all over the worldat least once in their lives experienced the consequences of uncontrolled propagation of small fungi genus Candida in her vagina. All this is accompanied by a cheesy discharge type, itching, burning sensation in the vulva, pain when emptying the bladder discomfort with intimacy ...

... These are the well-known symptoms of thrush, which seems not so terrible, danger to life can not be held. But what if you tried a lot of different tools and thrush returning again and again?

Is it possible to get rid of chronic yeast infection?

Many believe the heroes of the commercials, I assure you,that acquiring one or the other drug in 3 days a woman will forget about thrush. Yes, the symptoms seem to disappear. But after a month or two there again. Then the woman again, watching television, listening to radio, friends advice, goes to the pharmacy for the new tablets or candles, which certainly need to eliminate the existing problem forever. And then everything is repeated again. But what if life seems a nightmare when the fungus again continue to be fruitful and multiply? Tortured women thrush begin to hate their "stupid" the body, which can not cope with Candida avoid sex, become irritable, withdrawn, depressed ... The women who turned to the gynecologist, get the recipe after the surveys on the same drugs they've tried. Again disappointed in medicine. Let's try to deal with chronic yeast infection that doctors call vulvovaginal candidiasis. The complicated nature of the flow of thrush occurs in 10-20% of women. Generally, fungi genus Candida (Candida) are part of the normal microflora of the colon, the vagina, the buccal cavity. But sometimes they suddenly begin to multiply rapidly, which leads to a repetition of the symptoms of thrush. If the year thrush makes itself felt at least four times, the gynecologist has to make a diagnosis, sounding as "chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis." And the way to get rid of such recurrence exists, it can help patients break out of the "circles of hell." The technique described in international clinical guidelines, it has confirmed its effectiveness in studies conducted in different countries, including Russia. Used to combat excessive fungi multiply drug Diflucan, but accepted it for the special scheme, that is, the course is "heavy artillery."

What is Diflucan?

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The original drug under the trade name"Diflucan" - the result of a long research companies from France, which was able to synthesize the active ingredient of this tool - fluconazole, led him numerous studies in 19 countries.

In rare episodes of thrush for quick helpwomen discharged package comprising a capsule with a dose of 50 mg of active substance. With frequent relapses and chronic thrush is more profitable to buy Diflucan 150 mg in packs of 4 capsules. Diflucan and found 100 mg, 50 mg to 7 pieces per pack.

vaginal candidiasis, fungal infections, Diflucan, women's diseases, thrush

Excipients used inproducing capsules are: corn starch, lactose, sodium lauryl sulfate, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate. The capsule shell comprises gelatin, patent blue dye, titanium dioxide.

Diflucan 50 mg is a capsule with a white body and a turquoise cap.

Diflucan 100 mg - a capsule in which the body and cap are white.

Diflucan 150 mg - these capsules shell and turquoise cap.

All capsules present black markingscolors from the manufacturer in the form of the logo «Pfizer», the inscription «FLU» and always available dosage: 50, 100 or 150 mg. Inside the capsule is poroshochek white or cream color.

On the first day of application of the antifungalmeans Diflucan 150 mg unpleasant yeast infection symptoms are reduced, and the next day the disease will most likely no longer be disturbed. So what happens in 80-90% of women. The treatment will be longer if the disease is chronic.


The main purpose of Diflucan - this treatmentvulvovaginal candidiasis, i.e. yeast (both acute and relapsing, chronic). In addition, there are other diseases that shows the use of this medication, such as:

  • candidiasis of the oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus;
  • generalized candidiasis eyes, abdominal, urinary tract;
  • cryptococcal meningitis cryptococcosis;
  • genital candidiasis in men;
  • fungal infections of the skin, feet, groin;
  • prevention of fungal infections in the treatment of cancer patients by different methods.

As used Diflucan?

If you first encounter with Grievesymptoms of thrush, or she periodically makes itself felt, but is uncomplicated character, then you just take 1 capsule containing 150 mg of active fluconazole. Studies show that 80-90% of women forget about thrush after treatment Diflyukanom.

If chronic candidosis, complicated by, or in the event of reception of glucocorticoids, antidepressants, in diabetesOppressed immunity, the treatment regimen is different, aimed at enhancing the therapeutic effect.

On the first day of 150 mg capsule is taken to eliminate the symptoms, and after 3 days was adopted another capsule.

If this therapy is not enough, when returning disease scheme is the following: The course will amount to 3 capsules of 150 mg in the first, fourth and seventh days of treatment.

If the population of fungi was used constantlyreplenished, then to their "discipline", it is necessary to maintain the suppression of fungi reproduction by the reception 1 capsule per week. Fungi necessarily understand how much they need to reproduce when to stop their growth, "bowed his head" before such a long and patient treatment. The duration of this suppressive therapy, called medical suppressive, 6 months, is the practice of many years of research physicians. This regimen will fungus Candida limits their growth, and then consolidate the results achieved, warn relapse.

Dose and duration of treatment for other conditions established by the doctor individually. Children dose is calculated, taking into account their weight and severity of the disease.

Are there any side effects and contraindications?

The experience of physicians showed that 91% of patients tolerate Diflucan. there are very rare:

Contraindications to therapy Diflyukanom can be:

  • intolerance to medication components;
  • lactase deficiency.

You have to be careful if there are problems with the kidneys, liver, heart.

Enough information about how to affectDiflucan fetal development, not yet, so it is not recommended for the treatment of pregnant women and lactating mothers. Manufacturer advises women with long courses of treatment to use the funds of the barrier contraception.

If you regularly take other medications fromchronic diseases, then inform the gynecologist or read carefully before purchasing this product with the instructions section, telling about Diflucan compatibility with other drugs. There are drugs that can not be used for prolonged treatment Diflyukanom sometimes need medication dose adjustment.

Using suppressive therapy can copethrush. Be patient, diligent, take medication, follow your doctor recommended scheme. And do not miss the days of the reception will help you set on your phone or computer reminders. our site admonishes readers: there are synonymous in Diflucan, which are cheaper, such as Vero Fluconazole, mikomaks, Mikoflyukan, Fluconazole, Diflazon, Flucostat.

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