Pulmicort inhalation

Cough - a constant companion of many diseasesthe respiratory system, and sometimes of it is very difficult to get rid of. Wet cough accompanied by mucus, and when dry cough most affected irritation of the lungs and bronchi. To get rid of cough different etiology successfully use Pulmicort.

Action medicines

breath inhalation, cough, lung, nebulizer Pulmicort

The active agent component - budesonide, quicklyIt reduces inflammation and allergic reactions different blocks. After applying the material firmly combines with proteins to eventually completely leave the body through urine, sweat and tears. Under the influence of Pulmicort lungs begin to produce much less mucus in the bronchi and reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process. It belongs corticosteroid medication group and takes several forms: powder, suspension and solution. It is used for inhalation, to get rid of cough. The beneficial effect is noticeable after 10-14 days after the treatment. While taking Pulmicort eliminates the need for frequent use of bronchodilators.

In some cases, effective drug

The list of diseases for which it is advisable to take Pulmicort, very large:

  1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  2. Bronchial asthma.
  3. As an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of corticosteroids.
  4. Acute and chronic rhinitis of different etiology.
  5. Pharyngitis and nasopharyngitis.
  6. Allergic dermatitis.
  7. Emphysema.
  8. Psoriasis.
  9. Lichen planus.
  10. All infectious respiratory diseases.
  11. Chronic cough of unknown etiology.

Pulmicort and contraindications to its use

breath inhalation, cough, lung, nebulizer Pulmicort

Before each use, the device clean,guided by the rules that it contains instructions. After completion of nebulizer treatments (his camera and other component parts) was thoroughly washed with warm water and a gentle detergent (a special detergent). After cleansing, the appliance must be thoroughly dried.

MirSovetov invites readers to get acquainted with the rules of use of Pulmicort inhalation in the nebulizer:

  1. Carefully making a rotary motion, shake the capsule with a therapeutic agent.
  2. Before the procedure, set the capsule upright and open, applying slight pressure and turning the "wing".
  3. Carefully lower the capsule into a nebulizer and squeeze its contents.

At a dose of Pulmicort capsule designed for oneagain, there is a bar which indicates the level of the slurry. The volume of funds is 1 ml. The contents of the capsule is extruded to 1 ml, if needed to use a single daily dose. Residues mixture can be stored in a dark place until 12 hours. Before the next inhalation capsule lightly shaken.

Pulmicort turbohaler and especially its application

Pulmicort turbohaler - inflammatory andantiallergic powder for inhalation therapy, containing a high dose of the active substance. Assign it mainly to suppress asthma attacks, while taking into account the contraindications to its use: a history of the patient's diagnosis of "tuberculosis" and infectious respiratory disease of unknown origin.

Adults appointed from 400 to 1600 mg / day, 2 to 4 times, children - 200-800 mg / day four times. Portability Pulmicort turbohalera with prolonged use is satisfactory.

Pulmicort and side effects

breath inhalation, cough, lung, nebulizer Pulmicort

Adverse effects of Pulmicort can be expected after the long of its application, and after exceeding the maximum permissible doses. Basically, there are the following abnormalities:

  • irritation of the mucous membrane in the mouth;
  • skin rash of unknown origin, hives;
  • irritability;
  • sleep disorder.

In addition, it is necessary to know and remembersome nuances concerning the use of Pulmicort. In no case should not be allowed contact with eyes! The drug should not be frozen and leave in direct sunlight. Remember that even an empty container of the drug you can not resist the effects of fire or sawing. Cool container is heated exclusively in the hands, other methods are unacceptable. Prolonged storage Pulmicort undesirable.

When using the preparation by patientssuffering from kidney failure, there is a risk of deterioration of their condition, so patients are under constant medical supervision. Using Pulmicort to treat a child, constantly monitor the level of growth hormone in his blood.

Pulmicort for children

breath inhalation, cough, lung, nebulizer Pulmicort

The drug is widely used inPediatrics. In children, who in this case for a long time took steroids, it is imperative to control the processes of physical development, because these drugs can cause a delayed synthesis of growth hormone. Before you assign Pulmicort, a doctor must correlate potential risk to the health of a young patient with the expected effect. By the way, the laboratory tests showed no harmful effects of the drug on the body of a child of 3 years, provided that the dose does not exceed Pulmicort 400 mcg / day. However, practice shows that the use of this drug for the treatment of bronchial asthma in children can cause a significant slowdown in growth. Pulmicort does not pose any danger to children who are over 11 years old.

Pulmicort Interaction with other drugs

If there is a need to takePulmicort with other drugs that primarily assess their impact on the absorption of budesonide, they should ideally be raised. For example, such action has ketoconazole.

Also Pulmicort to treat asthmaCough is often used Flomax. This drug is cheaper Pulmicort and administered to children from 6 years. In the case of acute attacks of breathlessness these drugs the patient is taking in parallel, which greatly increases the chances of easing asthma symptoms.

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