Treatment of adhesions in girls

Adhesions called seam between the closearranged bodies or surfaces. These adhesions can be either congenital or acquired. In girls, these adhesions often occur between the small labia. Similar pathology in girls usually appear over the entrance to the urethra, which, of course, interfere with normal urination.

Often adhesions detected at the next inspectionchild, because to him, many parents simply do not give it due importance or no notice. However, this disease is very serious and requires immediate and adequate treatment.


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Causes of adhesions are varied, but they are notso much. On these reasons it is necessary to know the parents of the girl, to protect against future problems. Provoke fusion of the labia in girls may be excessive intimate hygiene. In this case, the problem is related to the fact that parents because of its excessive cleanliness tempted her little girl a few times per day. And often it happens with soap and water. As a result, under the influence of soap on the outer part of the genitals, frequent friction and wear tight clothing they are injured. Injuries heal naturally, which leads to the merging of the labia minora of the child. But this does not mean that he did not need to deal with hygiene.

Call develop adhesions can also infectiongenital tract. In this case, harmful microorganisms after falling on delicate mucous pudenda cause inflammation that ultimately leads to coalescence. In order to eliminate the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the urogenital tract of the child, must pass before treatment general blood analysis to infection and urine culture.

One of the causes of such pathologiesare allergic reactions that often appear on the skin. However, allergy reflected not only on the state of the skin, but also to the mucosal condition. Therefore, when the treatment of allergies from baby to pay attention not only on theskin manifestations, but also on the redness of the vulva. To prevent repeated manifestations of allergy it is important to eliminate from the diet of the child's potential allergens.

In some cases, the fusion of the labia canoccur in the presence of certain diseases of the genitourinary system. In particular, adhesions can form on prolonged inflammation. Such features are typical for vulvovaginal and vulvitis. Generally these infections are quite capabletransmitted through everyday. In particular pathogens can be transmitted from someone else's towels or washcloths. For this reason, the baby linen should be washed separately from adults and linen before use is recommended to iron it hot iron. Also it is possible to pick up an infection while swimming in a natural pond.

One of the causes of these pathologiesGirls is a complication of pregnancy, occurring with intrauterine infection of the child. In such cases, adhesions develop quite often. Therefore, after the birth, it is desirable about a year to visit the children's gynecologist.


gynecology, pediatric gynecology, children's diseases, urogenital system, genital infections, genital organs, adhesions

Before treatment is necessary to identify the causeof the disease. To do this, take a blood test, a swab from the vagina to the tank crop. In addition, you need a stool sample. In the event that the disease does not form a complex, m. E. There is only a thin translucent film, that usually do without surgical treatment. The doctor usually prescribed to treat specific hormonal ointments. In general, the sooner treatment is started, the better. So, in the early stages of the disease will be quite enough to impose on the fused labia pad with ointment, which comprises estrogen. If such a procedure is repeated for a week, then the problem must be solved and normal urination. If the treatment does not give the desired results, it is necessary once again to show the girl the doctor who will disconnect the labia already surgically. After that, the doctor will prescribe an ointment based on calendula, promotes rapid healing of tissues. For the same purpose recommended the girl herbal baths.

Before applying the cream to areas of fusionlabia need to do caving. Then you need to apply a thin layer of rubbing movements cream prescribed by a doctor. Often, different cream applied - for the morning and evening for treatments. The cream is usually applied within twenty days, then ten days is a break. Then the course is repeated again. To the cream did not get on the clothes, especially when the girl still asleep in diapers, you need to wait until the cream is applied to dry completely, and only then put on clothes.

During treatment it is necessary to monitor theso if there is an allergy to certain foods. It is important to observe the basic rules of hygiene. If, despite such pathology received treatment measures are formed again, it is likely that the child has an allergy. To fusion does not happen again, should be excluded from the diet foods that cause allergic reactions. During cleaning the recommended only running water. Also it is necessary to consult a doctor. He may prescribe a special cream for the girl dermatitis treatment.

I must say that adhesions may occurre the girls until the beginning of puberty, and it is up to nine years or ten years of age. Most often it occurs before the age of 6-7 years.

MipCovetov notes that the treatment of adhesions ingirls surgical method is recommended only if the hormone treatment has been ineffective or when the fusion of the labia minora is strongly expressed. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine this procedure makes virtually painless. However, after a quarter of girls after treatment for some time such adhesions occur repeatedly.


gynecology, pediatric gynecology, children's diseases, urogenital system, genital infections, genital organs, adhesions

After successful treatment to preventre-fusion of the labia minora is necessary to observe some preventive measures. In particular, in order not to infect the genitals girls need periodically to wash away in the direction - front to back. In addition, it is important that underwear that bears little one was sewed from natural fabrics. In addition, despite the absence of pathology of the genitourinary system, you must regularly show the girl child gynecologist.

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