Dripping water in pregnancy

Leakage of amniotic fluid - one of the mostgreat fear of pregnancy. This pathology can lead to serious consequences, such as premature delivery, infection of the fetus. Therefore it is very important to all of nine months to keep abreast.

Feature and Diagnosis

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Amniotic fluid is not only nourishes the baby,but also protects the fetus from infection, and reducing the pressure on the wall of the uterus, making for a pregnant woman carrying a child process easier. Together with the child grows and the amount of amniotic fluid, and if the bladder wall becomes thinner and appear to have microcracks, then the liquid can flow. The danger of this disease is that it can easily be confused with urinary incontinence or abundant secretions, especially in early pregnancy. In the first trimester is not every doctor fails to notice signs of leakage of water. And, unfortunately, if such abnormality occurred in the first weeks and was not just cropped, women in 90% of cases, do abortion. In the last weeks of pregnancy leakageWater is virtually impossible to miss. In the future mother poured half a liter at a time to the liquid, which has a "characteristic" smell. Following the outpouring of water and usually start fights.

In order to spot the problem, you need towear only light clothes from cotton and daily use white pads. They wet spot will be noticeable. In the early stages of the liquid will not have any color or odor. If you notice a speck MipSovetov recommends a long time to think, to cause ambulance and go to the doctor. Better to let it be a false alarm than lost time. The gynecologist must take a swab from the vagina to the presence of amniotic fluid. There are special nitrazine tests that will help determine the home water leakage during pregnancy. The test shows alkaline balance of the vagina, in the normal state there prevails an acidic environment, and if you pour the water, the medium is neutral, because the water on their own slightly alkaline.

The doctor will also take on a smear microscopy, whichIt determines whether there is in the uterus of amniotic fluid crystals. Also, you will do a urine test for the presence of mikroglobullina-1 and protein-1, which contained only in the amniotic fluid.

And test and smear does not always show the real picture of affairs, their outcome affects the time that has passed since the bubble burst, and the response to urine and semen. More accurate results are given tests.

Causes of water leakage during pregnancy

amniotic fluid, pregnancy, pregnancy water, amniotic fluid, water leakage, premature labor

Pregnant women, especially if it is their first child, it is difficult to understand when it is beginning to leak water. Here are a few signs that should alert:

  • if the usual daily highlight was the abundant and watery;
  • if a change in body position, particularly in an upright position, discharge becomes larger;
  • if the visual size of the stomach is smaller, and the height of the uterus has fallen.

In all these cases, an urgent need to consult a doctor to avoid rupture of membranes.

Water Leakage during pregnancy improves infant mortality is 4 times. Of all the complications to which is this pathology, the most frequent infection of the fetus and respiratory distress syndrome.

Infection of the fetus and the mother herself - the mostfrequent complication. It can occur no matter in what happened term rupture of membranes. It develops from 6 to 32 hours after rupture of membranes, and sometimes the consequences are so severe that it is impossible to save the child, and the mother has to do the operation.

Premature babies develop ariserespiratory distress syndrome - this is the most severe complication. These children do not have time to develop light and glued together from the inside, the air does not circulate, and the baby can not breathe on their own. These children are prescribed Surfactant injection and make artificial ventilation.

pathology Treatment

amniotic fluid, pregnancy, pregnancy water, amniotic fluid, water leakage, premature labor

If we talk about the treatment of problems such asleakage of amniotic fluid, then there can not select some therapy and prescribe certain medications. Treatment for this problem, rather, is coping with disease and its maximum deterrence. And the problem is entirely cleared fail. A very important role is played by how much time has passed since you started to leak water, and the patient asked the medical institution. If anhydrous period lasted up to 6 hours, then the woman will appoint antibiotics, which will not allow to develop infection of the fetus.

If leakage of water has begun for a longer period,most likely, it's the time of delivery. If the contractions do not begin three hours after the rupture of the fluid, the doctor will prescribe stimulation. It is often carried out unscheduled cesarean section. But all this, if the pregnancy has reached 36 weeks of life.

If preterm pregnancy, the doctor will electwatchful waiting, every day, that the child will be able to spend in the womb - it is his chance of survival and birth without pathologies. At this time, the woman is in a hospital, under the supervision of doctors relentless. She was prescribed bed rest, is introduced antibiotics and drugs that are directed at maturationthe lungs of the child, as well as drugs, which do not allow the uterus to contract. If the condition of the mother and the fetus a concern, conduct an emergency delivery.

To prevent problems, it is necessary to carry outtreating genital tract antiseptic preparations can thus eliminate the infection. Every pregnant woman should be clearly understood that she herself cope with such a problem as the water can not leak. Therefore, an urgent need to go to the doctor and do not hesitate to ask him about all that so worried, and asking to analyze if he for some reason you do not appoint them. Child Health for the most part always depends on the mother.

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