Treatment of allergy to the cold

The cold season is fraught with the appearance of not onlycolds, but also so-called cold allergy. What is a cold allergy? This type of allergy is quite different from other allergic reactions. Therefore, it belongs to the pseudo-allergy. According to statistics, an allergic reaction to cold have about 30% of the world population.


allergy, winter, frost, cold

The main cause of allergicresponse to cold is considered malfunction of mast cells or mast cells, which are located very close to the skin surface. These cells secrete specific active substances as protecting the body from infections, injuries and various diseases. If the body has an increased sensitivity to cold, then the same active substances allocated with a sharp temperature drop. Such disruption of mast cells may be due to caries, Problems with the stomach. All this exposes the immune system depletion.

Moreover, the cause of allergycold can be determined wasting disease, which also depletes the body's defenses. This is especially true of diseases that have a negative impact on the metabolism and on the whole body. In particular, such diseases is systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple thyroid disease, and blood cancer. For infectious diseases, which can trigger the occurrence of allergies to cold, can be attributed rubella. measles. pig, mycoplasma pneumoniaAs well as infectious mononucleosis.


allergy, winter, frost, cold

Total to distinguish between the three stages of allergy to cold. Let us briefly characterize each of them.

The first stage.

This step is also called immune and itusually manifested only when the body first affected relevant allergen. Thus, for high sensitivity to an allergen in turn produces antibodies. The next stage cold allergy usually appear only in case of repeated exposure to allergen.

The second stage.

At this stage already form substances thatdirectly affect the allergic response. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters. Key mediators in this case are substances such as serotonin, heparin, histamine and acetyl choline. Thanks to these substances dilates blood vessels, the skin reddens and small vessels of liquid released.

The third stage.

At this stage, there is a manifestation of more serious allergic reactions. In particular, there is a marked swelling, rash. In rare cases, anaphylactic shock may occur.


To diagnose an allergy to cold often spenda simple test. To do this, take a piece of ice and put it on the back of the palm for about 10-15 minutes and then removed. If the place where the ice was, there was a rash and itching, the test is considered positive. However, not all forms of such allergies This test is suitable.

A more reliable way to diagnose isresearch that will help identify the presence of cryoglobulins, is a special form of skin protein fraction. Furthermore, during the diagnosis Revmoproby patients must pass, as well as blood and urine. Generally it is best to pass a comprehensive examination. The fact that the cause of cold allergy may be a malfunction of the immune system. And this failure is just associated with chronic tonsillitis, chronic diseases of the digestive system, sinusitis and other pathological conditions. If the reason is these diseases, the antihistamines may just help. In this case, in order to cope with an allergy to cold, will need to first identify and treat the underlying disease that weakens the immune system.


allergy, winter, frost, cold

Unfortunately, few people with allergic manifestations of the cold rushes to the doctor. Although consult a doctor when the first symptoms of the disease should be mandatory.

As for the cold treatment of allergy, it is inbasically it is subject to certain preventive measures that are non-drug treatments that do not allow an allergic reaction to cold. So, there are simple precautionary methods that do not allow cold symptoms occur allergies. In particular, it is recommended to dress warmly when you leave the street in the cold season. In addition, it is necessary to lubricate lips a special hygienic lipstick. It is also advisable to put on special protective face cream (to draw the attention of readers our website, what should be done for at least half an hour before going outside). You can also take special medications, which will also prevent the occurrence of undesirable manifestations of allergy.

Of course, completely isolated from theexposure to cold in any case will not work. Anyway moderate cooling effect on the skin to some extent, even useful. Therefore it is best to quench with the help of a contrast shower in the morning. By performing these simple procedures, the human body due to the inclusion of the protective mechanism will gradually restore its function.

In addition, when cold allergy sometimesprescribe certain medication intake, but by and large they do not cure, but only help to eliminate the symptoms of allergic reactions. In particular, patients are sometimes appointed by antihistamines. However, these drugs have some side effects. Thus, these medications adversely affect the nervous system, the liver, the kidneys, as well as metabolism. In addition, these drugs can be addictive.

Medications may be useful infirst signs of cold allergy in first aid. In these preparations contain active substance such as a desloratadine, which can relieve unpleasant symptoms. Then you need as soon as possible to address to the allergist, who can prescribe adequate treatment. Generally, when you leave the street is warmly dressed and do not forget about the gloves. At the same time your clothing is desirable to be from linen or cotton material. While wool and synthetics have properties amplify manifestation of allergic reactions.


allergy, winter, frost, cold

First, we should carefully take care of yourself andyour body from hypothermia. The clothes should be only from natural fabrics. Best of all, as already mentioned, that the clothes were made of cotton or linen. If clothes soaked in the cold season, it should be as soon as possible to remove, and then change clothes and, of course, warm. In addition, it is recommended to use hygienic lipstick. In general, the cold is not lick your lips. If there was a runny nose and watery eyes, it is recommended promassirovat cheeks and nose. Also, be sure to wear during the cold season headdress. This will protect your head from vasospasm.

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