The use of saline dressings

Without that ingredient is impossible to imagine anyone first and second courses. Guess? It's about the salt. It is widely used not only in cooking, but in medicine. It has long been known for its healing properties. With just two components - salt and water, you can get rid of the pain and cure many diseases.

Salt or scientific name "sodium chloride"It is the oldest spice, used to flavor dishes most. Salt not only improves the taste of food, but also helps the body to function normally. It is impossible to completely deprive the body of salt - without this substance living cells begin to die. But this does not mean that it is necessary to use an excess of salt. Conversely, if the body will receive higher doses of sodium chloride, it can seriously damage both tissues and cells. On the day the body should get no more than 10-12 grams of salt. If you consume salt in excess, then, according to doctors it could significantly harm the body. It is not excluded the development of diseases such as hypertensionDeviations in the stomach, intestine, kidney and heart.

A little history

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Since ancient times, salt was mentioned in manytales and legends as a reward or a valuable gift, which is given to the guest. Met-awaited guests with bread and salt. The popularity of the universal matter was the fact that the salt contributed to the preservation of many foods. Since ancient times, there was no refrigeration, salt was used as the main preservative and stocking different products for the winter. If used as a preservative is not vinegar, and common salt, then all the nutrients and the maximum amount of vitamins remain in pickles, tomatoes and sauerkraut.

In addition to widely used in our cookingancestors widely used salt as a quick help at various ailments. Thus, in 1940-1050-ies famous surgeon Ivan Goldfinches in the treatment of wounded soldiers used a strong solution of salt. Especially good helping saturated with diseases of the joints, bones and the treatment of wounds. Surgeon imposed salt bandage on large "dirty" (purulent) wounds. Fabric well wetted in a saline solution, and after a few days the patient felt better. If we compare the wound condition before and after treatment, without the use of ointments, antibiotics and other powders of the wound was cleaned well - sheIt became pink, and, the patient's condition significantly improved, and the temperature dropped. An incredible number of lives have been saved just by using bandages.

The use of salt

sea ​​salt, bandaging, bandage salt, salt

To salt benefited, not harm the body, you need to learn a few simple guidelines:

  1. The dressing should be done from linen or cottontissue. Use the old x \ b sheet, which erased many times (or even 2-3). This fabric will have a loose structure. You can take an ordinary gauze and folded in 8 layers.
  2. The bandage is soaked in a hot solution and gently squeeze. If too hard to press the fabric, the bandage will not be as effective. The bandage is applied to the affected areas.

Preparation of solution:

  1. Take 2 tsp salt and a glass of water. This is the proportion of the adult.
  2. For the child, a solution made from 2 tsp salt and partial glass of water.
  3. The water should be hot at least 70C.

What else do you need to know:

  1. You can not apply a bandage on top of the polyethylene or dense material is not breathable. Secure the fabric can only bandage, gauze or paper thin plaster.
  2. After removal of the tissue should be discarded or washed in warm water and salt dressing. The fabric was then dried and ironed necessarily iron.
  3. Water for the solution must be boiled or distilled.
  4. Before bandaging, the affected area should be washed with soap and water and dry with a towel (if possible).
  5. After the dressing skin should be wiped with a damp cloth.
  6. Leave the bandage can be salt for the night, but notmore than 13 hours. At this time, the patient feels a slight coolness. If the solution is too concentrated (in excess of the specified dosage), the person may feel a tingling and even burning.
  7. Good effect has not only ordinary table salt, and Dead Sea salt, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

This salt is contraindicated?

sea ​​salt, bandaging, bandage salt, salt

The use of saline dressings can becontraindicated for people with chronic diseases and individual intolerance. To get a positive result, before the start of treatment is advisable to consult with your doctor.

With care, you can use saline dressings people with heart disease and urogenital system. In addition, you can not do salt packs for some skin diseases

To prevent the occurrence of side effects, said dosage must adhere not exceed the salt concentration.

If the patient is observed abnormalities in the heart, reduced or increased pressure, it is necessary to apply the bandage every day and every other day.

Action "salty socks" and other recipes

Our site recommends the use of saline dressings in these ailments:

  1. Abscesses. If you are not complicated and are not running the case, it can be applied to the inflamed surface dressing salt and tightly tie a bandage. Keep the compress can be no more than 2 hours, then remove and clean the remnants of moisture with a sterile bandage. If the abscess was discovered, then this site is necessary to urgently handle any antiseptic solution. To prevent infection, it is better to consult a surgeon.
  2. sea ​​salt, bandaging, bandage salt, salt

  3. Treatment appendicitis after operation. Salt bandages intended physician applied to the seam area to relieve swelling and prevent festering.
  4. Treatment headaches. If the pain caused by tumors in the brain, the condition will help facilitate salt dressing. It is superimposed on the forehead or neck. The water temperature must be determined by the physician.
  5. Flu. even flu can be treated with saline. The main thing is to begin treatment after the acute period. If you put a compress on the throat, the saline solution can help improve breathing in the chest - to get rid of puffiness.
  6. Cure cold possible by means of common salt and cottonsocks. Remove the socks and take the salt, remember well the fabric and turn right side out. Salty need to put socks and wrap the legs. It is advisable to put a heating pad feet. You can pour a bit into socks dry mustard and red pepper - hot application will strengthen the immune system.
  7. Runny nose. In order to get rid of common cold and to improve the condition, a compress is applied to the nose. When sinus saline dressings alone can not be done, should consult an ENT doctor.
  8. Burn. Eliminate the pain and swelling is also using compresses of weak salt solution.
  9. for the treatment of neuroses brines are often used. Bandages applied to active points to stimulate the nervous system. Duration of exposure determined by the attending physician.

In the treatment of saline dressings do not need to wait for fast action. To feel the result, you need to put compresses for about a week, keeping the proportions specified. Be healthy!

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