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February - such a month of the year when influenza and other infections affecting the respiratory tract in full swing. With the arrival of this month, many schools are forced to close on quarantine. And in the clinics to therapists create long queues from sneezing, high and coughing patients. Our site continues with their readers to study the pharmacy shelf with antiviral means.

Today we have in line with ergoferon, which is actively advertised in magazines, newspapers, on TV and radio. Let's look at its composition, get acquainted with the method of application.

Oh, these insidious viruses!

Influenza, ORVI, cold, antiviral drug, ergoferon

In recent years, viruses began to act cunning, they learned to hide and modify (mutage). And if a person is in the risk group, then entering the body of these dangerous alien agents can lead not only to influenza, ARVI, But also threatens complications. To the increased risk group, doctors include children, people of old age, pregnant women, as well as those who are weakened, transferred recent injuries, surgical interventions or suffers from different chronic pathologies. It turns out that about half of the population should be very attentive to their health, in order to begin treatment at the very first signs of respiratory infections. But the situation is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to immediately figure out and understand what kind of virus attacked the patient. It happens that the doctor instead of antiviral drugs prescribes a patient Antibiotics, mistakenly believing that the disease causes bacteria. Another case, this is when a person takes an antiviral drug, as a result of which the viruses can be defeated, but in inflammation, runny nose and cough attacks remain, continue to torment the poor fellow. And many, feeling the unreason and increase in temperature, they immediately throw to the antipyretic means, and they are unable to influence the mechanism of the disease. For many years, our scientists tried to create such a drug that would combine several actions in themselves and would help people with different respiratory infections.

Common Ergoferon

Influenza, ORVI, cold, antiviral drug, ergoferon

The components of the drug are metico in the necessary targets, stimulating the activity of different elements and unmunign system units.

Antiviral and immunomodulating action turns out to be due to antibodies to Gamma Interferon. This action is enhanced by antibodies to CD4 co-receptors.

And antibodies to histamine are sent to histamine receptors. Thanks to such a well-coordinated work of three components, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine (anti-allergic) and anti-transmission action.

Studies (experimental and clinical) show that ergoferon can cope with the flu, the type H1N1, the so-called «swine», and «bird» (H5N1) Flu. He is fighting with viruses causing influenza b. It is recommended for acute respiratory viral infections that were caused by adenoviruses, paragrippa viruses, coronaviruses and other viruses.

The medicine can be used for prevention and treatment:

  • Herpes (including genital, ophthalmologic, lump, slimming);
  • windmill;
  • infectious Mononuclease;
  • intestinal infections that are caused by enterovirus, adenoviruses, rotavirus;
  • tick-borne encephalitis;
  • Meningita (meningococcal, enterovirus).

Ergoferon can also be used in complex therapy of some bacterial infections, for example, Cocktle, Iraciniosis, pseudotuberculeza, Pneumonia and to prevent superinfections.

How to apply ergoferon?

Influenza, ORVI, cold, antiviral drug, ergoferon

The peculiarity of these tablets is that they are intended for resorption. One tablet must be put in the mouth and hold, while it does not dissolve. But it is necessary to do it separately from food, for example, 30 minutes before meals or 30 minutes after you atheble.

If Ergoferon is assigned a child whose age is from six months to three years, then the tablet is recommended to dissolve in boiled water (approximately 15 ml), and then give this solution to the baby.

For treatment in the first day it is necessary to take 8 tablets: in the first two hours, we take each half hour later, then quench the tablet three more times.

On the second, third, fourth and fifth days, it is enough to take on a tablet three times a day, making approximately the same intervals between the absorption. The earlier treatment started, the faster the well-being will improve.

To avoid infection with viral diseases, ergoferon is used for one or two tablets per day, to continue such a course can from one to six months.

Ergoferon can be combined with the admission of other drugs (antiviral, symptomatic).

Are there any side effects and contraindications?

Influenza, ORVI, cold, antiviral drug, ergoferon

Usually the medicine is well tolerated. And only in rare cases, patients discovered an increased individual sensitivity to those components, which are indicated as part of this fund. If an overdose occurred, then the appearance of dyspepsia (stool disorder).

Since lactose is used in the production of ergferon, it is not prescribed by those who have congenital lactase insufficiency, malabsorption syndrome of galactose or glucose, congenital galactosemia.

The question of whether the reception of these tablets is safe during the tooling of the fetus or feeding the baby's chest, has not been studied.

Flu or ARVI always knock out of the rut, plans. You have to call a doctor, go to the clinic, and then delay the house and fulfill the recommendations of the doctor. To make it easier to carry respiratory diseases, strengthen your immunity, immediately begin to be treated if I suddenly noticed the first signs of malaise. And MyMedinform.COM sincerely wishes all his readers of good health!

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