The inflammation of the facial nerve

It happens that as a result of Spentdrafts and hypothermia, after trauma or as a result of complications of viral diseases, inflammation of the man catches (or optic neuritis) of the facial nerve. The disease is able to cause serious discomfort due to the fact that the nerve responsible for facial expressions and actions such as chewing, sucking, sneezing, eye and lip movements.

Causes of neuritis of the facial nerve

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The causes of inflammation of the facial nerve can be:

  • complications after suffering diseases of the ear, parotid gland, soft tissues of the face;
  • inflammation of the periodontal tissues, the unsuccessful intervention of a dentist;
  • vascular disorder, hypertensive crisis;
  • trauma of the middle ear, temporal area and other facial, generic and surgical trauma;
  • nervous system diseases;
  • infectious lesions, in particular virus herpes. polio, Toxoplasmosis, borreliosis;
  • diabetes and other related diseases with metabolism;
  • hormonal changes in the first trimester of pregnancy and the effects of a painful shock in childbirth;
  • nervous exhaustion, prolonged stress or depression;
  • tumor toxicity.

Optic neuritis is often provoke hypothermia anddrafts, sitting under a stream of cold air conditioned, near the open window of the truck. Stress, chronic fatigue, low immunity contribute to inflammation of the facial nerve under the influence of infection, up to flu or herpes. Basically there is a unilateral lesion of the facial nerve.

Symptoms of inflammation of the facial nerve

pinched nerve, the facial nerve, neuralgia, neuritis, neuritis of the facial nerve

In the case of inflammation of the facial nerve, our website is strongly recommended to consult a doctor immediately. After a course of treatment in most patients there is complete recovery.

The duration of treatment of facial inflammationnerve on average is about three to four weeks. But a full recovery may take up to three to six months. In case of severe lesions mimic muscles have resorted to surgery to restore facial symmetry.

When the facial nerve neuritis appointanti-inflammatory, decongestant, antispasmodic and pain medications, vitamins. In combination with medication used physiotherapy:

  • electrophoresis drugs;
  • UHF-therapy;
  • physiotherapy exercises, articulation exercises;
  • massage the face, neck and neck area;
  • acupuncture;
  • phytotherapy.

In the recovery stage, the treatment of inflammationfacial nerve using exercise therapy (there are special complexes of exercises, including passive and active gymnastics). These exercises are recommended prior to physiotherapy. In addition, it is recommended articulation exercises (pronunciation of sounds and phrases).

Treatment of folk remedies

pinched nerve, the facial nerve, neuralgia, neuritis, neuritis of the facial nerve

In addition to drug therapy in neuritis of the facial nerve shows the use of funds Traditional medicine.

Treatment of facial nerve inflammation folkmeans a good supplement to medical therapy. Are popular distractions, pain, improve blood circulation using the procedure:

  • ointments, tinctures and poultices for grinding on the basis of medicinal herbs, honey and mummies;
  • infusions and decoctions of herbs for internal use.

Consider some proven popular recipes:

  1. Well-proven fir oil as an anti-inflammatory remedy for neuritis. Apply a small amount of oil on the painful area of ​​skin.
  2. To cope with the pain in inflammation of the facial nervehelp compresses flaxseed. A small amount of flax seeds, place in a bag of gauze or other fabric, boil for a few minutes, cool slightly and apply to the sore spot.
  3. The area of ​​inflammation of the facial nerve rub10% mummy solution (sold in the pharmacy). You can also prepare a warm drink: Take a cup of milk, add to it a tablespoon of honey and a small amount of the mummy.
  4. Proven gentle remedy for the treatment ofinflammation of the facial nerve - tea from red rose petals. Crushed red rose petals brew boiling water (take 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water petals), drink tea as a regular.

Before you begin treatment of neuritis of folk remedies, consult with your doctor.

Prevention of inflammation of the facial nerve

pinched nerve, the facial nerve, neuralgia, neuritis, neuritis of the facial nerve

As a precaution, our site encourages youcarefully monitor their health, prevent hypothermia and head injuries, visit the dentist regularly, promptly treating inflammatory and infectious diseases of the ear, nose and throat, which can provoke inflammation of the facial nerve.

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