Application ichthyol ointment

Now they are becoming increasingly popularexpensive imported medicines, advertising that we see on television every day. Many people prefer foreign medicines more accessible to domestic counterparts, and because the quality of the latter is checked more than one generation. The list of drugs fell undeservedly forgotten ihtiolovaya ointment to her we dedicate today's article.

Brief information on the preparation

antiseptic ointment ihtiolovaya, skin diseases, ointment, acne

Ihtiolovaya ointment isantiseptic. Its main active ingredient is Ichthyol extracted from oil shale by performing various chemical reactions. This medication is used, as a rule, for the treatment of skin diseases: acne, pimples, burns, Parasitic infections. Ointment has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, relieves itching, and can kill certain types of pathogenic organisms: Streptococcus, fungi and staphylococci. Furthermore, this drug accelerates the regeneration process of the skin, softens the epidermis and makes it more elastic.

Ihtiolovaya ointment is often used to eliminate acne. This tool has the ability to "pull" the pus of wounds, removing inflammation and heals the skin in a short time.

The drug is available as a 10% and 20% of the composition. In addition to certain content ihtiola ointment also includes Vaseline.

The operating principle of the drug

antiseptic ointment ihtiolovaya, skin diseases, ointment, acne I found that considered the drug helps in the elimination of the following symptoms:

  • frostbite and burns of the skin;
  • eczema;
  • various inflammatory processes of the epidermis, accompanied by pus: boils, Carbuncles, cellulitis, purulent abscess;
  • diseases of the joints;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system: inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix in women and prostate cancer in men;
  • direct destruction of the intestine accompanied by infectious processes;
  • acne skin rash;
  • deep splinters.

The drug is used as an ointment for treatingsurface nature of diseases. To resolve such problems as the inflammation in the gut and in the pelvic organs apply the same medicine, but comes in the form of candles. We also add that, among other functions ihtiolovaya ointment acts as an anesthetic. Due to such effect it can alleviate the patient's condition with extensive lesions of the skin: severe burns, frostbite, large and deep boils.

Instructions for using the drug

antiseptic ointment ihtiolovaya, skin diseases, ointment, acne

As mentioned earlier, the spectrum of action ichthyol ointment is quite wide. Let's consider in more detail how to use the medicine depending on the type of problem:

  1. Ihtiolovaya ointment is used to treat burns,erysipelas, eczema, frostbite and other superficial epidermal lesions. For such purposes the drug is used alone or it is mixed in equal proportions with glycerol. The substance is applied to the affected skineven a thin layer and triturated. Then the affected area is covered with a folded in several layers of gauze and bandage fixed with plaster. Change the cloth should be on a daily basis. The amount of the drug depends on the size of the affected area. For example, for the treatment of sacral or knee enough 3-4 g of ointment.
  2. Staphylococcal and streptococcal diseaseihtiolovaya treated through the use of widgets. For this purpose, 20% glycerol Ointment diluted in a ratio of 1: 1, the resulting composition is applied to the affected area, the top cover of parchment paper bandage and bandage. During the day, a bandage should be changed at least three times.
  3. Remove deeply entrenched thorn is not a problem,if the hand is ihtiolovaya ointment. Just apply a small amount of the product to the place where there is a pain, and then seal it in the usual plaster. After a short time a foreign body will be released to the surface.
  4. A solution of glycerol and ichthyol ointments used in the treatment of gynecological disorders. To do this, take a swab wetted with it in the above medium, and put into the rectum once a day.
  5. This medication is sometimes used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. To this end, the anal area carefullywashed out and wiped dry and then smeared with a thin layer of ointment ichthyol. This procedure is carried out several times a day. Note also that to rub ointment hemorrhoids is not necessary, so as not to hurt them even more. This tool can be used as long as the pain and swelling disappear.
  6. Ihtiolovaya ointment is widely used for solvingproblems with the skin. With this product, you can get rid of the inflammation and pimples purulent. For this ointment should be applied to a dot on the problem areas, and then leave it for a few hours. The drug has the property of pulling pus from acne, reduce inflammation, provide disinfecting and wound-healing effect. Treating the skin it is recommended in the evening, when there is no need to go anywhere out of the house. For large and heavily inflamed pimples can make a compress: Apply a small amount onto the skin and seal the plaster on all night.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

antiseptic ointment ihtiolovaya, skin diseases, ointment, acne

Ihtiolovaya ointment has virtually no side effects, however, some contraindications to its use do exist:

  1. Do not use this medication if you have seen allergy at any of its components.
  2. Do not apply ointment for the treatment of children under 6 years.
  3. Try to keep the vehicle has not got to the mucous membranes in the mouth or eyes.
  4. Open wounds and bleeding is not necessary to grease this drug.
  5. Do not mix with any other ichthyol ointment medications external action.

Note that to use this tool in the periodpregnancy or lactation is possible with the permission of your doctor. Add that ihtiolovaya inappropriate ointment used to treat wen, because it will not have any effect on them.

How to store the drug

Ihtiolovaya ointment conserve as well asmost other drugs. Keep the medicine in a dry and dark place, try not to leave the vehicle in direct sunlight, the air temperature to store medicines must not exceed 25 ° C.

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