Instructions for use Nasonex

Spring... Warm rays of sun deduce the nature of the dormancy period: buds swell, unfold tender leaves, primroses bloom. It would seem that people should enjoy the beauty of nature. But what about those who during this period appear symptoms of allergies? We have to resort to anti-allergic agents.

Now pharmacies increased demand for Nasonex. MirSovetov offers more to talk about its properties, how to use, side effects and contraindications.

Suspected allergic rhinitis

allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents, Nasonex

One of the unpleasant symptoms overreaction of the body to external agents can be allergic rhinitis. This disease is said statistics suffer from 10 to 60% of the population. Over time, the disease can be transformed into a serious complication - asthma. Allergic rhinitis doctors calldisease of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity that occurs on a background of the inflammatory process that develops as a result of exposure to allergens of the environment, manifested by characteristic symptoms (we will list them later). There is not only a form of seasonal allergic rhinitis (associated with flowering plants in spring or summer), but also year-round or episodic (acute), which is related to animal dander, house dust, feathers and down, which are filled with some pillows, mold fungi. Sometimes people mistake the symptoms of allergic rhinitis symptoms of the common cold or other viral, bacterial infection of the respiratory system. Yes, some of the symptoms are similar, but what should be alerted?

  1. Painful and frequent bouts of sneezing.
  2. Abundant transparent appearance and structure of watery nasal discharge.
  3. Nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, especially at night or in contact with an external stimulus (allergen).
  4. Occurrence about itching nose, around the eyes, in the ears.
  5. Nose swollen, cracked lips.
  6. The eyelids become red, fall, there is wanton tearing.
  7. The face swells, takes a puffy appearance.
  8. Worried feeling that there is a foreign body in the throat.

If you are plagued by similar symptoms, it should beseek medical attention. When rhinoscopy doctor notices that the nasal passages are narrowed due to swelling of the mucous membranes, which have acquired a pale bluish color; increased production of watery discharge. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe a special blood testTesting using standard allergens. On the analysis is taken and the secret of the nasal cavity.

General information about the preparation

allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents, Nasonex

The active substance of the preparation - issynthetic glucocorticosteroid, has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling action. Studies have shown that the drug is active as allergoreaktsii early and late. Nasal congestion goes away within a few hours after the injection of a dose, the patient can breathe freely the nose.

When appointed Nasonex?

Allergists and the tool ENT doctors recommend at:

  • seasonal rhinitis, prompted by the disclosure of sticky buds, flowering plants, trees and shrubs in the spring and summer;
  • year-round allergorinite caused by different reasons;
  • difficult-to-treat rhinitis, often having a tendency to complications such as sinusitis. genyantritis. In this case, the complementary treatment Nasonex antibacterial agents.

Spray can be used two weeks beforestart of flowering to prevent, prevent tormenting annual and seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms related to it, including nasal congestion.

If you have a runny nose for colds, acute respiratory disease, then have recourse to this hormonal agent is not necessary.

How to use Nasonex?

allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents, Nasonex

On the bottle there is a special dosinga nozzle through which inhaled and produced, i.e. injection into the nasal passages. If you first want to use a medicine, you first need to make it a "calibration". To do this, click on the dispensing device about 6 times, and then install the necessary supply of the drug, that is, when you press will be released into the nasal passage of 100 mg of off-white suspension. If the bottle was without two weeks, do it again the calibration. Another important point: before use Shake vigorously necessarily located in the bottle substance. If you have seasonal or perennial rhinitis, you must first do to treat it at 2 injection into each nostril once a day. Upon the occurrence of a persistent improvement is desirable to reduce the dose: one injection into each nostril per day. So it is necessary to use the drug for adults and children over the age of 12 years. In severe forms, if these recommendations have not improved, allowed to increase the number of injections to four in each nostril, but also once a day.

If a child between 2 and 11 years, is one injection per day in each nostril. In other cases, the physician individually set dose.

allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents, Nasonex

What you should know about contraindications and side effects?

It should refrain from the use of this spray when:

  • hypersensitivity to at least one of the components that make up;
  • injury or nose after a recent surgery, if the wound has not healed;
  • TB infection;
  • untreated virus, herpes, bacterial infections that spread to the eye;
  • children if they do not have two more years (as there are no data on its use at an early age).

Side effects are rare, but our site and mention them:

  • a burning sensation in the nose;
  • overt bleeding from the nose or mucus staining red blowing the nose;
  • pharyngitis.

In children, in addition to the above items may be sneezing (soon passing), and headaches. In adolescents during treatment sometimes there are skin rash on the face or other body parts.

Although the drug is not absorbed into the blood (onlymicrodozes), pregnant or lactating women it is prescribed in extreme cases, since no studies confirming the safety of the fetus and infant.

Nasonex should be dispensed from the pharmacy atpresentation of a prescription. If you are a long time using this spray, it periodically visit the doctor so that he can check the status of your nasal mucous membrane.

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