Application pimafutsin

Ill vaginal candidiasis or thrush(So ​​is also called the disease) can as an adult woman having children and nulliparous even a student or a schoolgirl who has recently started menstruating. The disease is, unfortunately, very common, ways to solve this delicate problem, there are many.

One of the medicines recommended by gynecologists - it Pimafucin. How to use the drug, whether he has the advantage, the side effects - this is our site readers will learn of the proposed article.

Perpetrators thrush

gynecology, fungal infections, gynecological diseases, candidiasis, thrush, pimafutsin

There is a misconception among some people that thrush transmitted only through sex. In fact, it is caused by the yeast belonging to the genus Candida. These organisms are part of the normal flora that inhabits the mucous membranes. But when the immune system weakens, drops, these fungi can suddenly start to actively proliferate, displacing a residence other beneficial microorganisms. At the same time a woman begins to suffer from the symptoms of thrush. The appearance of candidiasis can often be triggered by inflammation occurring in the pelvis, colds, colds. There are women who do not carry the disease to serious. They believe that it is necessary to be patient a few days cheesy discharge and intense itching, and then everything should pass itself. Yes, things can and go for 7 days, but if the disease treated incorrectly or does not take any action, then this attack could not go, and go into the chronic form. And then get rid of it will be much more difficult to be felt, it would be the worst possible moment in your life. Is not it better immediately seeking treatment for the problem, so you do not suffer from a relapse? Especially now in pharmacies is a wide range of drugs that exhibit antifungal properties. Among them are Pimafucin.

General information about the preparation

gynecology, fungal infections, gynecological diseases, candidiasis, thrush, pimafutsin

Available Pimafucin Dutch company in the form of three dosage forms:

  • pessaries (blister pack contains three torpedo-shaped suppositories, color them white or slightly yellow);
  • 2% cream, 30 grams of packaged tubs;
  • Tablets are enteric coated, in a package of 20 pieces contained.

The active substance of all of the above formsIt is an antifungal antibiotic natamycin belonging to the macrolide group. We can say that this substance is of natural origin, because it is isolated in vivo microorganisms belonging to the genus Streptomyces.

Action pimafutsin

The drug exhibits fungicidal effect,natamycin is able to bind sterols, found in the cell membranes of the perpetrators of diseases is violated their integrity and functions, this leads to the death of microorganisms. The drug manages to destroy many pathogenic yeast causing yeast belonging to the genus Candida. He is able to destroy and Trichomonas. Slightly weaker than the drug acts on dermatophyte. The drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive tract, undamaged mucous membranes and skin.

How and when Pimafucin applied?

gynecology, fungal infections, gynecological diseases, candidiasis, thrush, pimafutsin

Pimafucin helps women overcome suchproblems associated with inflammation and infection of the genital tract as vulvitis, vaginitis, vulvovaginal and normalize disturbed vaginal flora. But the most effective drug acts for thrush. Gynecologists often recommend this tool for vaginal candidiasis, has arisen against the background of exhaustion, lowered immunity, reception antibiotics, Cytostatics, corticosteroids or whenpregnancy. Other indications for use Pimafucin cream can be candidiasis skin, mucous membranes, nails, ringworm. Tablets into prescribed for intestinal candidiasis or thrush in the treatment together with the use of vaginal suppositories. More medication may be imposed in the otitis caused by fungal infections have become. And now our site will explain in detail how to use various forms of medicines. When vaginal problems every day in the evening the patient should be administered by one suppository into the vagina. Make it better before bedtime, when a woman is already in bed, so the medicine will stay longer on the mucous and make the most show its properties. The course is usually from 3 (in the lungs forms) and up to 6-9 days (more advanced cases). In the days of menstruation treatment will have to be interrupted, since the effectiveness of pimafutsin significantly reduced during this period. When is the treatment, use barrier contraceptives. When persistent candidiasis, your doctor may recommend treatment to connect more and tablet form - 1 tablet orally 4 times a day for the duration of their admission is 10 to 20 days. It is desirable that the sexual partner is over 6-9 days to process your genitals cream Pimafucin because men thrush often occurs in a latent form, without showing any visible signs.

If a person is suffering from ringworm, candidiasis of the skin or nails, the cream should be applied to affected areas one, or if necessary, several times during the day.

In the case of the baby Candida detectionpelёnochnogo dermatitis, pediatricians advise mothers to lubricate the skin of the child and this cream from one to several times a day. This tool allowed for use even newborns.

To cope with intestinal candidiasis,Pimafutsin should take one tablet orally 4 times a day. Treatment usually lasts a week. Children who have reached six years of age, on a tablet is not appointed by 4 and 2 times a day.

at otitis fungal origin is first necessary to clean the sore ear, and then lubricate the affected ear Pimafucin cream and put in the sore ear turunda impregnated with this agent.

Thrush in pregnancy

gynecology, fungal infections, gynecological diseases, candidiasis, thrush, pimafutsin

When gestation woman's immune system is located in a somewhat depressed state, so it is often accompanied by symptoms of thrush future mother during pregnancy. Even if the obvious symptoms candidiasis in pregnant missing, found in some womenfungi at delivery of analyzes. Do not put up with unpleasant symptoms, because you can resort to using suppositories pimafutsin. This formulation is permitted to use not only during gestation baby, but also during lactation.

About side effects and contraindications

In some patients during treatment with tablets or nausea diarrhea. It happens so rarely, afraid of these symptoms is not necessary, they usually pass on their own after a few days, the reception of tablets should not be lifted.

In the manufacture of suppositories in PimafucinAs the excipient used cetyl alcohol, which for some women with the introduction of candles in the vagina can cause irritation and itching, burning. With such a hypersensitivity of the drug should be discarded and go to the other treatments. When intolerance natamycin drug is contraindicated.

If you suspect a yeast infection, you must firstconfirm the diagnosis and make a smear on flora. Although significant challenges in the treatment of thrush in the initial stage does not occur, but it must be carried out under the supervision of a physician and following his advice and recommendations.

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