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During the cold periods of the year give back to hauntsuch unpleasant diseases like sinusitis, ethmoiditis, sinusitis and other pathologies of the nasal cavity and sinuses, which are located around. Plagued by constant discharge from the nasal passages, it becomes hard to breathe, sometimes there are discomfort, pain, general health is deteriorating. In such cases, it may help Sinuforte effective drug.

Composition and general information about the drug

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The pharmaceutical company engaged in the production of the herbal preparation, is in Spain. Representative of the company in Russia is the dealer of "Invar".

In the package you will find two bottles. In one lyophilizate is 50 mg (poroshochka) which is used to prepare the solution for further intranasal administration. The lyophilizate is made from the juice and extract derived from fresh tubers European cyclamen. The solvent supplied water for injection, its volume - 5 mL which is metered and the second flakonchike. The introduction of the drug into the nose by means of the supplied plastic spray nozzles. Identical in composition pharmaceuticals have to date in the pharmaceutical industry. Use the juice squeezed out of cyclamen tubers home for treatment impossible. And here are the reasons. Saponins, are part of the juice cyclamen - highly substances, an overdose could be to blame for severe reactions from the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Houses do not get to control the amount of saponins, it is possible only in the workplace. In addition, the bottle is equipped with a special metering device. The drops Sinuforte not released. Spray dispenser helps to get it to where solution drops can not get, and there is a distribution very evenly across the mucosal tissue.

When prescribers?

sinusitis, medicine, ENT, runny nose, respiratory catarrh, colds, rhinitis, sinuforte

In recent years the number of cases of chronic rhinosinusitis, doubled - so say the ENT doctors. Approximately 70% of cases SARS soon found genyantritis or other inflammation of the paranasal cavities.

The statistics report that sinusitisNow identified 15% of the world's population. Treat any form of sinusitis is difficult, because accumulating in the sinus cavities and surrounding purulent mucus gradually thickens, becomes thick, drain it out is difficult. This situation is compounded by the fact that the exchange of air flow is hindered, which is very beneficial for the further growth of bacteria. As a result, the mucous lining the nasal passages, sinuses, and fistulas (ducts), swells even more. Sinuforte Spray has only local effects due to saponins contained in the cyclamen, penetrated into the cavities laid inflamed, directly affects the sensory receptors. It is excited neurons of the trigeminal nerve, which leads to increased several times mucus secretion and outflow of the paranasal sinuses. Cyclamen components also affect the mucus, thin the pus. Gradually, and swelling of the mucous is eliminated. The nose is quickly and effectively cleaned of accumulated purulent exudate. Sometimes doctors in the sinus inflammation and other Sinuforte to add a few more local products or even the general antibiotic therapy. Then achieved amplification efficiency, accelerate the healing and prevention of relapse in the future.

How to use the drug?

sinusitis, medicine, ENT, runny nose, respiratory catarrh, colds, rhinitis, sinuforte

our site immediately cautions readers thatthis drug can only use for the treatment of adults or children, whose age is over 12 years old. To start the medication should be prepared as follows. Unscrew the cap-cap from the bottle, which you can see the powder. Uncork the rubber stopper. Open the top part of the bottle (it broke off), wherein the solvent is. Pour the solvent into the vial with lyophilized (powder). Screw the dispenser to spray bottle. Shake the bottle until it is located in poroshochek is completely dissolved. Before injection, remove the cap from the dispensing device, performing a protective function. Make two or three test pressing into the air so that you do not hit. When the patient presses the vial are the two or three drops of the drug (0.13 ml). This is the required single therapeutic dose. It should be injected into each nostril once a day. During the procedure, it is not necessary to throw back his head, let her remain in an upright position. At the time of injection is necessary to hold breath for five seconds. Just a few minutes from the nasal passages begin outflow of mucus and pus. It could last from one to two hours. Therefore periodically vysmarkivaytes to the nose quickly cleared and normal breathing. Depending upon the overall health diagnosis and drug it can be assigned for use every day, and every other day. The course of treatment lasts from 6 to 16 days. Patients say that the disease begins to recede within a few days of application Sinuforte.

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

sinusitis, medicine, ENT, runny nose, respiratory catarrh, colds, rhinitis, sinuforte

The manufacturer of the drug warns that you can not use Sinuforte in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • while breastfeeding the baby;
  • children under 12 years of age;
  • if you are hypersensitive to the drug;
  • in allergic rhinosinusopathy;
  • at elevated allergofone when there are manifestations characteristic reactions of the nasal mucosa tissue, rash on the face, swelling of his and other similar events;
  • high blood pressure, noted in the second and third stages hypertension;
  • with cystic polypous sinusitis.

Sometimes used incorrectly Sinuforte, ignoring the instructions of the recommendations of adverse events:

  • manifestations allergies - A burning sensation in the nose and throat, itching, rash, very rarely - angioedema;
  • pain over the nose and eyebrows (in the first days of use);
  • vyhodimoy staining mucus in pink color;
  • watery eyes;
  • high blood pressure (very rare);
  • burns to eyes and conjunctivitis development (if it is a drug gets into the eyes at the inaccurate reference with bottle).

Store unopened vial with lyophilisateIt can be 3 years at room temperature. But once you've made it a solution, it is necessary to keep it on the access door of the refrigerator. Reach for it for about an hour before the procedure so that it is slightly warmed in the room. Use of such a solution is necessary for 16 days.

The drug shows good performance, he saved many people from sinusitis and other complications common cold. Patients talk with gratitude thatSinuforte helped them avoid surgery, so-called puncture, which make when congestion in the sinus mucus with pus. But the price of the drug at the high, in different areas, it is from 1400 to 1900 rubles. Therefore, before its purchase by all means consult your doctor and carefully read its instructions from a pharmacy.

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