Validol, instruction manual

Validol - familiar to all medication hasa minimum of contraindications. The drug is taken as a sedative which does not cause allergic reaction and is not retained in the body in the form of savings with low toxicity.

Validol referred to as anti-anginal drugs, they are used in parallel with other activities comprehensive cardiac care.

The form of the drug issue

validol, motion sickness, nervous system, heart, blood vessels

Can be purchased in a pharmacy Validol tablets of 0.06 g, and capsules, and 0.05 to 0.1 In addition, the drug exists in liquid form - a dropper vials of 5 ml.

The solution Validol looks like oily liquid with a clearly marked menthol odor. White or yellowish white tablet with a dividing strip in the middle, and menthol smell.

Validol solution stored in a cool place in a tightly sealed vial stopper. Tablets and capsules can be stored at room temperature.

The therapeutic effect of the drug

Validol expands blood vessels spasm shackled, his active ingredients soothe the excited cells nervous system. The drug has a local irritantaction on sensitive receptors tongue and oral mucosa. Thanks to this feature stimulates the production of substances that reduce the intensity of pain and lead to normal permeability of vascular walls.

Pharmacokinetics Validol

Features of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of the drug components have not been studied.


validol, motion sickness, nervous system, heart, blood vessels


This condition is also known as motion sickness syndrome. The disorder is based on the stimulation of the vestibular apparatus. Being in an unstable position in a rocking water space, a person suffers because the center of gravity due to the repetitive monotone of irregular movements. The same reason underlies the air sickness, when a person who is staying on board the aircraft, it is bad.

Nausea, Vomiting, dizziness, A heightened sense of an unstable environmentreality - that under any yoke of anxiety symptoms is a person during a seizure sea or air sickness. Dysfunction of the vestibular system leads to strong expression of feelings of weakness, headache, attack hypertension or conversely, hypotension, heart failure rhythmsapathy. Surprisingly, malaise disappears as soon as the feet of a person has a solid ground. Impressionable and excitable persons are subject to some of the symptoms of this disorder at the mere sight of sailing boats. Pregnant women and the elderly are prone to sea sickness more than others.

validol, motion sickness, nervous system, heart, blood vessels


Angina captures the heart in a visepain. Malaise is expressed not only in the physical effort, but also at rest. The nature of pain is quite wide: the pain can be compression, burdensome, oppressive, rarely burning. Blood pressure in this state is on the increase, the pulse ranges, face and hands noticeably pale, emerges perspiration on the body. Painful waves rolled not only on the heart muscle, but also in the neck, shoulders, jaw and teeth.

Confirm the presence of angina suchdiagnostic methods, such as an electrocardiogram and coronary angiography. With coronary angiography establish the degree of cardiac disease and the spread of the atherosclerotic process.

Given the specificity of the above states,Validol with its ability to take control of the condition of the person at the peak of nervous tension has to be very helpful. In situations involving a manifestation of toxicity in pregnant women and the attacks of sea and air sickness, the drug is used as an antiemetic.

Use of the drug

Validol in tablets and capsules taken sublingually (tablet or capsule is placed under the tongue). The solution of the drug (5-6 drops) was impregnated with a cube of refined sugar and kept in the mouth until completely dissolved.

The maximum daily dose of medication - 0.6 g 1 tablet Validol 0.06 g corresponding to 3 drops of the solution.

Side effects after taking Validol

In some cases, a feeling of mild nausea and dizzy, you may receive. Sometimes it starts tearing. These symptoms are not dangerous to health, they do not need treatment and tested independently.

Contraindications Validol

MirSovetov draws your attention that this isthe drug is not suitable for people with individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to its active components: in the Validol include menthol and methyl ester of isovaleric acid. Also it is necessary to give up the drug in case of strongly pronounced hypotension.

Important information about validol

validol, motion sickness, nervous system, heart, blood vessels

  1. As part of the drug tablets have sugar - that is, information for people who suffer diabetes.
  2. Especially good Validol helps eliminate the nagging pain in the heart.
  3. Validol can take a long time because there are no special contraindications of the drug.
  4. When stenokardicheskie fit like Validolindividual and, especially, the primary drug is not prescribed! The fact that by using a drug to eliminate painful discomfort of angina pectoris, a person can wear a clear picture of the true vascular spasm, which gives the heart muscle trophism and results in myocardial infarction. We must know and remember: Validol does not relieve spasm in angina, but only suppresses pain during an attack. This means that people who have been diagnosed with angina, it is necessary to facilitate for disease attacks only those drugs that they recommend treating physician. In the role of the drug nitroglycerin is a frequent speaker and Validol prescribed only as an aid.

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