Causes of dizziness

"Again dizzy" - we often recite,our relatives and children, without even trying to find out the causes of what is happening. Just stating a fact, not thinking about the fact that the usual vertigo can be a symptom of severe neurological disorders. Although the head may begin to spin, and from the more pleasant things: the influx of emotions, surprises, but just from the joyful news.

To find out what leads todizziness, it is necessary to define the present physical condition. So, based on information from numerous medical reference books, it can be argued that true vertigo - This is a state in which a visual illusion is created that the objects around us move quickly in a circle. It also happens dizziness false. This condition occurs most often in peoplehypochondriac (elderly and, oddly enough, in men). When this type of dizziness head unbearable pain, but the illusion of moving objects in a circle no.

So, we try to identify the main causes of vertigo, based on its different types.

Constant dizziness

dizziness, neurology, weakness

It can be observed with a number of diseases:

  • disease in the middle ear (along with tinnitus and vomiting);
  • with the disease of the cervical spine (there is confusion, staggering, aching pain in the neck);
  • before severe vomiting or before storm migraine;
  • with malnutrition, starvation, with a strict diet, which, of course, leads to a weakening of the immune system and lack of glucose in the blood;
  • with concussion or so-called "whiplash" injury, if there was a head or spinal injury (accompanied nausea, Vomiting, chills).

To get rid of this type of vertigo, MirSovetov strongly recommends that you:

  • to treat chronic diseases whose symptoms include dizziness;
  • go swimming, to relieve the stress on the spine and strengthen his cervical spine;
  • often spend time in the fresh air, as an option for employees - to return home from work on foot or, if not, just walk in any weather before going to bed;
  • help adequate exercise, physiotherapy, massage;
  • correctly and on time to eat, to see to it that in the present diet foods rich in vitamins B, C, E, iron;
  • To our website we recommend to buy a tonometerto self-monitor their blood pressure. Quite often, in order to avoid dizziness, just enough to drink strong tea or coffee, take drugs to normalize the pressure, just lie down.

easy dizziness

dizziness, neurology, weakness

Often the causes of vertigo include truebenign paroxysmal positional vertigo, that is safe sudden dizziness that occurs when you turn your head. It is characterized by symptoms such as:

  • severe dizziness while tilting the head, tilting or flipping the normal from side to side;
  • one attack or series of attacks, the sudden cessation of the attack for some time;
  • also possible nausea, vomiting;
  • sudden weakness and chills, the so-called "crawl";
  • may appear before your eyes closed huge bright spots or small flies.

This type of vertigo is not dangerous, it is easily treated with daily execution of simple exercises for the patient who chooses a neurologist.

Most people have a false or imaginary dizziness, the causes of which are:

  • manifestation vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • mental illness or panic attacks;
  • stressful situations;
  • It is in the limited space, sometimes claustrophobic;
  • dizziness and suffocation with a large gathering of people.

When this type of vertigo symptoms often occur that are typical of a number of serious diseases:

  • pain in arms or legs;
  • painful sudden muscle tension;
  • haze;
  • stomachache, abdominal;
  • pain in the heart;
  • sore throat, shortness of breath, barking cough, dyspnea;
  • disturbed sleep or, more generally, chronic insomnia;
  • permanent, passing in mania, fear, worry about something, often depression accompanied by irritability or anxiety.

To overcome this kind of dizziness, our site offers only:

  • drink sedatives, herbal teas (mint, lemon balm, valerian root);
  • relax and have a good night's sleep;
  • if possible, remove irritants from your life that cause imaginary dizziness (change jobs, boss, girlfriend, in the end);
  • often spending free time in nature;
  • search for small pleasures in all that surrounds you (rainbow, bright butterfly, a cup of coffee latte with a funny little face of the foam);
  • often indulge themselves, do not push your needs in a corner;
  • Find yourself a hobby that will entice you for a long time (beadwork, knitting or writing small tales);
  • at the very least, if the repeated attacks of dizziness, get a good psychologist, who will listen and dispel all your fears and doubts.

Additional reasons

dizziness, neurology, weakness

A brain tumor.

The most terrible and frightening reason for the strong,progressive vertigo is a brain tumor, usually located near the inner ear. When the tumor, dizziness and tinnitus, hearing loss or impairment, nausea and paralysis of facial muscles, characteristic only for the young people and children. When this type of vertigo is an urgent need to consult a doctor and make brain tomogram.


The cause of dizziness can often be"Interesting" position of women. During pregnancy, especially in the early or late stages, women suffer from severe dizziness bordering on fainting. These attacks most often associated with a lack of blood glucose or abrupt reduction of its volume, and hypotonia. In order to overcome this cause, do not hesitate to carry a bottle of boiled water with sugar dissolved in it. our site reminds you that your health and your baby's future health is in your hands!

Poisoning by alcohol or drugs, drugs.

With this type of vertigo as there are visual disturbances, weakness, visual or auditory hallucinations, changes in consciousness.

Food poisoning, intoxication when working in hazardous environments.

Diagnosed, if along with dizziness, increasing headache, Heaviness in the head, nausea, vomiting, cutting pain in the stomach, upset his chair.


Another dangerous cause of vertigo, whichmay, at the failure to provide medical care result in death. It is necessary to pay attention to what the patient sharply worsens, there is perspiration, disturbed coordination of movements, numb hands and feet.

Causes of dizziness physiological nature

dizziness, neurology, weakness

These include:

  • very pleasant or very unpleasant;
  • stressful situations (making a presentation in front offull hall of people, defense of the thesis, a situation where the student does not learn the lesson, answer call). This is due to a sharp release of adrenaline;
  • when riding on a carousel or roller coaster, riding in a car with an unusually high rate (the brain does not have time to adjust to the real picture to the one to which he was accustomed to).

Thus, the causes of vertigo very much, but by removing them, it is easy to get rid of this unpleasant feeling good.

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