Vibrocil, instruction manual

Rainy and slushy autumn and snowy, frostywinter seasons can be called, which is characterized by the greatest number of colds and dart noses. Many believe that there is no need to spend money to finance the common cold - say, a week later, he himself will be held.

However, doctors have a different opinion. They warn that if the pull the plug on rhinitis, it may "boomerang" more serious diseases - otitis. sinusitis and other forms of sinusitis. Nature has programmed any bodyperson (adult or child) to nasal breathing. The nose is like a natural "air conditioning" - it moisturizes, cleans and warms the air flow entering the body. Particularly sensitive to environmental effects the respiratory system of children. Therefore, most rhinitis It occurs just at them. Usually culprits common cold They are infectious agents, and allergens. Most of the drugs has activity against any infectious agents or allergies. But in Vibrotsile, the preparation of which offers a talk MirSovetov, the active ingredients are combined in such a way that the drug can cope both with catarrhal rhinitis and allergic.

General information about the preparation

vibrotsil, nasal drops, runny nose, colds

At the pharmacy, you can see the three forms of the drug:

  1. Nose drops into vials with convenient pipette (15 ml). It is a yellowish, clear solution, smelling of lavender.
  2. Nasal spray, contained in vials (10 ml), equipped with a sprayer. This pale yellow solution, transparent, has a light scent of lavender.
  3. The gel packed in 12 g tubes, homogeneous structure, a slightly yellow tint.

The active ingredients of the drug aredimethindene maleate and phenylephrine. As auxiliary substances are taken: lavender oil, distilled water, benzalkonium chloride, sodium phosphate (anhydrous), sorbitol, citric acid.

Vibrocil relieves swelling of the mucous membranenasopharynx, providing at the same vasoconstrictor effect (local). Active ingredients Vibrocil reduce pathological exudation (mucus). If necessary, they exhibit anti-allergic properties, as well as improve the activity of ciliated epithelium. His main duty is self-cleansing of the nasal passages by foreign particles. It is due to the swelling of the mucous phenylephrine eliminates nasal congestion, and feeling. But maleate dimethindene reveals itself as an antiallergic agent, eliminates the itching and sneezing. Moreover, Vibrocil operates smoothly, reduces the production of secretions (mucus), without disturbing the physiological functions of the mucous membranes of the nasal passages. Therefore, in the form of droplets can be applied to children from birth.

This combined drug acts withoutimmediately after applying the effect lasts a long time. Five minutes after application of a sense of relief of nasal breathing, continuing for six or even eight hours.

Drops are allowed to use even infants, but older kids (six years) and adults and can be used more spray or gel.

When he appointed Vibrocil?

vibrotsil, nasal drops, runny nose, colds

If appointed Vibrocil drops before theirburying sure to thoroughly clean the nose. Adults enough to blow his nose, but for the kids parents often have to resort to using a rubber bulb or aspirator. instillation process is carried out when the head slightly thrown back. This provision is desirable to keep a couple of minutes. Number of treatments per day - four (or less). Duration of treatment - no more than a week. And now about the dosage:

  • If the baby is not yet a year, it is enough for a single procedure to introduce a drop in each nostril;
  • if the kid from years old to six years, drip one or two drops in each course;
  • If the child for more than six years, the drip three to four drops in each stroke, the same dosage and is suitable for adults.

The most pronounced effect has spraybecause it allows all drug substances irrigate the nasal cavity, thus evenly distributed across the mucosa. But you can only assign a spray to the age of six. When applying nozzle should be in a vertical position. This child should not throw back his head. Insert tip into one nostril at first, quickly squeeze the sprayer on the bottle and uncompress it. Tell your child in advance, so that during the injection, he tried to make an easy breath. The day is done three or four irrigation in each nostril has to hit one or two injections.

The gel is very useful if a child (or atAdult) overdried mucosa. In this case, characterized by the appearance of dry crusts. More gel useful in trauma nose. If you enter the gel before going to bed, the flat nasal breathing to continue throughout the night. The gel is allowed to use the age of six. it is necessary to clear the nose before the procedure, and then enter the gel, trying to make it as deep as possible. At night you can make up to four injections. Sometimes Vibrocil drug is prescribed for acute otitis media.

Are there any side effects?

vibrotsil, nasal drops, runny nose, colds

The drug is generally well tolerated, not onlyadults but also children. Very rarely patients complain of burning or dryness in the nose. Yes, and they are very fast. our website warns that if you use Vibrocil more than seven days, it may cause rhinitis drug or addiction to this drug.

Are there any contraindications?

Do not use Vibrocil at:

  • increased sensitivity to the substances included in the composition;
  • rhinitis with atrophic changes in the mucosa;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • simultaneous treatment of MAO inhibitors (monoamine oxidase), beta-blockers, antidepressants (tricyclic).

our site will remind that the gel and spray can not beuse if the child is not yet six years. Precautions should use the drug to those patients who are in breach of the functioning of the thyroid gland, the cardiovascular system, diabetes (Insulin-dependent) glaucoma and hypertension.

The advantages of the product include the fact that itYou can use the infant even to children, it is effective not only for cold-runny nose, but also in allergic. Be attentive to their own health and the health of your baby, be sure to ask before you buy the drug to the doctor for any advice.

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