How to withdraw water from the body

Excess fluid in the body is always manifested ina swelling, which are the evidence of existing health problems. It can be felt heart disease or kidney disease. Consult a doctor in this case will not be superfluous, and should be radically revise your diet, because in many respects, this problem occurs because of malnutrition.

Excess moisture: causes and symptoms

water, water balance, bring the water in the body fluid

The main feature that the liquid in the bodyIt accumulates in excess - is, in the first place, an increase in body weight. As a result, spoil the beauty of the figure, and the mood is deteriorating. Of course, looks are more concerned about women: I agree, not only pleasant to see in the mirror my face swollen, puffy legs and fingers, which do not climb your favorite ring.

As doctors say, in young and healthy people to30 should not be propensity to edema. If the problem is present, then, most likely, a person has a predisposition to a particular disease. Therefore, if on the legs or face appeared swelling, You need to consult a doctor and find out the exact cause of their appearance. In order not to face the side effects, can not be treated independently, as a means of Traditional medicineAnd pharmacy drugs, diuretics.

A cause for concern in women may beedema that appeared due to disruptions in the menstrual cycle. It also happens that swelling of the legs at the end of the day becomes quite common and natural phenomenon, but this situation can not be ignored.

Other causes of water retention can be:

  1. fluid deficit. No wonder doctors strongly recommend daily drink at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water, since this amount is sufficient to make up for the daily requirement. Feeling a lack of water, the brain signals the body to store it in the tissues. That is why it is so important to drink even small amounts, but often. After a couple of weeks you get used to the new regime, and the body stops to stock excess water.
  2. Synthetic and natural diuretics,including alcohol, which itself has a strong diuretic effect. In the same property is possessed by coffee, tea and sweet carbonated water. Regular consumption of these drinks lead to a strong dehydration, Causing the body again stores precious water.
  3. salt intake in large amounts. To understand this relationship, you should know that one salt molecule is able to connect up to 20 around the fluid molecules, which as a result will be postponed under the guise of fat. So there will be extra inches at the waist. The only correct solution to this problem would be to reduce salt intake and constant drinking clean water that gradually bring harmful salt from the body.
  4. Water before going to bed. Drink certainly useful, but not after 20 pm. All drunk before going to bed in the morning will manifest itself in the form of swelling on the face.

If among the above reasons you've found one that could theoretically be the result of your problems, then reconsider your diet. Perhaps not even noticing it, you make these mistakes.

Terms power to remove fluid

water, water balance, bring the water in the body fluid

Terms power to remove water from the body consist of elementary actions, the implementation of which will help to restore the body's water balance:

  • reducing the use of salt. It must be remembered that the daily rate of this product is 5 grams. It is also important to give up convenience foods, cheese, crisps and tinned foods. It is better to give preference to domestic food that contains salt is less than, for example, food from cafes and restaurants;
  • despite the reluctance to have to learn to respect thewater regime. To do this, every day to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water. This can speed up metabolism and organize the work of other bodies. Water releases the internal organs of the chemical compounds that contribute to the accumulation of fluid. Broth and drinking herbal teas diversify the menu. They can be drunk hot or cold. You can add lemon or e.g. cucumber. From sugar should be abandoned, because in this case will increase the load on the kidneys;
  • foods high in fiber will increasethe productivity of the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to the removal of products from the body of liquid and solid waste. Good sources of fiber - apples, dried fruit, eggplant, pumpkin, cabbage and apricots. Refined products are better replaced with whole grain bread, cereal. Also useful brown rice and other cereals. Nutritionists recommend a daily consume up to 35 grams of fiber;
  • summer do not have to provide yourself the pleasureenjoy watermelon, which not only effectively removes excess water from the cells, but also improves kidney function. They possess similar properties as cucumbers and melons. Every week you can arrange a unloading watermelon days and very soon you will notice a positive effect;
  • fresh spring birch sap remarkably removes toxins and salt, so whenever possible, it is recommended to drink 200 grams three times a day;
  • unlike black green tea acts as a mild diuretic, so its use is permitted, even in large quantities;
  • excellent output water rice and oatmeal. These foods low in sodium and high in potassium, so fluid is not delayed, but on the contrary, is derived;
  • Limit caffeine and other diuretics. They simultaneously eliminate the excess fluid, but also cause inflation.

In addition to diuretic foods have a lot ofsynthetic drugs, which effectively remove fluid from the body. The use of such means should be assigned a doctor, because some of them have serious side effects. The most famous preparation is the "veroshpiron". Long-term use of it is fraught with problems with the cardiovascular system.

Those people who often suffer from swelling of the extremities, are advised to regularly fasting days. It can be:

  • kefir days when during the day is allowed to drink only yogurt with 1% fat. One liter of the drink to be divided for the whole day and eat every 2 hours in small doses;
  • unloading on pumpkin juice. It can be mixed with carrot or apple juice;
  • days on molokochae. To this end, the 2nd liter of milk, add the brewed green tea and drink throughout the day every time you feel an attack of hunger.

Methods for removing water from the body

water, water balance, bring the water in the body fluid

Other methods of removing water from the body:

  1. Sauna or bath, stimulating metabolism. Active sweating under hightemperature rids the body of excess water and products of metabolism. It reduces the load on the kidneys, since most of the water comes out through the skin. This feature provides her sebaceous and sweat glands. That's why the bath as recommended by doctors to patients suffering from kidney disease and hypertension for lowering blood pressure. Steam treatments are best held 2 times a week. Sauna in this case is characterized in that water exits from the body under the action of dry steam.
  2. Employment by fitness. Any active exercise make the heart beat faster, a person sweats, stands out excess moisture. However, it is important to note that the water balance to normalize need clean water. Two liters of water a day will help your body rather spend it with sodium. That moisture is sufficient, it is possible to observe the color of urine, it becomes more transparent. Rejecting the salt for a few days, you can get rid of its surplus. Then descend and swelling. draws attention to the fact that most of these methods work comprehensively. Therefore, check with your doctor, what it means to you to be treated.

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