Prevention of breast cancer

This article is addressed to all women. The reason for writing it is not accidental - in our country in the last decade has seen the growth of breast cancer by almost 1.5 times. Russian women still lightly about their health, even neglecting those preventive capabilities that gave them a state.

This article is addressed to all women, regardlessof their age and health. The reason for writing it is not accidental - in our country in the last decade has seen a rise in the incidence of breast cancer by almost half. Who put this diagnosis every year 50,000 women. And mammology sounding the alarm - mammary cancer gradually getting younger - now you can meet him in women under the age of 40 and even 30 years!

Whether that stems from our mentality or something else, butthe fact remains that Russian women still lightly about their health, neglecting even those little prevention capabilities that provide them with the state: the passage of mammography and clinical examination within the context of free national program "Health".

And for anybody it is not a secret that almost allTimely detection (in the I-II stages of development) and were treated with malignant cancer in 95% of cases end in complete recovery. The same applies to breast cancer, early treatment which avoids gross cosmetic defects and keep the woman attractive appearance.

Some more statistics

As is known, disease of the breast - A very common disease of breastgland, which can cause cancer occurrence and is diagnosed in 45-60% of women of childbearing age (25-55 years) and 90% of women with gynecological diseases. The detection of breast cancer using mammography, even for small (less than 1 cm in diameter), non-palpable tumors is 95%. It is to identify the disease at this stage and need to undergo preventive checkups mammalogy.

Symptoms of breast diseases

Prevention of breast cancer
The main thing to learn - to avoid heavythe effects of breast cancer can be. But it is not necessary to wait, when something hurts. Visit mammalogy as a preventive measure is necessary at least once a year. Immediate treatment following symptoms require a specialist:

  • the appearance of nipple discharge is the period of breast-feeding;
  • the appearance of chest pain and discomfort, bloating, regardless of the phase of the menstrual cycle;
  • the presence of rashes, redness, appearance of "lemon peel" or sores on the skin of one or both breasts;
  • appearance nodes tissues seals one or both breasts, as well as under the skin or in the armpits;
  • appearance of asymmetry and / or deformation of the breast contours, its swelling;
  • change in shape, the contours of the skin or nipple retraction or appearance of their ulcers;
  • the appearance of enlarged (palpable) in lymph nodes above and subclavian areas.

Factors contributing to the development of diseases

Prevention of breast cancer
Unfortunately, all of our modern life withdeteriorating environment, the uncontrolled intake of drugs, endless stress creates a favorable background for the development of diseases. Risk factors abound, the main are the following:

  • stress, long-term psychological stress, lack of sleep, insomnia has a negative effect on the hormonal status of the woman and her immunity,
  • abortion and chronic inflammatory diseases of the femalegenital (mastitis, salpingooofority, adnexitis, endometriosis, and other). In women who have had more than three abortions in their lifetime risk of developing mastitis increases 3-4 times;
  • of hormonal status of the female body, independent and uncontrolled intake, as well as the alternation of hormonal contraceptive tablets;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • diseases of the digestive organs, violatethe synthesis of steroid hormones (hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, colitis, etc.), as well as interfere with the absorption of all the necessary materials for their production, infringements of the synthesis and absorption of vitamins, essential amino acids;
  • endocrine diseases and conditions accompanied by metabolic disorders (Adrenal disease, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, tumors of the endocrine glands, hypertonic disease. diabetesMetabolic syndrome, etc.);
  • inadequate and poor vitamins and micronutrient nutrition with frequent consumption of fast food, as well as fried and smoked foods, consumption of food, poor in fiber (whole grains, vegetable food, etc.);
  • bad habits, leading to intoxication (smoking, alcohol, prolonged use of drugs), as well as the fascination solarium, occupational hazard.


Prevention of breast cancer
It's every woman should know. First of all, this method can be called liability women for their own health. BSE - is a direct examination of the woman of his breast, carried out every month, starting from 16-18 years within the first 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle. It includes inspection and palpation glands consistent early detection assemblies therein and other changes. According to WHO statistics, it reduces mortality from cancer breast to 20%.

self-examination technique. No special skills are not required for this. Conduct self-standing mirror, as well as during the shower and lying:

  • for that, stripped to the waist, standing with his hands in front of a mirror, you need to pay attention to:
  • asymmetry sizes and shapes of the mammary glands;
  • resizing, color, shape, nipple circuits;
  • the appearance of the skin of a different color, a structure, with the presence of them mesh veins go "lemon peel";
  • then, raising his arms up, palpate each breastfingertips, moving to the nipple of the peripheral parts of the gland, it is necessary to repeat, but displaced in a spiral from the periphery. Mandatory palpation of the axillae to detect enlarged lymph nodes and pain in them;
  • in a horizontal position, threw back his arm bent at the elbow behind your head, with the other hand to palpate breasts in the same sequence as before - from the periphery to the nipple.
  • What to do if you are self-studyfound seal or some mammary glands dysfunction? Readers of our site is to be understood that the self and waiting is that all goes by itself - the main enemy of our health. In identifying or even suspected minor changes should immediately contact the mammologist. It is undesirable to also take the initiative to pass different types of surveys to self-diagnosis and self-medication, leave it to a professional, who will select for you the best algorithm for the study.

    Modern studies to assess the state of the mammary glands

    Prevention of breast cancer
    Currently, the medicine made usea number of complementary research methods that allow in the short term to make an accurate diagnosis and to identify (or reject) certain pathological changes in the mammary glands. But at the same time a correct assessment of the results can only be done by the doctor. That is why the detection during self-examination of any changes and the presence of the above symptoms women should be referred to mammologist (or oncologist).

    Furthermore, it may require additionalexamined by a surgeon, gynecologist, endocrinologist, and therapist. After becoming acquainted with the complaints of the patient, the inspection of mammary glands mammolog appoint additional research, the most informative in this case.

    Mammography It occupies a special place among the diagnostic andmalodoznoe is absolutely painless X-ray examination of breast, held in a special machine - digital mammography in two projections (for each breast). Currently, digital mammography is considered one of the most informative, accessible and accurate methods of diagnosis of breast pathology. This study fails to detect small, not even determined by palpation tumor formation in the breast. This method is particularly useful when large volumes of breast, as well as for the detection of deep seated tumors. However, prophylactic mammography is recommended at the age of 38 years and older, with a diagnosis - prescribed by a doctor at any age, since the age of 16.

    Breast ultrasound - Absolutely harmless to the body methoddiagnosis, in addition, it is painless, and are widely available to women for any health condition and at any age. This method is valuable during the biopsy, as it gives the image in real time, allows you to monitor the progress of the needle to the tumor and evaluate the degree of emptying of cysts. Also for specifying diagnostics is widely used ultrasound breast vessels with color Doppler mapping, gives an indication of the state of blood flow in normal and pathologically altered prostatic site, lymph nodes, and so on. D. The method is very informative as it can detect small cystoid objects up to 3 mm in diameter. Ultrasound is widely used in the examination of patients with breast implants.

    Ductography breast - A radiographic evaluation, withwhich in the breast ducts introduced a special contrast agent and held a series of images in different projections. According to the degree, form and contour filling ducts, the presence of these restrictions, extensions or filling defects are judged on the existing (or absent) intraductal formations (polyps, tumors, and so on. D.). This type of research is to clarify and held in the presence of nipple discharge, deformation physician mammologist.

    Needle biopsy followed by cytology study prepared punctate - Method, held mammologist, oncologist or surgeon controlled ultrasound scanning or digital mammography in the presence of vague nodules, tumors and cysts.

    These are the main diagnostic methods toreveal the presence of pathological changes in the mammary glands, to clarify their structure and the nature and prevalence (stage of development) process. They can be carried out once (if indicated), or at regular intervals to assess changes in the course of the treatment.

    Mammography and ultrasound prophylactically

    Prevention of breast cancer
    Russian mammalogy oncologist believe thatprophylactic mammography should be performed in women older than 40 years, every two years, while women of the same age group, but at risk - once a year. Young women 35-40 years of prophylactic are breast ultrasound.

    And do not forget that self-examination and timely implementation of additional studies that are assigned to you doctor can help save not only the health and beauty, but also life. Be healthy!

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