Symptoms and treatment of erosive bulbita

Erosive bulbit - not an independentdisease, and other kind of disease of the gastrointestinal tract - duodenitis. All forms bulbita have distinct symptoms and require immediate treatment.

From duodenitis bulbit different localization of the place: duodenitis affects the part of the 12 duodenal ulcer, which is closely adjacent to the stomach, and inflammation bulbit covers its bulb that goes into the excretory duct of the gallbladder. Regarding mucosal pathology body shell, whereby on its surface appear bleeding ulcer. In fact bulbit can be called a harbinger of ulcer. The disease occurs mainly in women and children, although it is believed that the sex and age "preferences" disease has not.

The causes of disease

gastroduodenitis, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, erosive bulbit

  1. Bulba may be motivated by too highmobility 12- human intestine (this specific feature of an organism). In this form the "extra" body of the loop, which represent a serious obstacle to the free passage of food through the intestine. If the mass of half-digested stuck in one of these loops, created ideal conditions for active growth of pathogenic microorganisms, a certain percentage of which always inhabit the gut. Any more or less unfavorable factors (severe stress, poorly digested food, bad habits) immediately provokes bulbita.
  2. The emergence of this disease may serve gastritis. In this case, a surface and subsequently erosive bulbit - hydrochloric acid enters the 12-duodenum, thereby causing inflammation there.
  3. To provocateurs of the chronic form of the disease include worm infestation, and giardiasis Crohn's disease.
  4. Fertile ground for the development of acute bulbitamay be injury of the gastrointestinal tract, alcohol, improper diet, and prolonged use of certain groups of drugs.
  5. It is believed that bulbit - the result of a genetic predisposition.

The clinical picture of the disease

The illness may develop over the years, so her symptoms first softly pronounced, but they are gaining strength with the passage of time.

gastroduodenitis, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, erosive bulbit

In the treatment of erosive bulbita relevantmedicines that have wound-healing properties (Methyluracilum) suspension with enveloping action (Maalox, Almagel, Hofitol). Furthermore, reception is required blocking drugs aggressive action of hydrochloric acid (Ranitidine, Omez, metoclopramide). Eliminating the harmful effects of the substance on the mucous is a fundamental principle of recovery, because it is hydrochloric acid causes the damaged section of ulcers and erosions. In the treatment of erosive bulbita often used Wobenzym and Essentiale. The enzymes and acids increase the tone of the first product of the digestive system, the active substance of the second medication improves liver function, which is experiencing some strain due to intensive treatment bulbita. Significantly improves the well-being of the patient health resort vacation.

Acute bulbit forces the patient to take not only the antacid, and analgesics (No-spa, Papaverine): drugs effectively relieve spasms of smooth muscles and eliminate pain attack. In this form of the disease in the early days of refusing food, then stick to a strict diet. In most cases, a patient with acute bulbita should be treated in a hospital. There may be time to wash out the stomach, if it becomes a real threat of severe poisoning organism. If toxicity does not turn out to avoid, appoint a dropper with a saline solution to remove the signs of poisoning.

To suppress the vital activity of H. pylori rods, because of which develop a chronic form of catarrhal and bulbita, pick the best course for the patient antibiotic treatment. Antibacterial drugs are prescribed, taking into accountsusceptibility to the pathogen him (amoxicillin, Sumamed, de-nol, Metronidazole, and so on.) It is necessary that the patient has completely refused from smoking and sat on a strict diet. Of great importance is measured way of life, devoid of strong emotions and stress. Of course, taking into account the specifics of modern life, this recommendation is a bit utopian, so excitement and anxiety inhibit using sedatives. In general, the duration of treatment, and eventually recovering the familiar life changes radically.

As traditional medicine treats bulbit

gastroduodenitis, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, erosive bulbit

For the treatment of this disease most oftenapply infusions, tinctures and teas made from medicinal raw materials. Remember that the physician should be aware of self-treatment patient traditional methods.

  1. To make this effectiveanti-inflammatory agent, you will need 3 tablespoons. l. fresh juice and plantain 1 hour. l. honey. Mix the ingredients and take the medicine for 1 hour. L. immediately before the meal.
  2. Tonic and anti-inflammatory effectpossesses tincture of propolis. To prepare it, dissolve 60 g of propolis in 250 ml of pure alcohol. Then the remedy will need 6 to 7 days to insist. When the medicine is ready, take it, dissolving 5 ml of tincture in 150 ml of water. Healing solution is drunk in small leisurely sips.
  3. A lot of positive feedback received and infusionSt. John's wort. Take 2 tbsp. l. chopped plant (fresh or dried) and fill it with 200 ml of boiling water, then leave for 50 - 60 minutes. Drink a means of 50 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening before meals.

Prevention of disease

gastroduodenitis, gastroenterology, stomach, intestines, erosive bulbit

The fundamental measure of prevention of erosive bulbita is to fence their health from all the factors that can trigger the appearance of the disease.

  1. Pay close attention to what you eat - diet should be balanced and helpful. Avoid food additives and fast food.
  2. Thoughtful organize your daily routine: meals, exercise, work, recreation - all the time. The only way you will achieve harmony.
  3. Make yourself a gift: get rid of bad habits. In particular this applies to smoking.
  4. During the meal, do not rush - Chew your food thoroughly.
  5. Avoid mechanical, chemical or thermal injuries of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Treatment of any inflammatory foci engaged in a timely fashion: caries. genyantritis or cholecystitis They are very dangerous in terms of disease complications.
  7. Do not forget about the prevention and treatment worm infestations.
  8. Fully relax and be sure to get enough sleep.
  9. Always remember that it is much easier to changetheir gastronomic cravings for a healthy diet, you take a handful of pills in hopes to regain its former well-being and health.

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