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The number of patients who are foundcerebrovascular accident, is increasing every year. Therefore, scientists are constantly looking for tools that can help such patients. For decades one of the leading positions in the medical therapy of diseases associated with problems of blood supply to the brain, takes Cavintonum drug.

General information about the preparation

brain cavinton, circulation, neurology, vessels

Cavintonum can be called a drug with a broad spectrum of action. Many studies conducted in different countries, confirmed its positive properties.

Available Cavintonum in the form of three dosage forms:

  1. Tablets - they are flat, round, white, odorless, bevelled and engraved «CAVINTON», made on one of the sides. The package contains 50 tablets.
    Active substance Cavinton - vinpocetine, it is present in each tablet 5 mg. Of the excipients used: magnesium stearate, anhydrous colloidal silica, lactose, starch, talc.
  2. Tablets "forte" - they have a disc-shaped, whitecolor, their edges are beveled. On one side there is a risk, but on the other - the inscription "10 mg». One tablet Cavinton forte contains 5 mg of vinpocetine not (as in the conventional Cavinton), and 10 mg (i.e., twice). Excipients for their production are taken are the same as were mentioned previously. The package may be taken 30 or 90 tablets.
  3. Solution for infusion administration - in ampoulesis clear, colorless (or slightly greenish) solution. Each 2 ml vial contains liquid therein vinpocetine 10 mg. Auxiliary components: water for injection, ascorbic and tartaric acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium metabisulfite, sorbitol. The present package of 10 vials.

Vinpocetine - is artificially synthesizedby a substance which is an analogue devinkana (alkaloid). The nature of this substance was found in the periwinkle plant. Ability vinca eliminate spasms medicine has been known for a long time. Were established products containing this alkaloid, they have been used to lower blood pressure, providing at the same time more and soothing effect. It was further observed that devinkan gives good results in patients who have problems with cerebral circulation. Based on the pharmacology of the data and the facts established drug Cavintonum, it is synonymous with Vinpocetine. They come from different manufacturers.

brain cavinton, circulation, neurology, vessels

brain cavinton, circulation, neurology, vessels

brain cavinton, circulation, neurology, vessels

These drugs have shown vasodilatoraction (as it relaxes smooth muscles). They improve blood flow to the brain, help cells located there, to better absorb oxygen and glucose. More they are able to improve the rheological properties of blood, that is, its fluidity, braking bonding (aggregation) of platelets. Endowed and antioxidant properties.

When administered Cavintonum?

Cavintonum used in several fields of medicine.

  1. In neurology at:
    • acute or chronic disease of the brain blood supply (acute stroke, transient ischemia, Post-stroke conditions, atherosclerosis, cerebral blood vessels, vascular dementia, vertebro-basilar insufficiency, encephalopathy (hypertensive and posttraumatic));
    • mental and neurological disorders in people suffering from cerebrovascular insufficiency (forgetfulness, dizziness. headaches, Movement disorders, speech disorders, targeted actions and movements).
  2. In ophthalmology in vascular pathologies eye:
    • angiospasm retina or choroid;
    • thrombosis (arterial, venous) or embolism;
    • atherosclerosis;
    • degenerative changes in the retina, macular, choroid;
    • secondary glaucoma.
  3. In ENT practice - when hearing loss (age, vascular or toxic origin) kohleovestibulyarny neuritis, Meniere's disease, manifestations vasovegetative menopause women, dizziness, tinnitus (labyrinthine origin).

How to take Cavintonum?

brain cavinton, circulation, neurology, vessels

Dosage and duration of application depend on thethe disease and the patient's condition, they are determined by the doctor. Swallow tablets after meals with water. The dosage may be from one to two tablets (5 mg vinpocetine) three times a day. Dosage Cavinton forte may be less than two times. The duration of treatment of from 1 to 8 months. If the preparation is canceled, then the dose is gradually reduced over the three days.

The ampoules are used for injection into a vein driptheir pre-dissolved in a solution for infusion. The dose and rate of administration is calculated and set by the attending physician. Dropper make from 10 to 21 days. Then the patient usually continues reception Cavinton in the form of tablets. If hemorrhagic stroke type, the introduction into the vein may only be 5-7 days after the attack, when the acute effects disappear. For an introduction to muscle a solution is not recommended.

Do Cavintonum Assign children?

MirSovetov just want to note thatSpecialists there are several opinions about the fact whether it is possible to give Cavintonum children. Some strongly opposed to it treated children, aged less than 18 years. Their point of view, they are motivated by the fact that while it is not known how the child's body may react to the reception of the drug. Others pediatricians believe that Cavintonum necessarily be given to children suffering from hearing loss, encephalopathy, hypoxia, The consequences of birth injury. This tool can help restore correct operation of the brain, improve hearing, attention, memorization process. Sometimes Cavintonum physicians use to prevent seizures in those children that have suffered a brain injury. If your child has written Cavintonum medical specialist, then you can give it, strictly observing dosage and other instructions of the doctor.

Side effects

brain cavinton, circulation, neurology, vessels

Our site wants to warn that sometimes the treatment can cavinton such undesirable effects, such as:


This medicine should not be used when:

  • severe forms of heart failure, heart rhythm disturbances;
  • pregnancy, during breast-feeding a baby;
  • detecting hypersensitivity to the drug.

Cavintonum a positive effect on the processes,occurring in the brain tissue. This drug slows down the formation of certain substances, which has a beneficial effect on the state of the brain cells, they begin to more effectively conduct intracellular metabolism. Activates many physiological processes, creates conditions that allow the brain to cope with the arisen disease.

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