Pyelonephritis in pregnancy

Together with the long-awaited two strips andFor nine months you began to accompany cutting back pain and frequent urination? It - pyelonephritis during pregnancy, the disease, which often pursues women during childbearing.

bacteria, pregnancy, pyelonephritis, renal, urology

Why is this happening and what to do to make a healthy baby, and feel good, tell our site.

pyelonephritis - Is an insidious disease, which signals to theincorrect work of the kidneys. This disease refers to a number of dangerous diseases, as inflammation of the kidneys process can continue to evolve. To cure the disease, requires reception of special preparations, in particular - antibiotics. By the way, if many women believe that suchtreatment may harm her and her child, they need to understand that a side effect of taking antibiotics is much less than the risk of exacerbation of the inflammatory process in the kidneys.

If you are accompanied by pain, frequentcutting urination, increased body temperature - it may indicate the beginning of the disease. "Gestational pyelonephritis" - is the medical term for the disease, doctors often easier to simply say - "pyelonephritis of pregnant women." Why did he begins to develop it during pregnancy? It is not surprising, but it is in this period of childbearing, the female body experiences enhanced load. An increasing number of hormones: progesterone and other causes such phenomena as the expansion and reduction of the tone of the ureter. As a result, it stagnates and the risk of infection increases.

As the uterus is increased, there is compression of the urinary tract. The situation could get worse if the woman a narrow pelvis or large fetus Multiple pregnancy. As a result of factors occurscompression of the ureter and the violation of the right kidney of work (this is due to the anatomical structure of the veins). There is a violation of the outflow of urine and kidney bags ( "pelvis") are stretched, becoming heavy and in some cases may develop hydronephrosis.

Also, the disease can be provoked andopportunistic bacteria that are considered normal intestinal microflora, but during pregnancy, when a woman's body becomes more sensitive enterococci and E. coli can become dangerous.

If the immune system of women's high, then the microbescontinue to exist in the body without harm. If the immune system is weakened, which often occurs during pregnancy, these bacteria can cause harm and inflammation of the ureter and kidney.

It is important

bacteria, pregnancy, pyelonephritis, renal, urology

Often women have warned of the need to passtreatment in a hospital. You must be prepared for the fact that it is possible, against the background of the inflammatory process in the kidneys, in the second half of pregnancy may develop toxicosis. Also, a woman warned of the possible danger of stillbirth or miscarriage.

In addition, newborns whose mothers suffered pyelonephritis during pregnancy are often born with intrauterine infection and have symptoms hypoxia.

In modern medicine, this disease is notis a potential threat to the life of the fetus and its development. If a woman is under the supervision of experts and get the necessary treatment, life is not threatened child. But when the disease becomes severe, pregnancy may be interrupted. The peak period is the period from 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

How does the disease

bacteria, pregnancy, pyelonephritis, renal, urology

Most women feel good, andany deviation can be determined only urine for laboratory study bacteria and the presence of leukocytes. The analysis will show if the number of bacteria increases: intestinal, aureus, Proteus.

Often women can feel the nagging, achingpain in the lumbar region. These symptoms are not permanent, and if the woman has spent a lot of time on their feet, the pain intensifies. Also, some patients notice the so-called "chill" in the lumbar region. If the disease in the acute stage has passed, then the person will increase the temperature. Often the temperature increase occurs in the late afternoon, it can achieve high marks - up to 39 degrees.

The disease "causes" are often run to the toilet, sometimes accompanied by pain urination.

In addition to these symptoms, the pressure may rise to the level of 130 to 80, that for a pregnant woman is considered critical.

Along with increased body temperature, Frequent urination, and high blood pressure, swelling appear. The woman's face becomes a "puffy" appear swelling in the legs and hands. All these symptoms are accompanied by headache, Weakness, fatigue.

How to treat

bacteria, pregnancy, pyelonephritis, renal, urology

First of all, doctors focus on "positionaltherapy "when the forces are intended to reduce the compression of the ureter and enhance the flow of urine. In such cases, the woman should observe these recommendations:

  • undesirable to sleep on their backs;
  • during sleep is better to take a position "on the left side";
  • to change position during the night;
  • day, about 7-10 times to take a pose "elbows toknees "and withstand time from 5 to 15 minutes. During this exercise is not to fall into a stupor: you can read a book, watch TV and even work on a laptop;
  • keep drinking regime - up to 2-3 liters per day. This applies only to clean water;
  • take herbal remedies: pharmacy diuretic herbs, fees that are allowed to be used by pregnant women.

Forbidden to use herbs during pregnancy:

  1. Bearberry.
  2. Parsley.
  3. Yarrow.
  4. Licorice.
  5. Juniper (fruits).

Women are allowed to drink concoctions of nettles and birch leaves and fruit drinks: cranberry and cranberry.

Excellent results are obtained by a decoction of oats. It enhances the flow of urine, it does not increase the tone of pregnant uterusIt possesses anti-inflammatory action. In addition, the enveloping effect of decoction improve bowel function and get rid of such problems of pregnant women as constipation.

To prepare the broth, it is necessary to take oatmealcereals (not flakes!). Glass grains pour a liter of water and boil for about two to three hours on low heat. Then strain and drink half or three times a day before meals.

If you disliked the taste of oatmeal "medicine", add to it a little honey or jam.

When possible medicinal herb brew their own, do not, then you can buy in a pharmacy tablet preparations. Good reviews received the drug on the grass - kanefron. These recommendations MipSovetov result, when the state of the pregnant woman is not critical. If a woman feels bad, she had a high fever, need to be treated in hospital.

In such cases, a woman prescribed drugs: antibiotics and drugs that kill bacteria, and relieve pain and spasms.

An important role in the fight against disease havediet and adherence. If the body temperature is raised, you must stay in bed. If the temperature is asleep - you need to move more, as this contributes to a better flow of urine.

You must also ensure that the intestines are regularly emptied. If constipation is necessary to take urgent measures.

After recovery, for two months, and after the birth, the woman should be observed at the urologist and undergo the necessary tests.

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