Vaccination for children against the flu

With the onset of autumn to the parlor seasonalImmunization entire queues. Wishing to be grafted is becoming more from the flu each year. Do I need to vaccinate children? Perhaps, the answer will not be able to answer even the doctor. Vaccination - is voluntary, so decide to vaccinate your child against the flu or not, you have to yourself.

If we talk about vaccination for the child, then the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parents, because mandatory vaccination calendar it is not included.

How dangerous the flu

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Flu - Is one of the most common viral diseases. It can be caused by viruses A, B and C. The peak incidence occurs in the fall and winter months. The flu can turn into an epidemic.

Infants up to six months, rarely get sick with influenza, because they are protected from viruses maternal antibodies. But in the older age of the flu no one is immune.

Viruses infect the upper respiratory tract. Often the disease is difficult, increases temperature body and falls a week. The child becomes sluggish, it moves a little and just tired. baby may often complain of pain in the legs and arms, the strong headacheMay appear nausea and even vomiting.

Symptoms of the flu - is a complete absence of sneezing, a sharp increase in body temperature, the appearance of a fever, and discomfort in the muscles.

The disease is treatable, but the worst thing - the risk of complications. After suffering flu may develop pneumoniaLung inflammation or otitis. Many parents are hesitant to instill in the child Because of this danger.

There is a need?

influenza, immunity, vaccination against influenza, vaccination

After inoculation kid can catch the virusflu. This will happen if the vaccination done very late. Immunity did not have time to form, and the body's resistance has decreased. This can happen in the event that the vaccine was "living".

Based on the practice of doctors, you can makedefinite conclusion - that after immunization, children also suffer. This is due to the fact that children bethink vaccinate massively when the virus is already activated, and this method can not give positive results.

When it should not do

There are contraindications to vaccination against influenza.

These include:

  • an allergic reaction to the protein or to such preservatives;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • sharp body condition (fever, vomiting). Permission is granted to the vaccine after three to four weeks of recovery;
  • if the previous influenza vaccine in the child developed a complication (such as an allergic reaction);
  • a live vaccine is not administered to children under three years.

Preparation for vaccination

What should pay attention to their parents, before spending a child immunized?

Our website recommends that consideration of these requirements:

  1. The child must be absolutely healthy! Cough and the presence of mucus discharge from the nose suggests that vaccination should be moved to another day.
  2. In acute infectious disease or exacerbation of chronic diseases the vaccination should also be postponed for one or two weeks.
  3. Pay attention to the child's behavior. If he became moody, she refuses to eat and play, it may be indicative of incipient disease. It would be better if the three or four days to defer the vaccination and watch the crumbs.

On the day of vaccinations your child needs well-behavedfeel and not be hungry. Child examine pediatrician listens to the lungs, measure body temperature and check the throat. If at the time of inspection pipsqueak is healthy, it can be vaccinated against the flu.

Your baby allergies

influenza, immunity, vaccination against influenza, vaccination

You have decided to instill in their child,so you need to know what to vaccinate a child with allergies should be only in a specialized study on immunization. It must be anti-shock and anti-histamines. Contraindications to immunization can only be severe allergies during an exacerbation.

Before immunization, the child should be carried outmedication preparation. Typically, doctors prescribe these allergy medications: suprastin, diazolin or Claritin as well as herbal teas (dandelion, burdock).

After inoculation for forty minutes, the child must be under the supervision of experts, because of an allergic reaction may occur during this time.

Precautionary measures

Vaccinate a child against the flu is resolvedsix months, but the kids so vaccinations are extremely rare, and even then only for medical reasons. There immunization program, according to which children under two years of vaccines are given twice: divide the dose in half and make a break of four weeks.

Due to the fact that children up to six years of life, and so much graft load, then so do the kids vaccinated only if the child is often sick with pneumonia or chronic bronchitis.

If you have a baby, the best protection against influenza is vaccination of adult family members. And parents can be advised to walk with your child outdoors and not to visit crowded places.

influenza, immunity, vaccination against influenza, vaccination

To protect your baby and your family from the virus during the epidemic, it is necessary to comply with these recommendations:

  1. After staying on the street as soon as went home should wash your face and hands with running water. It is also desirable to wash, rinse nose and throat.
  2. In accommodation, you need every day to wash the floors.
  3. Try to ventilate the room more often, where are you and your child.
  4. The kid can be given vitamin teas, herbal infusions or multivitamin complexes.
  5. If someone has a family member with the flu, itmust be isolated in a separate room and highlight individual dishes. You should also limit the contact of the child with a sick person, because it is a source of dangerous infection.

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