Probably, many have heard that salt (sodium chloride) can help with different diseases - constant bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergies, neurodimite, psoriasis, neurosis. No, it does not need to eat kilograms, it is enough just to conduct coursework in special salt rooms, called caves, galcamers. Our site will tell about this interesting, effective natural method of treatment.

As hacking therapy arose?

Galotherapy, Salt Treatment, Salt, Salt Room, Salt Cave

Generate method began to emerge for a long time. But then it was possible to health, only descending into natural salt caves. The atmosphere there was an unusual, determined by several factors (biological, chemical, physical), affecting a positive way to the human body. There are many salt spray particles in the air, lung ions. And almost completely absent microbes and allergens. Once it was long ago it was noted that the mines constantly working in salt mines were gradually cured from diseases of the respiratory system. So they began to attempt to create a clinics in salt caves.

The basis of halotherapy lies speleotherapy. «SPELEON» From Greek means «cave», but «Therapia» translated as «treatment». The development of this method contributed to the observations for 10 years over the condition of patients suffering from asthma, which were treated under the conditions of microclimate of Salkopy Austria. At the moment, therapeutic properties of salt caves are actively used at many resorts placed near the natural caves, grottoes and mines, for example, in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine.

In the village of Solotvino (Transcarpathia, now it is the territory of Ukraine) in 1976 it was possible to create a unique salt hospital under Earth, at a depth of 300 meters, in a huge array of stone salt. Hospital was designed for 240 beds. And the method wanted to use more widely, many needed such natural treatment. Therefore, scientists and physicians thought about the issue - how to create an artificial medicinal microclimate on the basis of the experience gained and observations.

And in one of the institutions of the Pulmonology of Leningrad in 1985, under the direct supervision of Professor. NS. Gorbenko (who previously organized a hospital in Solotvino) managed to make the world's first gallocamera. It was Dr. Gorbenko and a Slicarenko engineer for the first time and applied this term. Translated from the Greek «hals» means «salt». This camera allowed artificially to recreate the microclimate of salt natural caves. Next to the design of the chamber constantly introduced improvements. In 1988, a halogenerator was developed, in other words, a dry aerosol generator. It is necessary to improve the level of dispersion of aerosol, allows you to maintain its required composition. Gradually approved the optimal parameters of the galocamera microclimate. An still created the drug called «Aerrook». To prepare this fine powder now and uses the natural salt, delivered from Salotvino saltopies. With this drug, it is possible to quickly recreate the atmosphere that reign in the natural salt cave. Stable concentration of therapeutic substance allows you to maintain a modern halogerator created in 2010. For several years, the Halotherapy method is recognized as official medicine in Russia and is gaining popularity. Galotherapy used in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, boarding houses, children's and sports facilities. MyMedinform.COM explains its readers that true halotherapy is used only in those «Salt Caves», where there is a halogenerator whose sensors indicate a concentration, and there is an opportunity to dosing an aerosol. Now equipped a lot «Salt rooms», where such a generator is absent, there are only salt walls. Being on sessions in such noble rooms, a person can only feel a psychotherapeutic effect.

What to expect from halotherapy?

Galotherapy, Salt Treatment, Salt, Salt Room, Salt Cave

Treatment in halochemers is recommended for the following pathologies:

In smokers who are regularly in the galkamera, lightly cleaned from harmful contaminants, the risk of light pathologies decreases, for example, COPL. Useful sessions and those who are forced to work on harmful production. Usually the session lasts 60 minutes (for adults) and about 30 minutes (for children). The number of sessions in salt rooms is recommended from 10 to 25. People with chronic diseases such healing courses are desirable to do twice a year - in spring and autumn to achieve persistent improvement in well-being, reduce the number of drugs taken or abandon them at all.

Are there any contraindications?

Galotherapy, Salt Treatment, Salt, Salt Room, Salt Cave

It is unacceptable to take the above procedures for those who have:

  • acute infectious diseases;
  • frequent bleeding;
  • tuberculosis, proceeding in the active stage;
  • Venusal diseases in acute form;
  • Mental disorders, drug addiction, alcoholism;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • pregnancy (on any time);
  • Individual aerosol intolerance with salt particles.

If a chronic disease aggravated, then during this period the procedure must be canceled.

Not only sick people, but also to those who consider themselves healthy, halotherapy sessions can benefit. Gradually increases the overall muscle tone, the fatigue is irritable, sleep becomes calmer. Galotherapy using natural factors becomes increasingly popular in the population. After all, people try to treat existing favors and follow the prevention measures, resorting to the help of all possible effective irritable ways. But before proceeding with the treatment in the galkamera, our site recommends to get advice from your doctor.

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