Treatment of diathesis in children

Many parents at an early age of their childrenfaced with an unpleasant, but widespread phenomenon as the diathesis. Red rash on the face, reddened cheeks, crusts and sores on the body of a child - it's symptoms of anxiety disorders. For information on how to recognize the "enemy" and what to do with it, will be discussed in this article.

Few people are aware that an allergic diathesis at theactually it is not a disease, but rather a tendency to inflammatory and allergic reactions of the child not strong immunity. In some ways, it is a signal that the body is something wrong and it is necessary to take urgent measures. Without a doubt, kids leather is the main indicator of their health, and the first falls because under attack. Our site will tell your readers how to cope with this ailment and strengthen the health of the child.

The main types of the disease

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The name "diathesis" comes from the Greek«Diathesis», which means predisposition to anything. Therefore, the diagnosis made by a pediatrician, denotes a tendency to inadequate sensitivity reactions to ordinary stimuli. The specialists there are several types of the disease:

  1. Exudative-catarrhal or allergic. This is one of the most common types of diathesis. The main mechanism of the disease is an allergic reaction, as well as susceptibility to frequent inflammatory processes.
  2. Diathesis limfatiko-hypoplastic. The name itself suggests that the main role played by the body's lymphatic system. The main causes of the disease are a decrease in the thymus gland, disruption of the adrenal glands pathology. As a result, decreases the body's ability to fight infectious diseases, there is dysfunction of the organs of the endocrine system, increase lymphoid tissue.
  3. Neuro-arthritic diathesis. Refers to one of the rare types of ailment. It is based on a defect in the exchange of purine bases and increased formation of uric acid in the body. Typical symptoms are: eating disorders, increased nervous irritability, imbalance metabolism, Pain in the joints. As a result, these disorders may cause complications in the form of atherosclerosis. obesity. diabetes and cardiovascular problems - vascular system.

Causes of diathesis

allergies, childhood diseases, diathesis, diathesis treatment, rash

Treatment of diathesis in children should be up to 1 yearto start as soon as the first signs of the disease were observed. The most important condition - to change the power scheme. To do this, remove from the diet of juices, causing an allergic reaction (tomato, citrus, carrot), as a high content of essential oils and plant proteins can cause diarrhea, skin rashes and hives. Vegetable and fruit puree should be introduced in Lurein small doses, closely watching the reaction of the body's crumbs. Particular attention should be paid and nutrition of mothers during lactation because it is also removed from the diet foods that cause sensitivity reactions.

It is very important to diversify the diet with largethe amount of fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. And also foods containing trophallergens (spices, smoked meats, chocolate, poultry, river fish) should be excluded from the diet and the consumption of milk and chicken eggs should be reduced. Remember that the healthy and proper nutrition of a nursing mother is the key to the health of the baby.

Traditional treatment of children up to 1 year

Diathesis in the newborn can be cured quickly and effectively if timely response to the appearance of the disease and to follow some rules:

  1. It is necessary to completely eliminate from your diet foods that cause allergies.
  2. Things bedding child is allowed to wash only hypoallergenic soap with the addition of soda.
  3. Observe the rules of hygiene, and as often as you can swaddle the baby, changing underwear.
  4. Do not feed a baby bed or a blanket with plastic diaper.
  5. Do not forget hardeningMassage and physiotherapy. These procedures increase the immunity of the crumbs that can effectively cope with the disease.

Important! If the disease moved to an advanced stage, it is necessary to see a specialist. Only an experienced doctor will diagnose illness and prescribe the correct treatment.

The use of folk remedies for treatment of diathesis

allergies, childhood diseases, diathesis, diathesis treatment, rash

Often the rescue comes the treatment of diathesis ethnoscience. And one of the most effective means areherbal baths. They have a disinfectant, tonic and sedative effect, but the main requirement is the adherence to temperature control. The water should not exceed 36-38 ° C, and the duration of admission of water treatment - no more than 15-20 minutes.

Here are a few recipes of the most effective herbal baths:

  1. To prepare the bath Oak, you will need:
    • shredded tree bark - 1 kg;
    • water - 1 liter.
  2. Pour milled bark with water and put it onslow fire, after which the liquid will boil for 30 minutes. After cooling, strain the contents carefully and pour into the bath, where you will bathe the baby.
  3. To prepare the decoction on Walnutnuts, you will need to collect tree leaves, pour 1 liter of water and put to boil for 45 minutes. Allowed to use both fresh and dried leaves. The resulting broth is necessary to drain and pour into the water for swimming. This should follow the dosage:
    • for a complete bath - 1 kg of material;
    • Half - 500 g;
    • sedentary or foot - 250 g
  4. A decoction of the series is prepared as follows: pour 1 liter of boiling water 150 g grass and leave on low heat for 10 minutes. After that, you need to drain the contents and use is similar to the previous method.

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