Treatment of intercostal neuralgia

It happens that a person has the scope of its chestsuddenly permeated with pain. And even a thought in my head: "Do not had a heart attack?". Do not rush to such conclusions. It may thus makes itself felt intercostal neuralgia. From the article readers will learn how to cope with the excruciating pain. our site will offer recommendations for treatment, will help to identify the disease.

In children, the disease is almost does not occur, it is typical for the elderly and middle-aged.

What is intercostal neuralgia?

pinched nerve, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia

The term "neuralgia" has turned out at the confluence of twoGreek words. "The Neuron" is translated as "nerve", and "algos" means "pain." Pain, having a reflex origin, arising as a result of compression (compression), irritation of one, two or even beam spinal nerves in the thoracic region of the spine, and doctors called intercostal neuralgia. The nature of the syndrome may be traumatic, inflammatory, or compression, that is, respectively, the process is accompanied by rupture, swelling or compression of the nerve. Another name for the disease - torakalgiya. We recall from anatomy course, that each of us has twelve pairs of ribs. The intercostal spaces lie nerves. If the intercostal nerves inadvertently irritated or compressed surrounding tissue, it leads to severe pain, spreading first to the trunk, then on intercostal nerve branches. When there is a deformation of the structure of the intercostal space, then automatically there is compression or irritation of nerve. The reasons leading to just such a pain, you need to:

  • trauma that people suffered recently or in the past;
  • draft or hypothermia;
  • long stay in an uncomfortable position, awkward, abrupt movement, rotation, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, leading to severe muscle spasms;
  • Stress, excessive physical exertion;
  • Nervous system diseases (polyradiculitis, multiple sclerosis);
  • pathological changes in the spine (intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, a curvature in the thoracic or cervical spine, spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis);
  • excessive tone of some muscle groups of the back, shoulder blades, shoulder;
  • infection, such as flu. tuberculosis. herpes;
  • primary tumors or metastases;
  • lack of vitamins of group B;
  • changes in the blood vessels associated with age, metabolic disorders.

Sometimes it may cause intercostal neuralgiacardiovascular diseases, as a result of which oxygen is delivered to bad nerves. Create conditions for the disease may be changes in the spine during the menopausal women due to hormonal imbalance, deposits of salts of inflammation in the ligaments, joints, .

What are the main symptoms?

The main distinctive symptom - pain in the areachest wearing unbearable, exhausting, debilitating, depressing character. It can be extensive, as it encircles. Alternatively, local - in one or more of the hypochondrium. It affects one or both sides. Most often, the pain bothers the left, close to the navel. Sometimes she gives (radiating) in the lower back, shoulder, neck, hand, heart, and kidneys. Dull, aching, or paroxysmal, worse while making any movements. Patients complain that they can neither breathe, nor gasp or cough or yawn or sneeze, because it leads to the appearance of a burning sensation, tingling, rezey or "shooting" in the chest. You may notice twitching or redness (blanching), skin sweating on the affected area. Often, the sensitivity is disturbed, it creates the effect of "pins and needles". And at a palpation (palpation) certain areas on your back pain gets worse, the patient is difficult to breathe.


A person who does not have the proper knowledge,it is difficult to find out the root cause of sudden pain in the chest area, so you should consult a doctor. Neurologist after additional surveys can deliver the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. First of all, we need to understand whether a person has heart disease, because they require a completely different approach to treatment. Heart pain of short duration, they are not aggravated by movements, breaths, removed after a few minutes of nitroglycerin tablet. Finding your way around will finally pressure measurement, heart rate, electrocardiogram and X-rays.

Treatment recommendations

pinched nerve, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia

It is important to establish the cause of the disease, from this willdepend on further treatment of intercostal neuralgia. For example, if the nerve roots are compressed (restrained) in those places where they exit from the spine, it should be treated osteochondrosisOr remove a herniated disc. If neuralgia occurred against the background shinglesThen it is to be treated.

Be sure to be eliminated, that is, to stop the excruciating pain. For this purpose appointed painkillers - Pentalgin, sedalgin, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, diclofenac, nimesulide, Nise, Ketorol.

To relieve muscle spasm of the muscle relaxants prescribed.

Sometimes you need to hold novocaine or lidocaine blockade.

Useful physiotherapy - electrophoresis. magnetotherapy, Pulsed currents, ultrasound, infrared radiation; acupressure, laser therapy, acupuncture, acupuncture, manual therapy.

In the acute stage, it is the first five days prescribed bed rest. Stay better on a rigid surface. For the convenience of sheet under the head, feet, lower back small rollers.

By the painful points can be applied dry heat - hot bags of sand, put a yellow card, put a rubber hot-water bottle with hot water.

pinched nerve, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia

pinched nerve, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia

It is recommended to lubricate the chestanti-inflammatory ointments, for example, be effective: Kapsikam, Espoli, Finalgon, Bom-Beng, Viprosal (from snake venom), Apizartron (bee venom). They are also used Dolgit cream Fastum gel.

pinched nerve, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia

pinched nerve, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia

Put on a shirt, pajamas and a warm blanket.

Propyl course of vitamins, containing necessarily representatives of Group B. Suit and inexpensive vitamin complexes domestic production: Undevit, Dekamevit, Kvadevit.

What does the traditional medicine?

If the disease is found in the country, in the village, if notopportunity to consult a doctor, you can try folk remedies. They have a local irritating, distracting, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

pinched nerve, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia
  1. If your medicine cabinet has a pepper patch, theapply it on the affected area, after wiping the skin with alcohol (an alcohol tincture or lotion) and dry cloth to degrease. When the feeling is poured over the body a pleasant warmth, then the patch can be removed carefully.
  2. If you find in the medicine cabinet Vietnamese"Asterisk", then rub the diseased portions of it, as well as points along the spine from the lumbar to the cervical spine, turn around an old towel and go to bed. For the same purpose can be used fir oil or geranium.
  3. You can rub the fresh juice horseradish root and black radish.
  4. Take great burdock leaves, walkrolling pin on him to stand out juice. Attach the bottom of the leaves (light, pubescent) side of the chest. Secure them with a handkerchief, scarf. This should be done before bedtime. Burdock show analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. If noodle is not at hand, use the cabbage leaves.
  5. Good help rubbing alcohol solution mummy (At 10%). Use it must be within 20 days. At the same time consume three times a day, 30 minutes before meals 0.2 g mummies inside.
  6. In the morning and before bedtime drink mint tea, for whichTake a tablespoon of peppermint leaves, and 250 ml of boiling water. After 30 minutes, insisting under cover with a towel and fragrant drink you can strain and drink. Mint can be replaced with grass balm.
  7. Do chamomile infusion from two tablespoons of flowers and 250 ml of boiling water. Take warm for half cup three times a day.
  8. If neuralgia caused by stress, then eat a soothing collection, which includes grass motherwort, rhizome of valerian, hops cones, grass oregano.
  9. Before going to bed, you can do yourself a bath infusion of sage leaves or eucalyptus, sea salt, lavender essential oil.
  10. All these folk remedies can be a supplement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

The disease is easier to prevent than to suffer frompain episodes. Knowing what causes may cause intercostal neuralgia, avoid precipitating factors - drafts, sudden awkward movements and turns, heavy, unbearable for you loads. Watch your posture, to avoid sedentary work at pinching nerve roots. Eat rationally take complex vitamins. Be sure to treat the disease, which can trigger attacks of neuralgia, for example, vascular diseases of the spine. Perform regular exercise of complex physical therapy, strengthening, developing the back muscles, making the mobility of the spine and flexible.

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