Occlusion: causes, diagnosis and treatment

In the literal translation from the Latin word incomprehensible"Occlusion" means "cover-up", and the term refers to a condition where something is usually located in an open form, for any reason, at this point in time is closed.

Practice occlusion refers to the deteriorationpatency of vessels of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, cisterns and subarachnoid spaces up to their complete blockage. Perhaps because of the inability to diagnose the disease at an early stage of its occlusion is the leader among the root causes of high mortality and loss of limbs in the elderly. At risk - men who have stepped 60-year milestone.

Causes of occlusion

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The main and perhaps the most obvious factor of the disease - a violation of the integrity of the blood vessels and poor blood clotting. Infectious diseases with complications, phlebeurysm also did not pass unnoticed.

Often the occurrence of occlusion associated with a history of atrial fibrillation patients. When the heart rhythm is disturbed, small blood clots formed in certain areas of the heart tissue. leap blood pressure, Severe stress or heavy physical work can "push" the education of the atrium - so get blood clots in the vessels of the lung cavity and lower extremities.

vascular occlusion in a separate diseasefull can not be called. Very often this condition is accompanied by other diseases or is their result. Provoke vascular occlusion may irreversible congenital heart defects, atherosclerosiscomplicated pneumonia, Hypertensive crisis.

The effects of the disease

artery, eye, occlusion of blood vessels, vision, occlusion, ophthalmology, vessels

"Reports" on the Statement of sudden attack of illnessstrong pain. Thrombus is a great burden on the vascular wall, raspiraya it and providing a direct effect on the nerve endings, which is why pain have an uncertain place localization. For this reason, the patient can not confidently say that he is ill. Pain is not lost, even if the person changes the position of the limbs.

In the final, where localized blockagevessel, there is no pulse. This is a required symptom pro embolism or thrombosis. Determining the pulse, and compare it measures the both extremities. The skin turns pale, gradually acquiring a bluish tinge, it deteriorates the sensitivity. The patient temperature decreases.

In occlusion indicate the so-called paresthesia -a condition in which a person early thrombosis feels tingling and numbness in certain areas of the affected limb. Severe ischemia manifested lack of pain and tactile sensitivity of limbs and paralysis, in which the patient can not move the patient by hand or foot, according to the deep development of ischemia.

These symptoms indicate that you need urgently cause "first aid". Before arrival of the doctor patient is allowed to take only antispasmodics. Bled dry and warm place to rub strictly prohibited.

To confirm or refute the diagnosis is a doctor, based on objective clinical indications.

Types of diseases

artery, eye, occlusion of blood vessels, vision, occlusion, ophthalmology, vessels

The acute form of arterial occlusion occurs when blood flow to the naturalprevents thrombus or embolus. Place localization blockage "overgrown" additional blood clots as blood circulation around that area. This is a dangerous and urgent condition, it can be considered reversible if the attack began no more than 5-6 hours ago. Otherwise, irreversible tissue necrosis covers.

Occlusion of the vein of the retina occurs when the central retina or Viennabranches lack of oxygen and nutrients, which usually brings blood. Violation of a circulation in this area ends sudden painless loss of vision. The risk group consists of people 40-70 years old.

Blockage of the central artery of the retina It formed as a result of acute disorderscirculation in the main artery and its branches. Makes itself felt at once - one eye is no longer visible. The reason for this type of disease is considered thrombus on the wall of the carotid artery or the heart. The potential danger of disease is for men 40 to 70 years.

occlusion Treatment

artery, eye, occlusion of blood vessels, vision, occlusion, ophthalmology, vessels

Great expectations during drug therapydiseases impose on drugs that thin the blood and reduce the risk of blood clots, called anticoagulants: Cardiomagnyl, Thrombotic Ass, Warfarin, Plaquenil, Aspirin Cardio, streptokinase, Plavix. The treatment of occlusion, during which the doctor must monitor the quality of blood coagulation, is strictly individual for each patient.

Moreover, twice a year, the patient is prescribedvascular therapy duration of 1 month. At this time the patient is taking drugs or Trental Detraleks, which determines the therapeutic dose of the treating physician.

Do not do without analgesic drugs - Ketonala, Analgin, baralgin - with their help relieve pain during attacks.

Widely used in the topical treatment of occlusion found based ointment or heparin leech extract. It is mandatory to wrap limbs elastic bandages.

The acute form of the disease requires emergency thrombectomy.

Natural remedies, bringing guaranteedrelief from clogged blood vessels, according to the horse chestnut. It makes the blood more fluid, strengthens and tones the walls of blood vessels. To prepare the infusion, 2 tbsp. l. flowers plants are placed in a thermos and pour 2 cups full of hot water, insisting until the next morning. Healing drink taken in small portions throughout the day for 15 minutes before eating.

Preventive measures ...

...Anyone can take, hastens to assure its readers MirCovetov. Healthy lifestyle - this is the most effective remedy for all diseases. It is important to correctly and efficiently feed, effectively alternate between periods of activity and rest, to abandon the useless TV in favor of regular exercise sports or hiking. Cigarettes and alcohol should be forever excluded from their lives - their degradation products primarily destroy our vessels. Do not forget about the regular prophylactic medical examination - only experts will be able to "calculate" the possible development of a dangerous disease.

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