Treatment of colds during pregnancy

Cold, damp, temperature changes - all thisIt leads to the emergence of SARS, or as it is called in the people - the common cold. Dangerous disease especially for pregnant women, the body which is already weakened. Therefore it is necessary to know the preventive measures and treatment, so as not to harm the baby.

Infections during pregnancy

pregnancy, cough, runny nose, respiratory catarrh, colds, temperature

During pregnancy, a woman fallsimmunity, a natural process of the body, which preserves the life of the fetus. But in this period, the mother attacked millions of disease-causing bacteria and infections. In the early stages of these diseases can provoke an abortion.

Most often in the winter and in the offseason pregnant suffers acute respiratory viral infections. SARS It is transmitted by airborne droplets. From the moment of infection to manifestation of symptoms takes place five days. In the early days of a woman can feel quite passable, because the disease develops gradually. Slight fever, then inflamed mucosa of the upper respiratory tract. appears cough, Hoarseness in goloce, cold. On average, the disease lasts for 1.5-2 weeks. In pregnant women the disease may be more severe and last longer, because the body is more difficult to cope with the infection.

During cold treatment during pregnancy the most important thing - do no harmthe unborn child and the mother. That is why our website recommends not to engage in self-treatment and immediately contact your doctor. And before consultation is necessary to adhere to such rules:

  • pregnant women forbidden to take aspirinIt affects the development of malformations in the child;
  • elevated temperature the body can not wrap up and cool;
  • forbidden to take a hot bath and soar feet, it can lead to miscarriage;
  • without the advice of a doctor should not be taken antibioticsSince, apart from the fact that they cause harm to the body, yet are completely useless for colds and flu.

After she recovers, she will control USTo make sure that the cold did not cause harm to the unborn baby and the pregnancy is without complications.

The impact of cold on fetal development

pregnancy, cough, runny nose, respiratory catarrh, colds, temperature

Even if you're not going to go to public places, it is still at the exit of the house need to lubricate the nasal mucosa oxolinic ointment (0.25%). In an extreme case, it fits any baby cream. This is especially true of pregnant women in the first trimester, when the use of drugs is highly undesirable.

At the height of the epidemic need to adhere to these simple measures, which are, many people forget:

  • less to be in public places, limit contact with people;
  • wear a gauze bandage, not forgetting her new change;
  • immediately after visiting places with large crowds, gargle and nose, it will help get rid of a large number of viruses;
  • taking vitamins and supplements, but only after a doctor's prescription;
  • make a vaccine against colds, which is carried out in advance.

Treatment of colds during pregnancy

pregnancy, cough, runny nose, respiratory catarrh, colds, temperature

Treatment for colds appoint a doctor, but there are some general guidelines for all pregnant women to help cope with the disease more quickly:

  1. Do not take drugs, even those in thewhich you believe and who have been treated before pregnancy. It is not known how they affect the embryo. This is especially true of antibiotics, which are appointed only by a physician to deal with complications of the common cold or flu.
  2. When the first symptoms of colds do not need to go to the clinic, and the doctor call home.
  3. The first three days to observe strict bed rest, proved that women who underwent the disease on their feet, and then suffered complications.
  4. As often as possible ventilate the apartment, but avoid drafts.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids, especially if the temperature is increased, it will bring toxins from the body and reduce fever.
  6. Diet during the illness should be lacto-vegetarian. Do not load your body with heavy food, and so he gives all the power to fight the virus.
  7. Use the recipes of traditional medicine carefully, many seemingly innocuous techniques can harm the fetus.

Among the drugs that are considered safe forthe unborn child can be identified Geksoral, which is used in inflammation and pain in the throat. Also Ingalipt which consists of essential oils and other natural ingredients. It relieves inflammation in the throat.

Treatment of colds folk remedies using

pregnancy, cough, runny nose, respiratory catarrh, colds, temperature

folk remedies Treatment is mainly aimed at the impact on various human organs, but they contribute to the recovery and the whole organism.

One of the first symptoms of the common cold is a sore throat. She can handle these methods:

  • to heat the water, it should be pleasantly warm, but not hot, add to it 1 hour. l. salt in a glass of water, gargle several times a day;
  • in a glass heated water add 1 ch. l. baking soda and three drops of iodine solution. Gargle several times a day, this solution will remove the inflammation of the throat and kill viruses;
  • prepare a decoction of herbs taken in equal proportions, St. John's wort, chamomile, eucalyptus, sage, boil and infuse for several hours.

Gargle several times a day. These herbs will remove the inflammation and will have an antiseptic effect. They can be individually brewing, and can be combined. For example, a mother-and-stepmother and chamomile together and have an expectorant action. Before taking herbs need to find out whether you have an allergy or hypersensitivity to them.

With a strong cough can make a steam inhalation. To do this, boil a few potatoes in their skins in a liter of water, put the same number of eucalyptus leaves and boil for three minutes. Then remove from heat, add a drop of pine oil, lean over a pan, cover with a towel and breathe in the steam for five minutes.

To get rid of cough, you need to brew teablack currant leaves, mother and stepmother, and plantain. And cook onion syrup: take a medium-sized onion, wash it, put in a pot, pour water to the same so as to cover the onion, add 50 grams of sugar and put on fire. How to boil, reduce to a slow heat and leave to cook for half an hour, then remove from the heat, leave to cool at room temperature, strain and take a teaspoon five times a day for half an hour before a meal.

As the temperature increases help the funds:

  • tea from dried lime tree and raspberry;
  • decoction of apples: boil a liter of water and add half a cup of dried apples as to cool to room temperature, it is possible to drink;
  • honey with cranberries: grind two tablespoons of cranberries, rub through a sieve, add a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of boiling water. Stir well, wait until it cools, you can drink in small sips;
  • squeeze the juice from the beets, carrots, and cabbage, to take twice a day half a cup between meals.

You can use the solution to the fight against the common coldand an iodine salt. To make it, take half a cup of warm water, add salt to it on the tip of a knife, and three drops of iodine. In each nostril bury two drops, the procedure is repeated three times a day.

From the temperature of the water helps rubbing areasskin, where detectable pulse. At high temperatures, do not be afraid to take medicine, they cause less damage than heat. Especially if their doctor has prescribed.

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