Funds from hot flashes in women

Has it ever happened to you is - talk tosubordinates (or chief), sitting in a theater or traveling in the bus, and then suddenly you envelops hot wave? And then her cheeks glow like a poppy on his forehead, sweat, sweat flowing on the neck and under the arms. And back was wet. The feeling that you are near the oven with hot pies. And once it becomes so uncomfortable in front of others ...

This situation is familiar to many women, aged over 45 years. So appear very unpleasant, "hitchhiker" menopause - Tides. Can you reduce their intensity and frequency?

Tides - what is it?

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Tide is considered to be feeling the heat,avalanche dumped on the area of ​​the face, the upper part of the body. They are accompanied by a rapid reddening of the entire face, neck, hands (due to expansion of capillaries), a sharp quickening heart rate, lack of fresh air, copious sweat, headache, Dizziness, weakness, sometimes nausea, Shake hands. All these phenomena can be maintained from a few minutes to an hour. The woman sometimes takes possession of anxiety, fear, oppressed. Ends attack as suddenly as it had begun. After feeling the heat may appear plentiful cold sweat, chilliness. Hot flashes "raid" at any time of the day. Night tides are fraught insomnia and wet with sweat bed. During menopause hot flashes suffer about 80% of women. There are ladies who do not feel the tides, but feel the other menopause symptoms: irritability, tearfulness, headaches, jumps of arterial pressure, difficulty falling asleep. First appearance, duration, severity of and frequency of hot flashes - all this is very individual. In some women, these "precursors" make themselves felt over several years before menopause, and two or three years continue, and then slowly subside. A third of women concerned about these phenomena from seven to ten years. Some were women tides "cover" a couple of times a month, but others are visited daily (or hourly). It is believed that menopause occurs easily if the day occurs at least 10 hot flashes; medium - if the tide is less than 20, but if they are over 20, it's a heavy flow. The special treatment need 10-15% of women who have ascertained the strong tides and painful. It has been observed that the more intense and frequent bouts of fever experienced by those who have suffered cancers of the breast, or early, artificial menopause (has occurred due to the removal of the ovaries, uterus, chemotherapy, radiation exposure). Women who have hot flashes are very complicate life, do not allow to sleep normally at night and during the day significantly reduce performance, MirSovetov recommends visiting the gynecologist-endocrinologist to get that you need recommendations for treatment.

hormonal disorders, female hormones, the female body, menopause, hot flashes, menopause symptoms

Your doctor may advise you to takehomeopathic or other drugs, which include natural ingredients, such as "Klimadinon", "Klimaksan", "Klimaktoplan", "Klimakt Khel", "Klimakterin", "Remens", "Feminalgin", "Femikaps", "Estrovel ","Chi-Klim". The issue of hormone replacement therapy is also within the competence of the gynecologist, because she has a lot of serious contraindications and side effects.


The main reason doctors believe a significantreduction of blood estrogen, progesterone. As a result of disrupted communication between the hypothalamic-pituitary system and ovaries. This leads to a breakdown in the normal functioning of the existing brain thermoregulatory center. To the fullest extent not yet been studied exactly how the lack of sex hormones produced by the ovaries fading, affects the regulation of body temperature. But the factors that affect the intensity and frequency of attacks repeats heat, scientists known. Provoke tide phenomenon may:

  1. Excessive emotional, and mental and physical stress, fatigue, constant tiredness.
  2. Frequent visits to saunas, prolonged exposure in the hot tub.
  3. Stuffy room, the hot weather.
  4. Wearing a slimming lingerie, intimate and very warm clothes.
  5. A sharp change in climatic conditions.
  6. Eating hot, spicy, very richly flavored with spices food.
  7. The constant exposure to harsh diets, especially when there is no protein in dishes.
  8. Admission pills for weight loss, anti-depressants.
  9. Smoking, alcohol.

In addition to menopause, hot flashes occur when the thyroid gland hyperfunction, diabetes, Carcinoid syndrome, pheochromocytoma. Tides can be side effect when taking antiestrogens, bromocriptine, nicotinic acid, cephalosporins, Tamoxifen, BPC, ketoconazole. More heat attacks occur when a person takes certain medications and alcohol.

About nutrition

hormonal disorders, female hormones, the female body, menopause, hot flashes, menopause symptoms

Meals can improve the health of those women,that suffer from intense hot flushes. For this purpose it is necessary to constantly eat these plant products, in which a lot of phytohormones, recently referred to as analogues of natural estrogens. Particularly useful are:

  • figs, pomegranates, citrus fruits, red grapes, apricots, peaches;
  • sesame, cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels), linseed, spinach, asparagus, carrots, garlic;
  • chickpeas, lentils, beans, soybeans, cereals;
  • corn, oat and rye flour, sprouted grains of wheat;
  • vegetable oils (sunflower, linseed, sesame);
  • red wine (in moderation);
  • sunflower seeds, nuts (forest, walnuts);
  • honey (lime, sweet clover, clover).

Cooling properties have the cucumbers, melons, squash, cabbage (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower), salad greens, tomatoes, lemon, watermelon, bananas, kiwi, mango.

Less eat foods that have warming properties: grilled meat, fried potatoes, ginger, pepper, cloves, cinnamon.

Instead of tea and coffee should prefer mineral water, juices, tsikornogo drink.

A few tips

hormonal disorders, female hormones, the female body, menopause, hot flashes, menopause symptoms

Great value for your health aremental attitude. Do not "hung up" on adverse events, problems, experiences. Try among adversities, the hardships of everyday life vain to find reasons for joy and laughter.

Stay away from saunas, baths, stay in the hot sun.

Often ventilate the room in which are, especially before bedtime. Bedding Choose natural, such as cotton, easy purchase blankets, Terry sheets.

You can use a special pillow or cooled before going to sleep at your normal pillow lay a plastic bottle with poured into it with ice water.

Maintain a healthy body - you will swimming, biking or hiking, skiing in the forest, dancing.

Try to enroll in classes in a group, wheredoing yoga hormone (it combines physical exercises of hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, breathing exercises, elements of Tibetan energy gymnastics). This procedure was developed and offered to Dina Rodrigues of Brazil. She argues that the daily sessions on 15-30 minutes a day contribute to the normalization of hormonal balance, facilitate the state of women who are concerned about the painful ebb. our website warns that in some diseases yoga exercises are contraindicated.

Good coaches thermoregulation douche system.

Tones, refreshes the face and neck, sweating reduce rubbing apple cider vinegar (natural) or infusion of mint leaves (from it is possible to prepare ice cubes).

Drink courses of vitamin E or low-cost systems such as "Dekamevit", "Kvadevit".

clothing items try to buy cotton,linen, viscose, preference was given to those models where open neck. It is better to compose your outfit so that in the case of hot flashes could be a piece of clothing removed.

If you really sweat, long hair is better to stick to a beam.

Give up smoking, excessive alcohol consumption.

How alleviate the condition if a surge of heat has already begun?

  1. Do not panic, stop your activity for a fewminutes, sit or lie down on the sofa, if possible. You can go to the window, go to the balcony or to provide air flow with the help of a beautiful fan.
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  3. Some women massaging helps dimples on the chin (below the lower lip) clockwise for two minutes.
  4. You can drink some cold water or wash it.

Inviting grass on aid

hormonal disorders, female hormones, the female body, menopause, hot flashes, menopause symptoms

hormonal disorders, female hormones, the female body, menopause, hot flashes, menopause symptoms

There are natural herbs pantry,containing plant hormones that are able to reduce the number and severity of hot flushes, sweating reduce, relieve irritability, improve mood, sleep forge. But do not expect positive changes in the first days of receiving infusions, herbal therapy for a long, course. Herbs alternate, longer than three months, the same herb to use is undesirable, certainly needed breaks. In medicinal plants also have contraindications, so before you begin phytotherapy, Review the information on your chosen plantor consult experts in this field. Throughout follow your doctor's recommendations, follow the instructions, do not exceed the dosage. Keep in mind that if you are taking hormonal agents, it is impossible to use herbs containing natural hormone-active substances. During menstrual bleeding infusions reception is temporarily interrupted.

And now some specific recipes help women more easily migrate climax and his "fellow travelers":

  1. Pour two tablespoons of linden flowers cup of boiling water (200 ml), insist 20 minutes. Drink a glass of strained infusion daily for three weeks.
  2. Buy at the pharmacy hop cones (on the box canbe written "stems"). Pour into a mug 2 teaspoons of raw material and fill it with 200 ml of boiling water. Cover with a lid and leave for about 40 minutes. Filtered means (it will be bitter) take on a third cup three times a day for half an hour before meals.
  3. Place the cup in two teaspoons (without top)sage leaves (chopped) and fill them with the boiled water. Leave to infuse for about 25 minutes. Drink once in the morning or in two stages. The course lasts for 14 days, it is advisable to start such a course is necessary immediately after his monthly spending in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. In the next cycle, this treatment can be repeated.
  4. Another good tool - a herb oregano. It must be taken in the amount of tablespoons and pour 200 ml of boiling water. After 20 minutes infusion is ready for use. Dosage: twice a day for a glass. You can mix in a warm infusion of a spoonful of honey.
  5. The bank put 200 grams of fruit of mountain ashred (crushed) and pour 500 ml of brandy (or vodka). Insisting (extraction of active substances) are conducted in a dark closet for 3 weeks. The resulting infusion of strain. Dosage: teaspoonful three times a day.
  6. In severe hot flashes occurring, you can create a collection:
    • linden flowers;
    • herb wormwood;
    • peppermint leaves;
    • buckthorn bark;
    • fennel fruit.

    All components are taken in equal amounts, such as 50 grams. Measure two tablespoons of collection, put in a thermos, pour 500 ml of boiling water. Dosage: glass twice daily.

hormonal disorders, female hormones, the female body, menopause, hot flashes, menopause symptoms

More useful are such plants: red clover, Melilotus officinalisRed brush, liquorice, lady's mantle, lemon balm.

In women with active lifestyles who are watchingtheir weight, a positive-minded, negative symptoms of menopause observed less frequently than those with unstable nervous system, prone to depression, quick-tempered, pessimistic, suffering from overweight. Love yourself and others, take care of your health and let your "autumn time" will be gold.

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