The use of papaverine in pregnancy

Pregnancy - is both wonderful anda difficult period for every woman. This is the real test, because in addition to worries over the health of your baby, every week a woman pestering various ailments. But drug use is almost impossible, and if possible - that their choices are limited.

To facilitate the state of a pregnant woman and removing the uterus spasms applied papaverine. It has been used for many decades in a row.

When it is necessary to use the medicine

pregnancy, pains in pregnancy, papaverine, antispasmodic, uterine tone

women often being the first weeks of pregnancy, does not know about his interesting position. It may bother pulling lower abdominal pain or arching pain in the lumbar region. All these ailments can be attributed to the approaching menstruation. She is about to come, but the miracle did not occur. According to symptoms such women are often diagnosed with "uterine hypertonus".

To remove the body of muscle spasms of childbearinggynecologists commonly prescribed antispasmodic drugs, the effect of which is aimed at relaxing muscles of internal organs. One of such preparations and refers papaverine. He was appointed in spasm of smooth muscles of the uterus and other organs. These include vessels, and even the bronchi. The drug has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, as well as the entire circulatory system.

Papaverine often prescribed to women in early pregnancy, when the reception of many drugs in this period is prohibited.

Papaverine is one of those drugs that can be safely taken in the first three months from the date of conception.

For more information about papaverine and its action

pregnancy, pains in pregnancy, papaverine, antispasmodic, uterine tone

Often at the reception at the gynecologist pregnant woman feeling absolutely fine, I surprised that your doctor has prescribed it papaverine.

The reasons may be as follows:

  1. The woman observed uterine tone.
  2. There have been some other abnormalities.

In appointing the drug gynecologist trying to be safe once again, especially when the pressure is increased in patients.

Effect of the drug:

  • It helps reduce blood pressure;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • It relaxes the muscles genitals;
  • It reduces the possibility of threatened abortion.

Do not worry about the future baby - papaverine has a positive effect on the fetus, too.

Features of medicines

pregnancy, pains in pregnancy, papaverine, antispasmodic, uterine tone

If you are prescribed drug in the form of suppositories, thenthey are introduced rectally, lying in a clean rectum in position. The daily dose - not more than two or three pieces. They should not be administered one after the other, and with an equal time interval. If the doctor has not appointed another scheme, the need to administer the drug twice a day - morning and evening, or three times a day - in the morning at nine o'clock, then at lunch - two in the afternoon and in the evening - in nineteen hours. The gap will be five hours.

The tablets do not provide a quick effect, because theiryou need to take a longer period. Papaverine tablets take no more than four times per day, with an equal time interval. Tablets need to drink no earlier than two hours before the meal.

If you are appointed as the drug to be injected intramuscularly, it can be administered papaverine alone.

How to cook the drug solution:

  1. Take a vial of papaverine (twenty milligrams).
  2. Saline for intravenous administration.
  3. Disposable syringe (enough for five "cubes").
  4. Vata.
  5. The alcohol or alcohol solution for injection.

After administration of the drug, it is desirable not to move and lie down for ten or fifteen minutes. During this time the woman may experience mild weakness dizziness. Some patients noted a decrease in heart rate.

If you assigned intravenous medication, then the dosage may vary.

Candles with papaverine active ingredient is convenientuse. Doctors frequently prescribe their patients to this drug because they quickly remove spasms and pain. Do not think that the drug can harm, although there are instructions and warning Bad use of papaverine in pregnancy. Doctors have accumulated sufficient experience and proved its safety. In addition, specialist objectively evaluate the drug benefit and risk in relation to the condition of each patient.

Contraindications and side effects

pregnancy, pains in pregnancy, papaverine, antispasmodic, uterine tone

Medicament papaverine, like most other drugs can have side effects.

These include:

  • the occurrence of allergic reaction;
  • the difficulty of stool output and a tendency to frequent constipation;
  • pressure.

If you enter too large a dose of the drug, the person may feel dizzy, nausea and even drowsiness. Some pregnant patient noted that after the introduction of papaverine have noted increased sweating and weakness. Many complained of constipation. And if the drug was introduced without observance of instructions - that is too fast, then pregnant women have heart rhythm disturbances.

Strongly papaverine is contraindicated in diseases such as:

  • severe hepatic impairment;
  • glaucoma;
  • elevated intraocular pressure;
  • sensitivity to the drug;
  • renal failure;
  • breach of the functioning of the adrenal glands;
  • if there is a deviation in the thyroid;
  • tachycardia.

Despite the possible negative consequences for the organism future moms, the drug is completely safe for the health of the fetus.

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