The use of corn silk

Those people who have the problem with the gallbladder and kidneys, not necessarily to drink handfuls of pills. You can try natural medicines - corn silk, which has long been successfully used in medical practice.

Medicinal raw materials are obtained from corn in the period when the stems begin to dry stigmas. This usually occurs simultaneously with the maturation of corn cobs.

The collected raw materials are placed in a single layer,dried in a dark place. Periodically shaken and overturned. After the raw material dries, "hairs" take the form of thinning of tangled fibers together. Outwardly, they are very similar to tufts of hair. second name drug "corn hair" Hence the drug appeared.

Corn stigmas color depending on the variety of maize may have a pale yellow or reddish tinge. The raw material is a kind of faint odor.

To save a blank, "hair" put in crates, the bottom of which is pre-lining paper (do not use newspapers and magazines).


corn, corn silk, herbal medicine

For therapeutic purposes, the stigma of corn used to stop bleeding, improve the outflow of bile, with diseases of the bile andbladder bladder. In addition, the drug promotes the dilution of bile, reduces the content of bilirubin and helps to accelerate the blood coagulation process.

Basically "corn hair" prescribed to people who suffer from inflammation of the gall bladder and tract, heart and edema tuberculosis.

In addition, herb recommended in such diseases:


corn, corn silk, herbal medicine

A few decades ago, doctors believed thatcorn hair has a curative effect due to fatty oils. But as it turned out, oil content in the product is available in small quantities, and the dosage strength is in flavonoids and other substances. Getting inside the body, they contribute to the expansion of the gallbladder. Because of this, the body begins to actively decrease, improving its rhythmic activity and produces bile viscosity decreases - it becomes less dense and bilirubin level is significantly reduced.

Thanks substance naftohininu, stigmas help stop the bleeding, and the amount of prothrombin, on the contrary, increased - there is an acceleration of blood clotting process.

Medications containing feedstockcontribute to the destruction of stones in the urinary and gall bladder. Also contained in the preparation for inhibition of substances affect satiety center of the body and reduce appetite. Therefore, corn silk are successfully used for weight loss and treatment of obesity.

How to apply

Raw material can be collected and dried by itself or purchase the drug at the pharmacy. Apply a decoction of maize stigmas every three to four hours. Dosage - from ten to forty-five milliliters.

To prepare the broth, it is necessary to take tengrams of raw materials (three large spoon) and put in an enamel pan (do not use aluminum cookware!). Then you need to pour hot water and silk cover. Within thirty minutes, the contents must be warmed in a water bath, then remove and allow to cool naturally for ten minutes. Then strain and squeeze the stigma, and the remaining liquid is diluted with boiled water so that the total volume of the broth was 200 milliliters. Take tincture in the form of heat, preferably before meals.

For the treatment of liver, bladder and gall bladder can be purchased at the pharmacy extract of maize stigmas.


corn, corn silk, herbal medicine

  1. To lose weight, recommends preparing a decoction according to this recipe: take a teaspoon of raw materials and pour hot water (250 milliliters). Boil for a minute and leave to insist. Drink three times a day, one third of a glass twenty minutes before meals. A nutritionist can recommend that you take the drug in a different dosage - take four tablespoons of raw materials per glass of liquid. In this case, you should listen to your feelings - if there is no allergic reaction to the drug, then the dosage can be increased.
  2. To get rid of kidney stones and removeinflammation, prepare a decoction: Take equal parts of corn "hair" leaf beans, bearberry (leaves). 40 grams of raw material per liter of water. Boil the mixture for fifteen minutes. After straining his need to drink during the day, divided into six receptions. During treatment stick salt-free and dairy diet, Take a warm bath and put a heating pad on the abdomen in the area of ​​the bladder or on the side (in the kidneys).
  3. In diseases of the liver and kidney stones, edema andinflammatory processes in the urogenital system of preparing such infusion: a glass of water taking ten grams of stigmas, brewed in a water bath. Take three times a day on a tablespoon. The infusion relieves discomfort well at cystitis. Those who do not have time to brew and strain corn silk, can be purchased in a pharmacy liquid extract and take it for forty or fifty drops two or three times a day before meals.
  4. To facilitate the state in kidneydisease and get rid of the stones, the infusion is prepared as follows: take a large spoonful of dry raw pour two glasses of water, boil for an hour. Then allowed to digest until the broth has cooled, filtered and taken two spoons four times a day.
  5. To improve blood clotting, rentinflammatory processes in the liver, kidney and gall bladder is necessary to take one hundred grams of crushed corn stigmas and pour them a glass of hot water. Infusion leave to cool, then strain and take on a large spoon to eight times a day, every sixty minutes.
  6. If you want to relieve the patient's condition athepatitis (remission stage), it takes a tablespoon of raw pour a glass of hot water. The mixture was put on fire and brought to a boil. Take this infusion to one spoonful every three hours.

Doctors note that in most cases the natural medicine is well tolerated. But not excluded drug idiosyncrasy, appearance common cold or a rash on the body.

Columns of corn can be taken for both adults and children three years of age.

Keep stigmas must be in a box in a dry place. Shelf-life of the drug - two years.

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