Statins for lowering cholesterol

On the dangers of cholesterol plaques on the bodyman has long been known. A significant excess cholesterol standards is fraught with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system. To deal with the problem as possible, and for that modern medicine offers many ways, including the use of statins - specific drugs that can partially block the liver.

Lowering cholesterol

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Cholesterol - a fat which is produced in the liverand actively participates in the process of functioning of the body. Lipids support working cell membranes, preventing the crystallization of hydrocarbons therein. This component involved in the manufacturing processes of sex hormones: estrogens and androgens, as well as hormones produced by the adrenal glands: cortisol, corticosterone, and so on. While in normal cholesterol simply fulfills its important mission, but as a result of these or other reasons, the level begins to rise (more than 7.8 mmol / L), significantly increases the risk of vascular lesions, circulatory disorders of the brain, kidneys, intestines, hands and legs. These pathological processes are extremely dangerous to humans, so the normalization of cholesterol is necessary to early treatment and eliminate the consequences of the unpleasant symptoms.

The most efficient to datedrugs having hypolipidemic action, are the statins, which reduce cholesterol in the blood. They found they were still in the 1970s, and currently are 4 main categories of products:

  • lovastatin;
  • atorvastatin;
  • fluvastatin;
  • rosuvastatin.

The therapeutic effect of statins is as follows:

  1. Overall cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein in blood is significantly reduced.
  2. Increases the concentration of high-density lipoprotein, having protivoateroskleroticheskim action.
  3. Reduced amount of substances forming the body fat stores.

Statins to lower cholesterol suppressthe production of a certain enzyme that regulates the process of cholesterol compounds in liver cells. The fact that most of this material is produced directly in the body and does not flow together with food intake. Drugs in this category of tissue cells increase the number of low density lipoprotein receptor, making these compounds more rapidly eliminated from the blood plasma. At the same time it begins to actively produce high density lipoprotein cholesterol. They do not remain on the walls of blood vessels, and therefore, there is no formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Indications for use of statins

drugs, vessels, statin cholesterol

Drugs that inhibit the production of cholesterol,very necessary for people with vascular problems. Statins allow a 20% reduction in the risk of disturbances of myocardial blood supply due to coronary artery disease, reduce the incidence of heart attacks and strokes. These tools are very necessary for patients who due to the malfunctioning of the liver can not achieve the desired result through special diets and non-fatty foods.

Despite the fact that statins - is synthesizeddrugs, they do not contain toxic components and carcinogens. After much research, doctors were able to prove the absence of gene mutations in people taking statins for a long time.

Furthermore, the components in this categoryreduce blood cholesterol levels, they thin the blood, reducing the risk of blood clots and relax blood vessels expand, and maintain in stable atherosclerotic plaques.

Side effects of statins:

Basically statins safely tolerated by the body, but their application does not pass without leaving a trace.

Those patients who take statins regularly for several years, noted at the presence of these additional symptoms:

The probability of occurrence of the above symptoms increased when the patient takes in parallel antibiotics and other lipid-lowering drugs. At the risk of severe side effects are also influenced by factors such as:

  • chronic illness;
  • irregular meals or diet;
  • surgeries;
  • violation of the liver;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • medications in large quantities;
  • the constant use of grapefruit juice.

Precautions should be taken statinswomen during lactation, as well as people over 50 years, with problems in the liver and kidneys, musculoskeletal system, suffering from diabetes and thyroid diseases. It is not recommended to combine statins with food poisoning and the simultaneous use of alcohol.

Statins in nature

drugs, vessels, statin cholesterol

There are people who are afraid to take statinsin view of the individual and contraindications. In this case, there are natural sources of compounds with particular activity. These components are contained in foods. In particular:

  • Ascorbic acid, which are good sources of rose, pepper, sea buckthorn, black currant, citrus and cabbage;
  • RIR vitamins B3 meat, nuts, grains, and red fish;
  • fatty acids omega-3, which many in vegetable oils and oily fish;
  • supplements monacolin;
  • policosanol capsule;
  • pectins and other dietary fiber;
  • red wine and grapes, which contains useful resveratrol;
  • Turmeric is very useful.

Little effect of statins has also garlic and soy products.

It is important to know

drugs, vessels, statin cholesterol

If the results of the analyzes you seetoo high cholesterol indicators, there is no need to try to fix the problem yourself. The decision to appoint the appropriate treatment with statins should take doctor. Following the appointment of these drugs is required to warn doctors about the possible features of the organism, for example:

  • allergies to certain substances;
  • on the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland;
  • that you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • tell us about the medication.

You should know that for the elderly sharp decline in cholesterol level is fraught with fatal consequences.

It is important to keep in mind the following rules of statins:

  • A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle;
  • inadmissible taking these drugs with antibiotics;
  • caution should be statins elderly people taking anti-hypertension, gout or diabetes.

Taking statins or not - a personal decisioneach person, which should be based on specific indications and recommendations of the physician. The choice of the drug carries a doctor on the basis of the overall clinical picture of the patient.

Self-medication drugs to lower cholesterol,It is not allowed and in violation of lipid exchange our site recommends to contact a cardiologist. The specialist will evaluate all the risks their patients according to age, the presence of harmful habits, weight and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Statins should be carried out on schedule and at the recommended dosages.

If you can independently controlyour cholesterol and keep it within acceptable limits through proper nutrition and sports training, the statins are not needed. Moreover, under these circumstances they may even harm than benefit.

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