Treatment of vascular encephalopathy

In recent years, more and more often you can hearfrom people not only old age, but also related to younger age, complaints often harassing them: headache, dizziness, noise, whether in your ears, or in the head, insomnia. In addition, more and memory with capacity for work are reduced considerably ...

Many people think all these symptomsechoes of stress, lack of sleep, contrasting weather changes, atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms, fatigue. Do not trifle with this here "bells" that submits your body, because they can all be signs of chronic insufficiency of blood circulation in the brain. Doctors call it a disease of circulatory encephalopathy. How serious is the disease, how it to win?

What is encephalopathy?

It is a vascular disease affectingdirectly to the brain, it is a chronic, slowly progressive nature. As a result of structural changes violated and brain function. Difficult to hearing the name can be deciphered as "circulatory" literally means "in violation of circulation," "encephalopathy" - the brain, "pathos" - pathology. The disease can still be called chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency or ischemic heart disease, but not the heart and brain. Dangerous disease that gradually something in one part of the brain, then in another place mini-strokes, that is disturbed blood supply and contained in it oxygen and nutrients to this area of ​​tissue, such sites may even completely lost. The risk of stroke, seizures. Short illness write two letters "DE".

Why is there a DE?

There are two main reasons:

  1. Atherosclerosis - Increase in the blood concentration of humanfat-like compounds - triglycerides, low density lipoprotein cholesterol. These substances are deposited on blood vessels stenochki stratify and form a so-called "cholesterol plaques." When compacted plaques, the power of the nerve cells is disrupted.
  2. Hypertension - it leads to the localdeterioration of the small blood vessels appear tortuosity, stenosis (narrowing). When aneurysms are formed (albeit small), then the pressure jumps there is a risk of rupture. Here in this way and breaks a complex vascular system of the brain.

What other factors contribute to the disease and the development and progression of ED?

  • cranial trauma;
  • diabetes;
  • vascular dystonia;
  • angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure;
  • overweight;
  • alcohol abuse, smoking;
  • frequent and prolonged neuro-psychological overload;
  • spondylosis (degeneration of the vertebrae);
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • sedentary lifestyle.


The disease is divided into three stages, it all dependsby symptom. Each person has the duration of successive stages is different, it depends on the degree of atherosclerotic vascular lesions and the severity of the hypertension, Habits, emotions, lifestyle related diseases, heredity ...

For the initial stage is characterized by the appearance of a periodic headache, Dizziness, fatigue,irritability, mood swings, tearfulness, meteosensitivity, sleep disorders, head noises of different intensity. The man says that it is difficult to concentrate, to remember where he put one or another important document (household items). Have difficulty concentrating, the transition from one activity to another. Deteriorating memorizing dates, phone cases and planned events.

The second stage - the symptoms are aggravated even more. A distinctive feature - a man remembers what happened to him and his family a few years ago, in childhood, youth, but does not remember what happened this week, whether he had been drinking that day medication or not, shut the door when you exit home or not. Forget the doctor's initials, familiar people. Happy sleepy, but sleep at night is not possible for several hours. Exacerbated by jealousy, stubbornness, resentment, irritability. You may notice irregularities in the coordination of movements, slow, staggering when walking, weakening of attention, visual memory. There have been violations in the light of the question. For example, a person wants to say something, but suddenly stops, does not find the right words to finish the thought phrase. Word turns in the head, and say it does not work.

The last stage - the progressive deteriorationmemory, it further breaks down, bad words are linked to the proposal. Perhaps the appearance of dementia (dementia), these patients no longer recognize their relatives and friends, make inappropriate actions. It happens that people go out of the house for a walk or to the store, and then lost.

Symptoms may be clear, pronounced, frequent or washed periodically manifested.

Suspected at (or relative) violationblood supply to the brain to be in if you mark at least three symptoms for three months with a recurrence frequency more times a week:

  • dizziness;
  • intense headache;
  • increasing memory impairment;
  • noise in the head;
  • fatigue, sleepiness during the day, the deterioration of health.

Diagnosis of vascular encephalopathy

In order to stop the progression of pathological processes, is urgently appeal to the clinic, take the voucher to neurologist. The doctor for the diagnosis appoint:

  • general urine analysisBlood;
  • blood test on lipids, sugar;
  • angiography (X-rays of the state of cerebral vessels);
  • inspection of the fundus of the eye by an ophthalmologist;
  • otoneurological study;
  • various kinds of electrocardiogram;
  • Doppler, ehotomografiyu and other ultrasonic methods;
  • Magnetic resonance angiography, magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment recommendations

vascular disease, headache, brain, encephalopathy, vessels

Effective treatments include the following components:

  • reception of medicines;
  • herbal medicine;
  • physiotherapy;
  • diet;
  • massage and physiotherapy exercises.

The doctor begins treatment with treatment of the underlying disease that caused vascular encephalopathy - high blood pressure or atherosclerosis.

When persistent pressure increase patient are selected drugs, contributing to its reduction and maintenance of normal.

To normalize the metabolism of cholesterol and lipids are issued statins.

If there is a risk of stroke, the funds are designated, if necessary, for blood thinnersPreventing thrombosis.

vascular disease, headache, brain, encephalopathy, vessels

vascular disease, headache, brain, encephalopathy, vessels

More doctor prescribes medications that reduce the severity of symptoms:

  • for dizziness - vascular drugs (Cavintonum, Cinnarizine, Cere);
  • for headache - analgesics (Andipal, Baralgin, spazgan);
  • with memory impairment, reduced intellectual ability - means to improve metabolism - (Aktovegin, Fenotropil, nootropics Piracetam);
  • asthenia, apathy, depression - antidepressants;
  • with irritability, tearfulness - sedatives (tincture evading peony, motherwort, valerian, Persia, New Pass).

vascular disease, headache, brain, encephalopathy, vessels

vascular disease, headache, brain, encephalopathy, vessels

Appointed as nicotine, succinic acid, lipoic, pantothenic acid, glycine, vitamin-mineral complexesContaining B vitamins, selenium, tocopherol, retinol, ascorbic acid, for example, Alphabet, Duovit, Kvadevit.

vascular disease, headache, brain, encephalopathy, vessels

When gross narrowing of the main blood vessels sometimes resort to surgical procedures:

  • expand the narrowed lumen by introducing into it a special frame - stent (stenting);
  • the removal of the vessel with the further replacement with a prosthesis;
  • the formation of branches, the connection between a certain vessels (vascular reconstruction system of the brain).

Other useful tips

At the first signs pointing to discirculatory encephalopathy, MirSovetov recommends the following measures:

  1. We'll have to for your own good reduce the load on the work, be sure to relax in nature after a long week of work.
  2. If you work for days or at night, such work must abandon, picking up other employment options.
  3. It is not necessary to spend half a day at the computer, TV.
  4. Try to avoid negative emotions (anger, condemnation)
  5. Instead, detectives, thrillers, fighters before going to sleep, see a comedy, listen to music.
  6. Train your memory, mental activity, solving crossword puzzles, crosswords, puzzles, playing checkers, chess, dominoes, memorize verses, favorite songs.
  7. If possible, several times a week Perform walking, jogging, visit the swimming pool.
  8. For vessels is very useful morning (or evening) douches; baths with sea salt, pine extract, essential oils (lavender, valerian, juniper).
  9. Eat right. If you suffer from hypertension, then turn down in their dishes of salt, avoid canned foods, sausages, pickles. If it turned out that the cholesterol in your blood is increased, the decrease in the diet of fatty meat, sour cream, eggs, butter. The diet must be present vegetables, fruits, cereals (buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal, millet), nuts (walnuts and hazelnuts), sprouted grains of wheat, dairy products, vegetable oils, greens, chickpeas, fish and seafood.

vascular disease, headache, brain, encephalopathy, vessels

Herbs to the rescue

And finally, some advice from phytotherapeutists:

  1. To lower blood pressure to pursue a course receiving infusions uliginose, motherwort, hawthorn, lemon balm.
  2. To reduce cholesterol, use the coursetreatment dandelion roots (they can dig themselves or buy in a drugstore). Take a tablespoon of raw pour 250 ml of water, boil on low heat for 3 minutes after it will bring to a boil. Cover and let sit for 40 minutes. Tool strain and drink in two steps of 20 minutes before going to eat. Course - 30 days. During this treatment is desired to eat the kiwi one day.
  3. It improves the condition of vessels, relievesdizziness, noise in my head that's such a composition. To cook, prepare 25 grams of cloves (spice), 3 lemon, grated on a grater, 500 grams of sugar, 0.5 liters of vodka. Spicy clove place in three-liter jar. Boil a liter of water. After 5 minutes, pour them clove, leave to infuse for 2 hours. Then put in a jar grated lemon, sugar, vodka. Add more boiled water (room temperature) to the hanger. Close the lid and place for two weeks in a dark place. The tool then strain. Dosage for internal use as follows: 25 ml three times a day for 20 minutes before eating. Drink all means and take 7 days off. But when the medication is terminated, the place to infuse a new batch. In the course need to drink 3 liter cans.
  4. Clover pink - the infusion of flowers or tincture. To prepare the infusion of healing take a thermos, pour 2 tablespoons to the crushed flowers of clover, pour 300 ml of boiling water. After a few hours means ready. This daily dose, which must be divided into three stages and take 30 minutes before eating. If you want to make alcohol tincture, it will need 500 ml of vodka and 50 grams of pink clover heads. In a dark locker infusion should be prepared 2 weeks. Then proceed to the filtering and Wrestling raw materials. On the day should drink one tablespoon of the resulting tincture can do it shortly before bedtime.
  5. Soothing collection, which will help normalizesleep, relieve irritability, improve emotional state. Mix together in a jar 30 grams of leaves of peppermint, the same grass motherwort, 20 grams of rhizomes of valerian and hops. All components are pre-chop collection. Then pour in a tablespoon of made you collect 300 ml of boiling water, insist in a thermos for one hour. This infusion divide into three stages, the last one - before going to bed.

When the first symptoms that signalpossible violation of cerebral circulation, do not delay visit to the doctor. And if there is a diagnosis of "encephalopathy", change your lifestyle, follow the doctor's prescription and follow the recommendations proposed in this article.

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