How does the contraceptive ring

The main requirement for any contraceptive- Security, ease of use and comfort. No wonder that in this area of ​​medicine specialists are always trying to achieve perfection, creating new contraceptive drugs and devices. Today, this innovation is a hormonal contraceptive ring NuvaRing, and not all the ladies know how to use it.

NuvaRing contraceptive - it is soft and smoothring which is inserted into the vagina for a period of 3 weeks. The internal cavity of the genital organs, it takes most convenient for women, adapting to the individual characteristics of physique. Due to its flexibility, the ring does not bring any discomfort, and does not create obstacles to the exercise. Moreover, none of the ring does not feel the partner during sexual intercourse.

Dimensions NuvaRing are universal for all womenweight and body type: its size has a diameter of 54 mm and a thickness - 4 mm. Produce ring in the Netherlands. Note that the same name the contraceptive pill does not happen.

How does the ring NuvaRing

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Under the shell of the antiallergic agentcontains minimal portions of estrogen and progestogen. This woman sex hormones that are important to her reproductive system. Inside the vaginal ring takes on the human body temperature, and its shell becomes porous and releases into the cavity of the uterus and ovaries prisoners under her hormones. Action targeted active agents, hormonal effects on other organs in the body, excluding sex, it does not extend. The concentrations of these hormones is enough to negate the process of oocyte maturation and its release from the follicle. This means that pregnancy under such circumstances will not occur.

Advantages hormonal ring

  1. The undeniable reliability.
  2. Easy to use and comfortable (to change the ring need only 1 time per month).
  3. Microscopic hormones in the ring portion, making it absolutely safe.
  4. Extremely topical effect of the active substances.
  5. Application NuvaRing does not affect the weight of the woman.
  6. Due to the ring monthly cycle becomes more regular, and pain during menstruation is dulled.

Disadvantages hormonal ring

types of contraception, hormonal contraception, contraception, unwanted pregnancy, contraceptive ring

MirSovetov hurry to draw your attention to the following rules for the use of hormonal ring NuvaRing.

One ring acts effectively for one monthly cycle. Pull it should certainly 22 minutes a dayafter you install it. In order to avoid confusion in the dates you need to remember what day of the week, you put a ring - on the same day of the week and you need to remove it. For example, the set on Thursday - take out 3 weeks later on Thursday. Safest, of course, immediately noted on the calendar days of the beginning and the end use of NuvaRing.

After the ring has been removed, rest for 7 days, and on day 8 introduced a new ring.

Attention! During the first week of use NuvaRing physicians strongly recommend the use of condoms as an additional barrier method of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

How to apply hormonal ring after abortion or childbirth

If you did abortion in the first 3 months of pregnancy, install the ring into the vagina immediately after surgery. Note that the condom use in the first 7 days after the administration of the agent in this case is not required.

If the abortion took some time, wait for the monthly hormonal and enter the ring on any day of menstruation is not later than the fifth day. Using condom during the first week when this is necessary.

If the abortion was performed during the second trimester,NuvaRing you can apply only in 3-4 weeks after the abortion. The same rule also applies to delivery. The need for a barrier contraceptive condom in this case omitted.

If after an abortion or childbirth was 21 days andDuring this time you had sexual intercourse, wait for the first month, to make sure that you are not pregnant. Enter the ring during menstruation and always use a condom for 1 week.

Bleeding while using NuvaRing, and after its removal

types of contraception, hormonal contraception, contraception, unwanted pregnancy, contraceptive ring

Be prepared for the fact that many women cancellationhormonal ring provokes bleeding, which is due to the cessation of active components action NuvaRing on the reproductive system. Blood, you are likely to find 2-3 days after removal of the contraceptive. Bleeding can result immediately after the introduction of the next ring or earlier.

Sometimes the temporary cancellation of NuvaRing does not causebleeding. This phenomenon is considered normal if the contraceptive ring is used, strictly following the rules of its use, and the bleeding was not just once. However, if a woman has deviated from these recommendations, and there was no blood in a row 2 times, suspect pregnancy. To clarify the situation will help the gynecologist.

The period of wearing the ring in the vagina can sometimesto appear meager and fickle spotting. It happens as the sudden appearance of heavy bleeding. Spotting can be ignored (they usually stop quickly), but severe bleeding - a good reason for an immediate visit to the antenatal clinic.

With the abolition of NuvaRing difficulties will not arise: simply remove the ring when decide not protected anymore. The body free from the influence of estrogen and progestogen and quickly restore ovulation. Conception can occur in the first month after the lifting of NuvaRing. No unpleasant consequences for pregnancies after using hormonal rings were observed.

Side effects of NuvaRing

When using this contraceptivemeans side effects are rare. Sometimes something can disturb a woman at the beginning of the use of the ring, but the discomfort quickly disappear by themselves. Here are some of them:

  • headache, Anxiety;
  • nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea;
  • breast augmentation and enhancement of its sensitivity, loss of libido, a slight increase or decrease in weight;
  • vaginitis, The emergence of cables;
  • cystitis;
  • ring sensation in the vagina.

Contraindications to the use of NuvaRing

types of contraception, hormonal contraception, contraception, unwanted pregnancy, contraceptive ring

  1. Venous and arterial thrombosis.
  2. Diabetes and angiopathy.
  3. pancreatitis.
  4. Systematic migraine.
  5. Aggravation of chronic liver disease.
  6. Malignant and benign neoplasms, especially those that are localized in the liver and the uterus.
  7. Vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology.
  8. Incubation of the baby and breastfeeding.
  9. Individual excessively increased sensitivity to hormonal ring.

In addition, points of contention for the purpose of this contraceptive are diseases such as hypertensionLarge overweight, various heart defects, epilepsyOften repeated constipationCervical disease.

In view of the large number of cautionary factors start using contraceptive ring NuvaRing without consulting with a specialist is not recommended.

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