Symptoms and treatment of asthenia

Asthenia - slowly developing abnormala mental disorder that occurs on a background of other diseases of the body. Fatigue, decreased performance and mental susceptibility, poor sleep, irritability, or, conversely, apathy - this is not a complete list of the manifestations of this condition.

fatigue, asthenia treatment, neurological disease, psyche, mental disorders

With asthenic syndrome, without a doubt, the doctor often faces of any profile, because a serious decline of vital energy is observed in many infectious (SARS, Viral hepatitis, flu. tuberculosis) And "bodily" (gastritis, duodenal ulcer, hypertension. pneumonia) Diseases. In addition, fatigue - a faithful companion of the patient in the post-natal, post-traumatic and post-operative period.

Do not confuse this condition with naturalexhaustion, which occurs due to physical or mental stress, change of climate or time zones, unbalanced routine. Distinctive signs of fatigue - and the gradual development of a longer duration (months or years). A disease state not to cure a good rest - for help is better to consult a doctor.

From asthenia no one is immune, but mostprone to this ailment passive children of primary school age, school leavers, higher education institutions and people with big psycho-physical activities.

What causes fatigue?

Asthenia, of course, is the result ofexhaustion of the nervous system. The primary cause of the syndrome lies in the development of nutrient deficiencies and improper energy flow or metabolism disorders. In addition, fatigue often occurs after serious illnesses and common organism poisoning. Asthenic depletion may develop as a consequence of poor nutrition, mental health, stress, mental and physical stress.

The classification of asthenic syndrome

fatigue, asthenia treatment, neurological disease, psyche, mental disorders

Before lunch, as a rule, asthenic symptomsexpressed minimal, but late in the afternoon syndrome manifests itself in all its "glory": a person can carry home (or other) business only with mandatory breaks for rest.

The first sign of fatigue - the fatigue from whichit is impossible to get rid of even with the help of a good rest. A man experiencing general weakness, because of which he can not perform the usual amount of physical work. Suffering and intellectual sphere: asthenia prevents focus on a specific task, "lame" memory and intelligence. Man can not find the right words to speak, he is distracted and does not differ promptness in taking urgent decisions.

Fatigue generates negative emotions: poorly executed work does not bring satisfaction. Man becomes short-tempered and picky with it is hard to find a common language. Sudden mood swings, depression and anxiety, unwarranted pessimism - the usual pattern in asthenia. All of these character traits may trigger the development of neurasthenia, or neurosis.

An aggravating factor in fatigue are autonomic dysfunction in the form of tachycardia, Labile pulse, blood pressure surges, increased sweating. lack of appetite is often observed, constipation, Intestinal pain, headacheAnd problems with potentiality men.

Features asthenic syndrome affectthe quality of sleep. Hypersthenic kind of fatigue prevents a person to quickly dive into the arms of Morpheus, creates turbulent and intense dreams. At the same time, the patient wakes up several times during the night and in the morning feeling overwhelmed. When hyposthenic asthenia person sleepy during the day, but at the same time it is a long time can not sleep at night.

Diagnosis of asthenic syndrome

fatigue, asthenia treatment, neurological disease, psyche, mental disorders

Usually the doctor can easily diagnose,concerning fatigue. When this condition is caused by stress, trauma or transferred acute disease symptoms are very bright. But against the backdrop of the current disease symptoms of fatigue can be "veiled" symptoms of the underlying disease. In this case, a large role is played by a detailed survey of the patient to detail his complaints. Especially expert should pay attention to the emotional and mental sphere of man.

How to cure asthenic syndrome

The main treatment involves optimization routine patient of the day, the regular alternation of work and leisure, complete fortified diet, avoiding harmful habits.

The food people suffering from asthenia, should givepreference for food high in tryptophan: bananas, poultry, cheese, wholemeal bread. Do not give up vitamin "lodes" - on the plate should always be the liver, raw vegetables, eggs, fruit, sea buckthorn.

our site hastens to remind you that the utmost importance for people who want to get rid of fatigue, has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the family.

Medicine fights with asthenic syndrome with natural adaptogens. Ginseng, Schizandra Chinese, Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus increase vitality, helps the bodyeasier to carry the disease. In some cases, can not do without nootropics and neuroprotective agents, including Nootropil, Aminalon, Fezam, Pikamelon, Ginkgo Biloba.

If there is no doubt that fatigue has emerged as the body's response to a particular disease, treatment success can be achieved by eliminating the underlying disease.

The cure asthenia: traditional medicine

fatigue, asthenia treatment, neurological disease, psyche, mental disorders

  1. 1 h. L. a mixture of equal parts of hawthorn flowers, herb St. John's wort and chamomile flowers pour a glass of hot water, cover with a lid and insist 15 minutes. Then infusion of strain and drink in small sips before bedtime. The course of treatment up to two months. The tool returns the interest in life and awakens the vitality of the body.
  2. Mix equal parts of lavender flowers and lime,hop cones and grass St. John's wort, and then 1 hour. l. the resulting mixture is poured a glass of boiled water. Drink flavored drink as usual tea, 2 - 3 times a day. The tool improves mood and gives courage.
  3. For the preparation of drugs for impotenceneed hawthorn flowers and marigold (calendula), grass burdock and rosemary leaves. It is necessary to take 1 hour. L. each raw material and mixed with a small portion of ground coffee. Pour the mixture with boiling water (0.5 L), let it brew (2 - 3 hours), then strain. During the month, drink refreshing drink after a meal in the morning and evening. If the drug is likely to appeal, it can take longer.

How to prevent the development of fatigue

Experts assure that any attemptway to avoid fatigue, and, moreover, to be afraid of it, not worth it. Asthenic syndrome - is nothing but as a defensive reaction to the heavy burden of accumulated everyday problems. The central nervous system includes the so-called "protective inhibition", which manifests itself in the form of asthenic symptoms. The blues from time to time is absolutely not harmful, you only need to help the body time to get out of this state.

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