Instructions for use Tsetrina

Efficient, considered the safest foreliminating signs of drug allergy Tsetrin now actively advertised in the media. It is part of a group of selective antihistamines acting selectively. Eliminating the allergic reactions, this agent does not show a strong sedative effect, it does not inhibit the central nervous system.

About the release forms medical action, rules of application and the possible adverse effects will be discussed in our article.

On the forms of manufacture and composition Tsetrina

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Production of the tool has been one of the Indian pharmaceutical corporations. There are 2 forms Tsetrina:

  1. Tablets - round, biconvex, white,covered with a foil wrapper. On one side is made of risk. The active agent tablets - cetirizine dihydrochloride in a single tablet it contains 10 mg. A number of excipients: Povidone, lactose, corn starch, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, talc, titanium dioxide, macrogol, sorbic acid, dimethicone, polysorbate. The package can be 30, 20 and 10 pieces.
  2. Syrup is packaged in 60 and 30 ml, in a packagemeasuring spoon is for the convenience of dosing. Syrup homogeneous, transparent, colorless, may be small yellowish tint and opalescence, the smell had a nice, fruity. One milliliter of syrup contains 1 mg of cetirizine dihydrochloride. It is used in its production: sucrose, sorbitol, benzoic acid, a fruit flavor, glycerin, sodium citrate, sodium edetate.

About generations antiallergic drugs

allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents, antihistamines, tsetrin

And now we’ll dwell on the medicalproperties of cetirizine. This histamine receptor blocker can bind to these H1 receptors and block them. It turns out that the released histamine is no longer able to contact the receptors and exert an effect on them. Recall that it is histamine that provokes allergic reactions in the body and their growth - redness, swelling, itching, skin rashes. If the development of allergic reactions is blocked at the cellular level, then their external signs no longer appear in such a significant form. Thanks to Cetrin, the amount of histamine released is reduced, in addition, the migration to the focus of the eosinophil allergy is inhibited. Accordingly, the later stages of hypersensitivity will be less pronounced. Cetrin also has a general anti-inflammatory effect, because under its influence the production of cytokines, which support an allergic reaction, is significantly inhibited. The course application of Cetrin blunts the readiness of an allergic reaction to build up in the bronchial cells. As a result, sufferers asthma reduced the number of attacks. To act in the body Tsetrin starts about 20 minutes after its reception. It is saved for 24 hours. Even if the reception is complete drug recovery readiness to allergic reactions occurs for three days.

Tsetrin used, if necessary:

  • relieve itching;
  • eliminate existing edema or prevent its development;
  • reduce capillary permeability and fluid access to the tissue;
  • remove the spasm of smooth muscles.

Conditions that needs Tsetrin:

Instructions for use Tsetrina

allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents, antihistamines, tsetrin

And syrup and tablets taken once a day,regardless of the time eating, washing them down with some water. It is advisable to take a pill or a measured amount of syrup in the evening. Syrup can be given to babies from the age of two, but the pills - only those children who are already older than six years. Dosages are as follows:

  • from two to five years - these children a day to drink 5 ml syrup (there are cases where this amount is divided by two times);
  • all the kids who are older than six years and adults daily metered 10 ml of syrup, or they ingested one tablet.

Attention, if plannedallergy tests, the three (or four) of the day we must stop using Tsetrina, false negative results may turn out differently. In the days of receiving this medication should not take alcoholic drinks. Try to refrain from activities that require high speed reaction and attention.

If the patient receives Theophylline, the actionTsetrina lengthened. If any of the dose of normal functioning kidney patients reduced by half. Similarly, the act, if the patient is elderly. If, during the course of treatment one day you have forgotten to take this medicine, then the next day, be careful, take the drug without increasing the dose. He stands another important question - how many days should drink Tsetrin? And it depends on various factors, including: the nature of the flow of allergy, the degree of its severity. In severe forms of the allergy rate is usually between 10 to 14 days. If allergy symptoms go away before the reception of this tool can be stopped before the deadline.

If Tsetrin prevention should drink atDuring days 30-45, when the space around you there are potential allergens. For example, if you usually allergy season begins in flowering plants, the time of reception - April and May.

In bronchial asthma, doctors prescribe thisas one means of treatment components. The scheme is as follows: 15-20 days of reception, then a seven-day break, after which Tsetrina receiving renewed for another 20 days.

Cases of overdose are fixed, if once been drunk more than 50 ml of syrup (or ingested more than 5 tablets). Symptoms of overdose we list:

  • cessation of urine output;
  • dryness of the mouth;
  • tachycardia;
  • irritability, anxiety and restlessness;
  • trembling limbs;
  • drowsiness.

To help here is gastric lavage and symptomatic treatment assignment.

About contraindications

Do not use Tsetrin throughout pregnancy and during the period when a woman breastfeeds the baby.

If during treatment Tsetrinom appearsigns of hypersensitivity to the drug, it immediately overturned. If you see a part of the drug substance, to which you have an intolerance, then this tool can not be used so as not to cause harm to your health.

whether side effects are possible?

allergic rhinitis, allergic, anti-allergic agents, antihistamines, tsetrin

MirSovetov lists the adverse events that may occur when taking Tsetrina:

If Tsetrina was not in the pharmacy, it is quitecan replace drugs-synonyms, the main active ingredient of which is still the same cetirizine. For example, it may be Tsetirinaks, Alerza, Zyrtec, Zodak, Zintset, Parlazin, Allertek.

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