Hot shot, indications and contraindications

Most people have been througha treatment procedure as a "hot injection". Unforgettable experience - it seems that everything in the mouth was hot and this heat is slowly spreading throughout the body. If the medicine is injected rapidly, the person feels a high fever and discomfort in the lower body. What is the "hot injection" and why it is prescribed - this will tell our website.

The concept of "hot injection"

Most people who are not too protrude intodetails of the treatment, it is not clear why they introduced the "hot" drug. It seems that before you dial the medicine into the syringe, it is heated. But it is not - the concept of "hot injection" means the other - is the introduction of the drug, which contains salt (inorganic and organic).

As the salts affect the human body? Once injected the drug, the blood vessels dilate, so the person feels the heat throughout the body, which is distributed or "slides" down gradually from the upper part of the body.

"Hot injection" or the introduction of calcium gluconate

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Do not be afraid of the injection, the temperaturethe patient remains the same, it does not rise. Thrust prescribed to patients in the case of allergic reactions, dermatological, and inflammatory diseases.

Administer the drug in such ways:

  1. In the vein - by the intravenous route.
  2. The muscle - intramuscular injection.
  3. Intracardiac injection when the drug enters the clearly designated location (ventricular space).

Appointed by the injection of this drug for the treatment ofallergic diseases, inflammatory processes, treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as to deal with skin rashes and illnesses. Another injection assigned in case a person is not enough calcium in the body to compensate for a deficiency of the substance.

Who can assign "hot shots"? The list of diseases is impressive: it is a calcium deficiency, rickets, Renal failure (chronic form of the disease), when a person moves a little or long sticks to bed rest, in patients with chronic diarrhea, Bleeding, allergic reactions of the organism in the acute stage, diseases of the respiratory tract (tuberculosis, Asthma), and hepatitis and during breastfeeding, menopause.

Contraindications Treatment with this drug include:

  • an excess of calcium in the body;
  • gestation period a baby;
  • serious diseases of the kidneys and heart, as well as atherosclerosis.

Introduce calcium gluconate intravenouslyvery, very slowly. Sometimes, to enter the drug vial 1, it is necessary to allocate 3 to 5 minutes. If you enter a drug very quickly, then the person can feel the intense heat and even faint.

Immediately after the first seconds of the injection,one feels a pleasant warmth in the mouth, which gradually, like a wave, covering the whole body. If the drug is administered in compliance with all the rules, the person in addition to heat and light the heat, do not feel anything. A few minutes after the injection, the feeling pass.

By the way, children do not prescribe this medication to avoid the development of soft tissue necrosis.

Calcium chloride or the same "hot injection"

hot shot, injection, magnesium, blood vessels, injection, calcium chloride

In future mothers who have gone through the treatment procedure "hot" injections, there is an opinion in this regard. Most of the women shared their feelings: once introduced magnesiaIt seems that the lower part of the body has become sohot that intolerable suffering. And yet - many future moms told us that they felt spontaneous urination. In fact it is not.

Magnesia or magnesium sulfate is prescribed for many pregnant women to reduce the tone of the uterus and to continue the pregnancy (with the threat of miscarriage and even offensive premature birth).

What is very important for the proper administration of the drug?

MirSovetov draws readers' attention to the following points:

  1. Magnesia introduced only intramuscularly and preferably in the upper gluteal square. At this point, a lot of muscle tissue.
  2. We introduce the drug is very, very slowly, so that the drug does not stagnate in the muscles.
  3. It should be immediately after insertion of the needle into the muscle, make sure that it is not in the small artery or a blood vessel (syringe plunger is necessary to pull the motion "on").

Injections of magnesium pregnant women sufferwell, just immediately after administration of the drug, you need to lie down for a while. Very up and running is impossible to not dizzy. There have been cases where women even fainted when abruptly got up from the couch after the injection.

In some cases, the introduction of magnesia is assigned together with novocaine.

In addition to preserving pregnancy, magnesium injections prescribed for such diseases:

  • late toxicosis in pregnancy (eclampsia);
  • with a deficiency of magnesium in the body (not only in pregnant women);
  • high pressure;
  • epilepsy;
  • stagnation of urine;
  • severe poisoning (for the purpose of removal of lead, arsenic and mercury);
  • disorders of blood circulation and oxygen starvation of the brain;
  • tachycardia.

hot shot, injection, magnesium, blood vessels, injection, calcium chloride

What are the contraindications of administration of magnesium sulfate:

  • low pressure;
  • before delivery the drug is not administered;
  • while taking other drugs with calcium;
  • with reduced pulse.

An overdose of the drug causes dizziness, Breathing and drowsiness.

Side effect:

  • redness of the skin (burning face);
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • reduction of pressure;
  • headache.

Now you know that the term "hot injection"may be different, that is - the patient is prescribed different drugs, given his condition. So, you must know that pregnant women should not be administered calcium gluconate and calcium chloride, so as not to provoke miscarriage. But magnesium is well tolerated, and vice versa, helps to stop the tone of the uterus (miscarriages and premature births).

hot shot, injection, magnesium, blood vessels, injection, calcium chloride

In addition, you must also know that the introduction offirst 2 formulations (calcium chloride and gluconate) can lead to tissue necrosis. Administered drug into the vein is necessary (sufficient diameter) to prevent the development of a burn chemical preparation vein walls.

If a health worker because of their inexperiencehits the vein and leads a drug under the skin, there may be serious consequences (this tissue necrosis and abscess). Then the patient experiences fever and severe burning immediately after the first administration of the drug drops.

Remember, not that you can not engage in selfshould appoint a "hot shots" because of their improper administration can lead to tragic consequences (even death). Remember that only a doctor after examination of the patient and the study analyzes can assign the appropriate treatment. Be healthy!

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