Instructions on the application of Gender-Pala

On one of the chemist's shop windows, which shows theherbs, you can meet a lot of upakovochek with familiar names: "Leaf lingonberry", "leaf bearberry," "Kidneys birch", "The flowers of calendula", "nettle leaves ..." But in the eye catches a box with a strange name "Gender-Pala" . What is a plant? Grass, this is very useful for those who suffer from arthritis, kidney stones.

Description of plant

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First Half Palu, which is the botanical nameErwa woolly, in our country, supplying the island of Ceylon, but in general, it is found in India, Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia. In lekrasteny registry permitted for use in Russia, it was incorporated in 1992. Now there is a technology that allows you to grow a plant on an industrial scale and in a climate of our country. Dilute it and vacationers on their plots. It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family of amaranth, can reach a height of 140 cm. Root at ervy rod (about 18 cm) with lateral branches, the color gray or white. Stems erect or prostrate, highly branched, green. The leaves are round or elliptical, too green, about 2 cm long, pubescent, the edge of their piece, arranged on the stem are alternate. Shacks cream or whitish-green small flowers are collected in inflorescence "spike." The fruits are small, like a box with an elongated spout.

In medicine, the whole plant is fully utilized - grass, seeds and even roots. The pharmacy packaging all raw materials have to grind and mix thoroughly. Packaging made of 50 and 30 grams.

Chemical composition

herbs, medicinal herbs, half-fell, herbal medicine, Erwa woolly

The greatest effect is achieved when:

Ceylon healers advised to take ervuwoolly inhabitants of those areas where elevated radiation levels, poor environmental conditions, because the plant can neutralize harmful free radicals, harmful heavy metal salts, helps to evacuate the body of toxic substances. Now, our scientists undertook a study of anti-tumor properties of this interesting herb.

How to apply Paul Palu?

From raw material for oral administration is infusion. Prepare it in two ways.

The first method (more convenient and simple). Take a small thermos, rinse it with warm water. To pour one full tablespoon of herbs Gender-Pala. Fill 300 ml of the boiled water (it is better to take the spring, purified, melted but not chlorinated tap water). Closure, leave to infuse for one or two hours. The dosage is as follows: three times a day for 100 ml strained infusion (required warm) for 15 minutes before eating. If your infusion has cooled, it is possible to warm up. Children between 12 and 14 years of single dosage of 15 mL and adolescents of 30 to 50 ml.

herbs, medicinal herbs, half-fell, herbal medicine, Erwa woolly

The second method (require more effort). Take a small enamel saucepan, pour a tablespoon of there (with good gorochkoy) raw ervy woolly. There also measure 300 ml of the boiled water a few minutes ago. To construct "water bath" (for this we need more pan sized to fit into her pot of grass and water). Heating should be carried out for about 15 minutes in a water bath, stirring frequently. Then, turn off the stove, cover pan, let the infusion lasts another 45 minutes. That's when you can start filtering and Wrestling raw materials. The dosage is the same as indicated above.

And now our site wants to focusreaders that it is necessary to drink the infusion through a straw-straw (which is used for drinking juice), then your tooth enamel will not be affected. After the use of infusion even better a good rinse the mouth with water. The treatment course lasts usually a month, and preventive - 10 days. Courses desirable to repeat three times a year. Try on the days of treatment to exclude from your diet spicy food, salinity, refrain from alcohol. Be careful, if at the same time the doctor has appointed you receiving diuretics, deducing from the body potassium.

Contraindications and side effects

herbs, medicinal herbs, half-fell, herbal medicine, Erwa woolly

And now it's time to tell readers that this herb also sometimes has undesirable effects: skin rashes (allergic reaction). Very rarely happen nausea, Angioedema.

We say that we are contraindications to the use of Gender-Pala:

  • up to age 12 years (since sufficient information on the impact of infusion Gender-Pala on the child's body is not);
  • idiosyncrasy or hypersensitivity;
  • at very large calculi;
  • pathological condition in which the body loses calcium ions strongly - hypoparathyroidism, osteoporosis. rickets, Renal osteodystrophy.

The appointment of the infusions of herbs for pregnant women or breastfeeding takes only a doctor.

Erwa woolly many people helped curetheir ailment without surgery, so the people respectfully called her "surgeon from nature" or "surgeon without a scalpel." She really has many extraordinary properties, but instant healing effect should be expected. Disease in the body develop over the years, so quickly from them is very difficult to get rid of. And do not forget after consuming the infusion immediately rinse your mouth to your tooth enamel remains intact.

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