Application Miramistin

None of us, at home or at their summerarea, is not immune to cuts, scrapes, abrasions, burns and other injuries. So it's best as an antiseptic to keep your home medicine cabinet drug Miramistin. His journey and we can take to treat the wound with a foot injury on the sharp edges of the pebbles on the beach or in the sea shells.

History of creation

It all started in the distant seventies of lastcentury. to create a new space stations antiseptic: Then there was a task in front of dozens of research institutions of our great country. The astronauts were concerned more with the first flight of such a problem, as the "Blooming" colonies of microbes in the cabins of ships. Forces of existing drugs to proliferate microscopic "aliens from the Earth" in weightlessness could not cope. It was necessary to create a facility that would be destroyed in one fell swoop all pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi. Moreover, the tool had to be completely safe for humans. As a candidate for the title of "cosmic miracle drug" has been declared, and served on numerous studies of "BH-14", which only later was named "Miramistin". In addition, in those years, the Ministry of Health was looking for Seafarers our country a good preventative tool. Developers future Miramistin failed to prove that the drug shows efficacy against all known at the time of pathogens that can be transmitted sexually. 10 years subjected to various means of clinical trials in humans and have been registered as a medicine in 1991. Miramistin creators and companies' Infamed "had to go through a lot of problems and difficulties, typical for Russian business. Miramistin planned elimination of the global market. That's how "space medicine" continues to benefit earthlings.

properties Miramistin

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Russian antiseptic available in Miramistinaqueous solution (50, 100, 200 and 150 ml), which is a clear, colorless liquid, which foam on shaking the bottle. More drug produced in the form of a spray and ointments.

Proven bactericidal effectdrug for various bacteria (gram-negative, gram-positive, aerobic, anaerobic). Moreover, they can be represented as monocultures, as well as whole microbial associations. Miramistin protects against streptococci, staphylococci, Treponem, chlamydia, trichomoniasis pathogens, gonorrhea. syphilis. human immunodeficiency virus and herpes.

Have drugs and antifungal activity against Ascomycetes, Candida, yeast and yeast-like fungi and dermatophytes.

Miramistin can erode, fragmentouter cell membrane of microbes, after which they are losing their integrity die. Among the advantages are the following positive qualities Miramistin:

  • a very broad range of applications;
  • high antimicrobial activity of the drug at once detrimental effect on viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • It stimulates immune responses at local sites of use;
  • It reduces resistance to harmful microbes antibiotics;
  • prevents infection of burn wounds and surfaces;
  • enhances regeneration, wound healing, improves engraftment of transplanted skin;
  • It accelerates the recovery of patients, reduce the number of postoperative complications;
  • does not damage the viable tissue, it does not interfere with the processes of epithelialization, ie healing;
  • 100-fold reduced activity of HIV;
  • It increases the efficiency of anti-TB agents;
  • shows detergent properties, it is very important during preventive measures;
  • It does not cause skin allergies and irritation, so it does not have in its composition of preservatives, dyes;
  • it is convenient and easy to use;
  • can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription.

Areas of use

  1. Dermatology - prevention and treatment of pyoderma, candidiasis, tinea, limbs trophic ulcers, bedsores.
  2. Cosmetology - complex drug for the treatment of acne.
  3. Otorhinolaryngology - a comprehensive approach to the treatment of tonsillitis, laryngitis. sinusitis. otitis.
  4. Dentistry - prevention and treatment of gingivitis, stomatitis, Periodontitis, periodontitis, for the treatment of dentures.
  5. Surgery and Traumatology - to prevent suppuration, for the treatment of various purulent wound surfaces, inflammation of the musculoskeletal system, accompanied by pus.
  6. Combustiology engaged in treatment of burns (superficial or deep), preparation of the wound area to skin grafts.
  7. Gynecology and obstetrics - for the prevention and treatment of suppuration of puerperal trauma, infection after giving birth - on the perineum, vagina; with endometritis, vulvovaginitis.
  8. Urology - urethritis, uretroprostatita.
  9. For individual prevention of diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse (gonorrhea, syphilis. trichomoniasis, Genital candidiasis or herpes).

methods of use

antiseptics, medicines, miramistin, antifungal

The drug is immediately ready for use, plantit is not required. Usually vials containing 200 or 150 ml of a solution attached nozzle. Then you first need to remove the cap from the bottle. Pull out of the box nozzle spray and attach it to the bottle. The nozzle is activated when pressed.

Miramistinom can be treated 2-3 times dailywounds, burns, abrasions. When other skin lesions do show gadgets. For this solution, moisten a sterile cloth or applied to the damaged areas occlusive bandage.

Rinse with the solution prescribed fortonsillitis, acute respiratory viral infection from 4 to 6 times per day. For each cast 10-15 ml rinse. The same amount of the drug is taken for rinsing the mouth in dentistry.

When otitis should introduce 2 ml of solution into the affected ear canal.

When acne every night after washing Estheticiansare advised to carry out deep cleaning problem areas Miramistin. It is also possible for 5 minutes on the field to impose special cotton pads soaked in the solution Miramistin. Keep in mind that acne treatment calls for a comprehensive approach.

If you feel that the skin or mucous membranesis about to "pop up" herpes, put on 15 minutes on a prospective place half cotton pad, which first moisten Miramistin. Repeat these applications every 3 hours. If herpes already full "storms", the application to the affected area Apply a 4 times a day lasting 3 minutes.

For the treatment of urinary tract infection remedyadministered in 2-5 ml three times a day urethra. In gynecological practice, women are encouraged to enter in inflammatory processes in the vagina soaked in a solution of intravaginal tampons. If you want to spend extra prevention venereal diseases, the man should treat their vulva Miramistin and introduce 1 ml into the urethra. Women after the incident of unprotected intercourse in addition to irrigation genitals do vaginal douching, taking 5-10 ml. our website warns that the drug is effective for only two hours after the incident of sexual intercourse. It should also delay urination after such procedure for 2 h.

If you have a cream, it can be applied to wounds, burns, and then apply a sterile dressing. the tool is allowed to combine with deep infections with antibiotics.

In case it is desirable to combine dermatomycoses ointment with antifungal drugs, the treatment lasts from 5 to 7 weeks.

Spray is effective for beginning signs coldsFor example, with sore throat, nasal passages. In order not to get sick flu, A spray can be treated once a day oral mucosa.

Are there any side effects?

Some patients have reported that afterapplication of medications have appeared in these areas burning. Soon it passes. So cancel the drug in such cases is not worth it. If there is a person or any other skin reactions, it may indicate drug intolerance, then data drug use impractical.

Miramistin - one of the new antisepticgeneration without having specific odor and taste, which can be used topically, even children. It will help you at the right time to protect yourself and loved ones from infection and inflammation.

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